I visited one of the worst-rated restaurants in Lagos and here’s my honest opinion

Hi family, so for the longest time I had heard so much about this very beautiful restaurant that had trashy food. I kept on wondering, I mean what’s the point of leaving your house, visiting a beautiful restaurant and paying so much to eat and then ending up getting food that’s not up to standard. So, I decided to go there myself.

So on this faithful Saturday, I thought of going to create content for the gram and decided to visit Cafe de Flore because I wanted to form an opinion from my own experience, irrespective of the reviews I had gotten. Lol… you see that I have coconut head, and because I just got my vehicle Insurance done from Anchor Insurance I decided to drive to Ikoyi with my full chest. So as usual, I will be rating this restaurant based on the following; the ambience, the service, the food and the cost.

1. The ambience: So you know all these old movies where they talk about ladies in the Victorian era going for tea parties, that’s what this restaurant reminds me of. This restaurant is so beautiful, with white and black dominating its exterior and the floors, with a pop of baby blue and pink colours in the interior. Walking into the restaurant gives brunch vibes, feels like somewhere you’d love to have a brunch date with the girls or have a brunch meeting, have tea with pancakes and some rich sweet goodness, no wonder so many people go there to take pictures. I’ll give the ambience a 9/10.

2. The service: The service was okay. I would not say it was great because the waitress kept on telling us that we couldn’t take pictures until we placed an order of not less than 10k, but asides from this, the service was not bad, it also took about 20 minutes for our order to come.

3. The Food: The most interesting part for me. I ordered a strawberry daiquiri and it was ok, not the worst cocktail I’ve had, however, the food was not good. I ordered a plate of pasta and honestly, I wish I hadn’t. The pasta was salty and I couldn’t eat it, I had it packed and tried eating it at home but I could not. I even thought of going back to probably order something else but the fear of wasting my money wouldn’t let me. I’d rate the food a 3/10 because the cocktail was not bad at all.

In conclusion, the restaurant was ok. If you’re a content creator or you just want to take pictures, you would love the way your content turns out but I’d highly recommend that the restaurant works on their food. Don’t forget to catch up on videos on my YouTube, please click the link below and subscribe. Love y’all



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