PLCU stands out from other cryptos showing +352% in 3 months – founder, Alex Reinhardt explains

PLC Ultima (PLCU) was introduced in December 2021 at a price of $0.10. Its price reached a peak of $116,000. Today, it has stabilised at around $90,000, which is still an impressive return for a market that has seen a lot. There is no better way to find out why than to ask founder of the PLCU ecosystem Alex Reinhardt.

N.: How is PLCU different from other cryptocurrencies?

A.R.: PLCU stands out from other cryptocurrencies because it does not depend on the cryptocurrency market or bitcoin. If bitcoin drops, the whole market falls, PLCU stays stable and even grows. Rather than tie the currency to other crypto assets, we tie it to the real economy, and the real economy does not fluctuate like that. We build a community around a coin, we promote an ecosystem of products, we ensure liquidity, and thus we foster growth.

N.: What is the technology behind PLCU?

A.R.: The technology here includes many different types, such as blockchain, minting, freezing, farms, and different platforms. It is important to look at each PLCUs product separately in order to determine whether it is based on the appropriate technology. The thing that sets us apart is the fact that our technology has been tried and tested by hundreds of thousands of people, and some of our products have been online for many years, have had hundreds of thousands of users, so there is no doubt that all of our products are real, that our technology works.

N.: What can we expect from PLCU in the near future?

A.R.: The full power of our technology will be recognized later this year, around the end of this year, when our coin is listed on Binance, since we have issued our own debit cards that can be reloaded with our currency, along with other crypto assets. PLC has issued debit cards that can be loaded with our currency PLCU, as well as with other crypto assets, such as Bitcoin, USDT, Ether, and others. Fiat accounts exist as well, such as the Euro, Dollar, Yuan, Pound, etc. These products have virtually no counterparties in the market. Now we need to link these products to the real economic sector in order to create a real boom around PLCU.

N.: What are your personal goals in this project?

A.R.: I just want to create a tool that ensures that every person has the ability to easily and affordably use cryptocurrency in everyday life. The solution may take the form of a crypto-linked debit card or a bank account, a web application, or even some kind of smartphone application. We are working on many different solutions, and time will tell which one becomes the market leader, but the good news is that for now you may use all of them.

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