4 European biotech companies, PIA BioPharma to set up Bio-Pharma industrial complex in Nigeria

4 major European biotechnology companies, including Merck, Unizima, Rommelag, and Fredlab have announced plans to set up a Bio-Pharma Industrial Complex in Nigeria, in partnership with a Nigerian company named PIA BioPharma.

This was disclosed in a statement by the Office of the Presidency, after the Nigeria Integrated Biopharmaceuticals Industries Consortium (NIBI), met with President Muhammadu Buhari on Wednesday

President Buhari stated that he wants Nigeria to make a bold statement in the field of pharmaceuticals.

What the Presidency is saying

The Presidency stated that the Nigeria Integrated Biopharmaceuticals Industries Consortium (NIBI), made up of 4 European biotechnology companies, is collaborating with Nigerian start-up PIA BioPharma to establish a world-class Bio-Pharma Industrial Complex in Nigeria.

It added “The Bio-Pharma Industrial Complex to be established in Nigeria will manufacture vaccines and essential therapeutics. The NIBI consortium is made up of the European biotech companies Merck, Unizima, Rommelag, and Fredlab.”

The delegation that met with President Buhari today was led by Mr Vilarugel Cuyas, Chairman/CEO of Fredlab, as the president ordered the Health Ministry to work closely with the consortium and also offer the support required to actualize the NIBI project within the next few months.

The president also directed the Health Ministry to submit a progress report by the end of May 2022, on the indigenous production of vaccines in Nigeria.

“I welcome the NIBI Consortium’s desire to partner with the Nigerian Government in support of our agenda and look forward to the implementation of the NIBI project as it takes shape.

“I want Nigeria to make a bold statement in this field,” Buhari said.

In case you missed it

  • Recall Nairametrics reported earlier this year that the World Health Organization (WHO)  announced that Nigeria and 5 other African countries have been selected to begin the production of Covid-19 vaccines as the continent has had limited access to jabs.
  • According to the WHO, they were selected as the first recipients of technology from the organisation’s global mRNA vaccine hub, in a push to ensure the African continent can make its own jabs to fight COVID and other diseases.

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