P2P trading: A window of opportunity

The crypto space continues to thrive on new innovations and systems providing unlimited opportunities to all.

P2P (Peer-to-Peer) trading is one of such innovations receiving massive attention and traction in recent times.

P2P trading entails direct crypto transactions between two parties with agreement to buy/sell a crypto asset. This concept now extends to include a neutral third party, in this case a crypto exchange who helps modulate the process.

Why care about P2P trading

P2P Trading makes purchasing crypto easier than ever before while eliminating the risk of getting scammed, especially by online vendors.

Another angle to this, and perhaps the most important, is that you could make some good income by being a P2P merchant.

Cryptocurrencies are in pretty high demand for making payments; international cross border payments or for personal gains from hodling/trading. Many enthusiasts have taken advantage of this high demand and created a niche around it, making crypto available to potential buyers/sellers and making some gains while at it.

You too can jump in on this!

How to get started?

In two easy steps

  1. You’d need to sign up on an exchange and pass some level of verification to ensure your credibility. We recommend Bybit as it has a large user base, which translates to more potential customers. Create a free account here 
  2. Join a free online workshop on building a successful crypto trading business with P2P.

To learn more about P2P Trading, how to become a P2P merchant and build a successful crypto trading business, join Bybit Africa’s P2P trading workshop scheduled for Friday April 29 and Saturday April 30, 2022 at 6 PM UTC+1 on the Bybit Africa Telegram Community and register for the event.

You will get a certificate of participation, share the $200 prize pool and also stand to win a rare NFT when you attend this event.

Join the community now, invite others and don’t miss it.

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