Is Bloomberg Market Concepts Program Worth it?

Online learning has boomed. According to Thrivemyway, 77% of US corporations used online education in 2017, but by 2020, 98% were incorporating it into their learning program.

Between 2020 and 2024, the US online learning market will grow by $12.81 billion. Retention rates are increased by 25% to 60% when eLearning is available.

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is an online course that will teach you the fundamentals of finance.

If you want to work in finance, whether as a graduate or as a career switch from another field, gaining a basic understanding of the essential concepts of finance will raise your attractiveness as a candidate, boost your confidence, and prepare you for a position in that area.

The Bloomberg market concepts program review includes video courses, real-world case studies, and recap exam questions.

Bloomberg Market Concepts also gives an introduction to the Bloomberg Terminal, including an interactive experience with a practice model.

Besides expanding your understanding of the fundamentals of finance, you will be awarded a Certificate of Completion once you have completed the four main modules.

Are you interested in the Bloomberg market concept program? This post will highlight everything you need to know about the Bloomberg market concept program review.

What is the Bloomberg Market Concept Program?

Bloomberg Market Concepts (BMC) is a self-paced e-learning course that offers a hands-on introduction to financial markets.

BMC is divided into three sections: Core Concepts (which comprise four modules: Economic Indicators, Currencies, Fixed Income, and Equities), Getting Started on the Terminal and Portfolio Management.

Bloomberg data, news, analytics, and television are blended throughout the parts. The course may be accessed via the Bloomberg Terminal at BMC or the Bloomberg for Education website.

Using the BMC digital courseware as a course partner allows for more advanced subjects to be covered in class.

What are the Core Concepts of the Bloomberg Market Concept Program?

The Bloomberg concept program compromises four core concepts to guide your financial career. The core concepts of the Bloomberg market concept program are:


  • The currency component of this Bloomberg concept program review assists you:
  • Explore the history and mechanics of currency markets.
  • Determine the three primary drivers of currency value.
  • Learn about the function of central banks in preventing inflation and deflation.
  • Show how currency markets affect investors and businesses, and how they handle currency risk.


The equities concept on the Bloomberg concept program review helps you to:

  • Learn how using correct industry drivers make it easier to anticipate profitability.
  • Describe the five-step absolute valuation procedure, as well as the associated dangers.
  • When determining fair value, identify the three categories of relative valuation and the importance of future earnings growth.
  • Calculate the performance of an equity index based on performing individual stocks.
  • Investigate the characteristics and allure of equity ownership.
  • Determine why stocks are more volatile than bonds.
  • Explain how industry and supply chain analysis is essential for equity research.

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Economic indicators

Economic indicators as a core concept in the Bloomberg market concept program review help you to:

  • Describe the characteristics of good economic indicators.
  • Investigate how economic indicators may be utilized to identify tipping moments.
  • Learn the foundations of economic indicator publication and analysis.

Fixed income

The fixed income on the Bloomberg concept program review helps to help you to:

  • Discover how the bond market grew to be the world’s largest and most complicated market, as well as how it serves an important public function.
  • Investigate how rates promote assessment across the bond market’s tremendous diversity.
  • Explain how government bond rates are used as a standard against which all other investments are assessed.
  • Describe how bond markets help governments throughout the globe to be more disciplined.
  • Learn why, when, and how central banks set interest rates.
  • Investigate how creditworthiness, inflation, and central bank interest rates influence bond valuation.
  • Describe the yield curve’s significance to companies and consumers worldwide.
  • Interpret the significance of the four major movements in the yield curve, as well as the significance of curve inversion.

What are the Benefits of the Bloomberg Concept Program?

There are several benefits of the Bloomberg concept program. Some of them include:

Improved insight on the Bloomberg terminal

The Bloomberg Terminal is a familiar sight in most financial services businesses, and the Bloomberg Terminal material is likely what distinguishes this course from others in the field.

As you continue through the material, you’ll see how to retrieve, display, read, and comprehend pertinent market data on the Bloomberg Terminal.

There are also some portions where you may interact with a simulated Bloomberg Terminal screen to get a sense of how the technology works.

If you’ve never used a Bloomberg Terminal before, this is a nice mid experience. You won’t be an expert on Bloomberg Terminals by the conclusion of the course, but you won’t be entirely lost when you sit in front of one later.

A self-paced and interactive learning environment

The course is totally online and may be completed at your leisure. It is strongly advised to use a laptop rather than a tablet or a smartphone.

The course approach comprises around 8 hours of educational films produced in a documentary-like way that was unexpectedly interesting.

Rather than a person speaking to the camera and a whiteboard, the clips primarily teach through footage of case studies. These cases are showcasing feeds from Bloomberg terminals, and participation through quizzes.

Pimm Fox and Monica Bertran of Bloomberg Television narrate the course, which adds familiarity to the course and makes it simpler to understand the subject.

Show your personal commitment

It is not required to take the course before applying for a job in the financial industry. However, that you actively tried to educate yourself in the fundamentals before applying for a job shows to an employer that you have personal drive and are actively attempting to enhance your career possibilities.

Interactive case studies

The case studies make the course interesting. BMC ties fundamental financial ideas to key real-world financial events, such as recent financial crises. This adds weight to the text and aids memory recall.

The majority (if not all) of the case studies featured in the course are true events that occurred at real firms – so you receive some wonderful background knowledge that may come in handy during interviews. The interactive case studies are a top feature of the Bloomberg concept program review.

Increased market knowledge

The Bloomberg market concept program imbues you with excellent knowledge of the financial market and of how it functions.

Aside from teaching the fundamentals of financial concepts required for any financial-related professions, the course employs case studies to provide a relevant context for recent financial occurrences.

The knowledge gained from the Bloomberg concept program can be easily applied to related scenarios in the financial market.

Helps in testing your financial knowledge

Bloomberg market concept program is also beneficial as it tests your knowledge on previously taught topics. The quizzes are effective at determining whether you were paying attention.

The tests, like the end-of-chapter questions, cover the knowledge that you’ve just examined in order to derive inferences from the market data in a case study. Before going on to the next phase, the correct answers are immediately shown for you to evaluate.

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Certificate of completion

The added knowledge gained from this program is sure to boost your chances of job opportunities in the finance sector. You will be able to get your certificate of completion once you have completed all four modules. This qualification may also be added to your LinkedIn page and CV.

From the standpoint of an employer, applicants who have completed the course not only comprehend the fundamentals of finance but also have a practical understanding of how those fundamentals relate to interactions with genuine trading markets and clients.

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Improved technical understanding

The Bloomberg Market Concepts course discusses financial terminology, triggers and procedures that impact financial markets, and typical benchmarks used by experts.

After completing the course, your technical understanding has improved. The improved technical understanding aids you in navigating through the financial market.

What is the Cost of the Bloomberg Market Concept Program?

The online course costs $149 for students and $249 for professionals, and it takes around 8 hours to complete. If you want to get the most out of this, I recommend you set aside adequate time for it.

Attempting to complete this course while multitasking at work, for example, may cause a completion certificate, but it does not maximize your learning potential. It is often free for students enrolled at an institution that has access to the Bloomberg Terminal.

Is the Bloomberg Market Concepts Program Worth It?

If you are interested in a financial career, including students and non-financial professionals, or if you want a strong and time-efficient introduction to finance and market ideas, this course is for you.

To invest in some market knowledge, the $149 or $249 for the Bloomberg market idea program is well worth it. Internships are essential for gaining relevant, practical expertise that can help you get your first job in finance. However, even before your first internship, this might assist set you on the right track.

BMC shows that you’ve taken the measures to become acquainted with the fundamentals of finance and industry-standard technologies. The knowledge you get from the course will assist you in getting on the correct track.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the Bloomberg market concept program?

The Bloomberg market concept program review shows that it costs $149 for students and $249 for professionals.

Who is the Bloomberg Market concept program review for?

The program is for students interested in a financial career or professionals looking for a career change in the finance industry

How many test questions are on the Bloomberg concept program review?

The Bloomberg concept program review has over 120 test questions.

How many concepts are on the Bloomberg market concept program?

The Bloomberg market concept program has four main concepts.

Is the Bloomberg market concepts program worth it?

Yes, the program is ideal in equipping you with relevant knowledge of the financial market.


This Bloomberg market concept program review has gone over everything you need to know about financial software.

The Bloomberg Market Concepts course is appropriate for anybody interested in working in finance, whether they are students just starting or professionals changing careers.

It is not a guarantee of employment, but it is a tried-and-true approach to preparing for a career in finance.


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