Nigerian logistic firm, Jand2Gidi to facilitate more seamless deliveries worldwide

Jand2Gidi, a Nigerian logistic firm continues to stay true to its unique selling point, which is bringing excitement to logistics ensuring the process of local and international deliveries is seamless, from beginning to end.

This, the company reiterated while hosting a recent media parley in Lagos.

While the logistics business was faced with upheavals during the Covid-19, the company said it moved swiftly in digitizing its processes in order to remain competitive and relevant in meeting the needs of its customers anywhere they are worldwide.

Through its new platform, the company said it can effectively interpret and capture customer data as the brand integrates into vendor’s websites through APIs – Application Programming Interface.

What they are saying

The longstanding relationship between the co-founders, Mrs Kikelomo Fola-Ogunniya, a lawyer and Mrs Ujama Akpata, a chemical engineer by profession show two female entrepreneurs relying on each other’s strengths to build an innovative, technology-enabled brand.

Speaking on challenges, Ujama Akpata, co-founder and CEO, Jan2Gidi said, “Like every business, we have faced a number of challenges e.g customs issues, regulatory issues, policies that keep springing up on a daily basis. Also, we were in a male-dominated industry. When we started in 2013 there weren’t a lot of females doing business, so we faced a lot of resistance when we started.”

She added that in spite of the numerous challenges, the company has also seen numerous wins over the years in the form of several awards and recognition such as winning the WIMBIZ/EbonyLife Sisterhood Awards for ‘Best Collaboration of the Year’ 2016 among others.

Noting that the business recognizes the importance of insurance, Ujama commented, “We always encourage all our customers to take on insurance. It is something that we partner with insurance companies about – from shipping items from the UK, US, Canada – we have marine insurance. Even locally all our goods that are in transit and for our staff who are working both in house and on the roads as well.”

The logistic firm also said it is looking to expand to countries such as Ghana and Kenya as well as open more hubs in Lagos and Nigeria and to Europe.

What you should know

  • Jand2Gidi was founded in 2013 by Ujama Akpata and Kikelomo Fola-Ogunniya to ensure the process of local and international deliveries is seamless from beginning to end.
  • Jand2Gidi has bagged several awards and recognition such as winning the WIMBIZ/EbonyLife Sisterhood Awards for ‘Best Collaboration of the Year’ 2016; was selected as a beneficiary of the 2017 Pilot Phase of the LSETF loan scheme for small businesses; and we’re identified by Business Day as one of the ‘Top Fastest Rising SMEs’ in 2019.

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