FCCPC says it’s not responsibility of consumers to purchase, replace or repair transformers, others

The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has stated that replacing or repairing transformers, poles, and other connected equipment used in energy distribution is not the responsibility of consumers. This was disclosed via a tweet from FCCPC on Sunday morning.

The agency cited evidence from the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission document titled “Regulations for investments in electricity networks in Nigeria”

Customers can acquire meters through the MAP Framework, according to the agency. DISCOs, on the other hand, are responsible for refunding or compensating customers who paid for the meters in advance. The cost of the meter is to be reimbursed in 36 equal monthly payments using consumer-purchased energy credits.

What FCCPC is saying

The tweet read “Electricity Consumer Right/Responsibility: It is not the responsibility of the customer or the community to purchase, replace or repair transformers, poles or other associated equipment used in the distribution of electricity”

According to a question in its Q&A section, when asked “If transformers are faulty, are residents responsible for its provision and installation?”

The answer given by the agency stated, “Faulty transformers are supposed to be replaced by the Electricity Distribution Company (DisCo) within forty-eight hours of the official complaint being made. The Electricity Distribution Company (DisCo) is responsible for such replacements or repairs.”

The agency also said residents can replace faulty equipment if they enter an agreement with the Electricity Distribution Company (DisCo).

“However, if the Electricity Distribution Company (DisCo) is unable to speedily replace the faulty transformer, residents may go into discussions with the company and agree on the terms of the replacement of the affected transformer if they so wish to assume the responsibility of the company,” the agency said.

It added that consumers who intend to go into such discussions with Electricity Distribution Company (DisCo) are strongly advised to read the Commission’s guidelines for such agreements. (Click here for NERC investment in electricity networks regulation 2015).

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