Nigeria doesn’t lack talent but skilled people – Babatola Awe, CEO of Revent Technology

Technological innovation has become an important tool for businesses in the twenty-first century. In most companies today, technology is being used to avert organizational dealings.

While many organizations in Nigeria are fast tapping into the development, the giant of Africa still has a long way to go in terms of catching up with developed countries.

To close the gap, tech startups such as Revent Technology are at the forefront, helping businesses to develop the technological space that is needed to solve tangible problems and also create value at the same time.

With the pillars of the startup hinges on work, product, technology services, strategy and operation and engineering, the tech company said it is making technology an interesting journey for companies.

Babatola Awe, co-founder and CEO, Revent Technology while commenting on the offerings of the business during the Nairametrics Business Half Hour show said that the startup is able to build software for clients, data analytics and robotic machine automation with engineering, which involves AI and learning while on the product side, it partners with clients to help them develop their products.

Similarly, Awe stated that the growth area is where the company partners with strategic alliances like Microsoft, HP and with technology services.

But while product building is important for businesses, what is more important is the ability to manage this over a long term period. In its approach to building an agile culture. Revent Technology uses an approach that begins by analyzing what the problem is for the client or what kind of solution they are expecting.

Babalola said, “One of the things we believe at Revent Technology is that if it’s not going to be the best, then we should never be doing it and that’s one feedback we constantly get from our clients and we try to continuously improve on it as well. The drive for excellence is what stands us out.

“Everything that we do, we always try to look at our client from a global perspective to say, if we were to put you beside another company in America how will you stand out. So, when you give us a project and we start working on it, you almost think we are the owner of the idea; we become fully immersed in your goal. These are the things that have really worked magic for us and we just keep doing it.

Meanwhile, the startup has seen some challenges especially relating to the macro-economic and geopolitical risks affecting the business. Speaking on the challenges, the CEO said, “There is a downturn in IT spending even though there have been projections that there will be a 5.3% increase from $4.2trillion to $4.4trillion globally but in this part of the world rather, what we are seeing is people not wanting to spend.

“Another thing is that we are not seeing so much support from the government in terms of wanting to leverage the talent that we have in Nigeria.

“We discovered that Nigeria doesn’t lack talent rather what we lack is skilled people. So as an offshoot of our business, we decided we will start an academy to try and solve the brain drain gap that we are beginning to see and of course, great resignations. You see that there is a whole lot of exit of our top talent to the western world who can pay even much more than we can afford to pay here. So, attracting top talent is another major issue for us.

“But we’ve tried to stand out and keep our team motivated and also let them know that they are part of what we are doing. They are not just employees but they also own a stake in the business,” Babalola said.

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