WCW: Meet Dr. Yolanda George-David whose foundation is giving abused teenagers a new life

Dr Yolanda George-David is a medical doctor, human rights activist, an international public speaker and a radio co-host.

Born in New York, the United States to Nigerian parents, Yolanda schooled at the University of Pittsburgh first before moving to Havard Medical school where she was trained as a Neurosurgeon.

Her primary residency was in Obstetrics and Gynecologist, Clinical and Relational Psychology with a concentration in Child Development. This gave birth to her career as a practising female fertility specialist.


Dr Yolanda began her charity work at the age of 16. She founded Aunt Landa’s Bethel Foundation, a charity organization where she has helped over 25,000 young people with life skills.

The foundation was founded to aid young sexually abused teenagers to grow from their traumas and experiences to create a better life for themselves.

Aunty Yolanda’s Bethel Foundation rescues sexually abused boys and girls, counsels these young people and gives them the chance to learn skills for free in order to help them navigate through life and get their lives back on track.

In addition to sexually abused teenagers, the foundation is involved in other life-changing initiatives. It gives shelter to the abandoned, feeds thousands of people who are in need and covers educational and surgical fees for people who are unable to cover the cost of these basic needs.

She also offers free self-defense classes for women so that they would be able to defend themselves in the face of danger.

She works with a team of passionate volunteers and together they have helped redefine and added purpose to over 1 million registered and non-registered members with different needs in the foundation’s many centres.

She stated that it was easier to feed 500 people than it was for her to say to someone ‘God loves you.’ So, she had to devise ways and means to show people the love she knew they desperately needed.

Radio shows and public speaking

Dr Yolanda is a radio show host. She hosts shows such as ‘Being Real with Aunt Landa’ and ‘Sharing Life Issues Weekend Special with Aunt Landa’ both on 92.3 Inspiration FM.

She is also a public speaker and spoke at the Pride Women Conference of 2018. She also hosts market squares where she makes items clothes, shoes, books, food items, fruits available to the public for free,

The market squares are often co-hosted by Nigerian celebrities that are also charity enthusiasts and she has done it for some years, taking donations and sourcing funds to make these available for the less fortunate members of the society.

Personal life and awards

She won the Vlisco award in 2018 for her humanitarian efforts.

She’s also a wife and mother and a grandmother among others. She is an ideas generator and consultant to 8 Forbes listed companies.

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