How Much Does It Cost To Post Job On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is one of the largest active hubs you can find in the 21st century. It is used by individuals to communicate and reach out to one another, but also for hiring qualified candidates by employers.

The candidates also use the platform to showcase their skills and look for jobs.

Jobs posted on LinkedIn can be free or paid, depending on the type of job post you want and the amount of audience you want to be targeted.

LinkedIn job posting costs can be free or a certain amount of money which is calculated on a pay-per-click daily basis.

Here, we’ll look at the best practices you can employ when posting jobs on LinkedIn, how to post jobs on LinkedIn, and LinkedIn job posting costs.

In addition, there are some tips on how to post attractive jobs ads to get more applicants and a template to guide you to craft your own LinkedIn job posts.

What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is considered one of the world’s largest professional social networks and is a good platform for filling jobs.

The platform is used to search for qualified candidates, and employers make use of the advertising offers on the site to advertise and promote the open positions that they would like to fill.

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Reasons Why You Should Post On LinkedIn

You should post on LinkedIn because it has over 810 million users in over 200 countries around the globe.

Also, this platform is used mostly by candidates looking for jobs and employers searching for qualified candidates. According to data from LinkedIn, there are about 58 million businesses listed on the platform. 

Utilizing the platform, you will be able to advertise your business and drive clients to locate you and patronize your business. If you are an employer or a candidate searching for a job, then this is the right platform for you.

You can post about your job positions that need to be filled and select the best candidates from a range of candidates or post your skills and qualifications, and seek out enticing matching jobs.

LinkedIn Job Posting Cost

We cant dive into LinkedIn job posting costs without knowing the type of job posting that can be done using the platform. Using LinkedIn, employers can be able to advertise their job listings through free job posts and promoted job posts. 

LinkedIn Free Job Posts 

Using this job post method, employers can be able to post job openings freely on the LinkedIn platform but will be restricted to having one free job post open at a time.

Free LinkedIn job postings are normally displayed in search results but will soon slip down in search results over time. If you want to have several job postings at the same time, you will have to pay for that service.

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LinkedIn Promoted Job Posts

When you pay for the LinkedIn promoted job posts, you generate more traffic to your job post and you can also post more than one job at a time. LinkedIn job posting cost for a promotional job is based on a pay-per-click means.

Employers usually set a daily budget for LinkedIn job posting costs but this isn’t how the platform calculates it. The exact cost for the day is based on the number of people that clicked or viewed the promoted post.

LinkedIn doesn’t charge more than the total budget or even more than 50% of the budget for the day.

According to LinkedIn, jobs promoted on the platform tend to get three times more qualified candidates than jobs posted for free.

This is because when the LinkedIn job posting cost is paid, the promotional jobs are made to be able to have a targeted and broader reach.

Relevant and qualified candidates tend to see these LinkedIn job postings. For you to get more users to see your job post, then you will need to have a high daily budget.

That said, the higher your daily budget, the more users you will get to see your LinkedIn job postings.

Once you have reached your estimated daily budget, your job post will be removed from active marketing by LinkedIn and it will become visible as a free job post.

This implies that your posted job will be made available in the general searches where applicants have to search and find it before they can view or notice it. It will not be actively marketed to candidates that are relevant.

LinkedIn refreshes your daily budget each day and once your daily limit is reached, then the promotions of the job post will be pushed to resume the next day.

How To Post A Job On LinkedIn

To post a job on LinkedIn despite the LinkedIn job posting costs, follow the steps listed below:

  1. First, register or log in to your account if you have already registered.
  2. Then, click on the join now or sign in at the top right corner of the LinkedIn home page.
  3. Click on “post a job” to be able to begin the job posting. To do this, you can look for the tile icon at the top right corner of your LinkedIn page and then click on “post a job” or post a free job,” depending on the type of LinkedIn job posting you want.
  4. Next, complete the online form. You will need to enter some basic details about the job positions you are looking to fill and click on get started for free to proceed.
  5. After that, you can add the job description. Also, LinkedIn can provide a template for you to use depending on the role of the job you are advertising. You can decide to edit the template, rewrite it, or use it as it is given. 
  6. Once you are satisfied with your job description, add your skill keywords and also a how did you come to hear about us option, then click on continue.
  7. Also, you can add a way for applicants to contact you.
  8. To do this, go to the next page and edit how you want the various applicants to apply for the job, either by contacting your organization, via email or on an external website. 
  9. You can also add a few prescreening questions you want the applicants to answer in the job ad.
  10. Once you are done setting up your job post, click on post job for free or post a job to submit.

Templates/Examples of LinkedIn Job Posting

Using the paid LinkedIn job postings, you will be able to advertise your open job positions, target qualified candidates, and reach out to potential new employees.

You can use the information from candidates’ LinkedIn profiles to fasten the application process by providing the candidates with the option of applying directly via this information.

To freely share an open position with your network, you can post a status update on your company’s LinkedIn page and encourage your followers to share and engage with the post.

Your followers may view your job post, visit your career page to learn about the job, and see if they are eligible to apply or refer someone whos eligible.

Also, your employees can engage in the job post, share it or even refer their friends or anyone they deemed qualified to per-take in the application process.

Here’s an example of what a LinkedIn job post should look like:

Text: Our company in Texas is expanding and we are currently in need of a graphic designer. You will handle the company’s graphic designs and logos while working with our team of specialized content writers and website developers so that we achieve positive public engagement and attract more clients.
Call to action: to learn more about the job position and apply, visit (link) or call (contact)

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Tips on How to Craft Attractive LinkedIn Job Posts

LinkedIn did research to figure out how job searchers interact with most of the job posts on the LinkedIn platform. Here are the conclusions below:

When conversing with your invisible candidates, your tone is important. The language used in your job description should seem friendly and approachable.

Nevertheless, don’t appear too informal as this could seem unprofessional and result in fewer applicants. Also, avoid using words that appear as masculine traits (words such as strong or assertive) in the manner in which you are posting the job post.

You shouldn’t make your job description lengthy, keep it concise. Employers or job posters tend to get more applicants’ attention if they keep the job description around 150-200 words or less.

Describe what you consider a success in that particular role. Applicants usually like to know what is expected of them if they are chosen for a role.

So, try making room in your job ad to add descriptions of the company’s target and what is expected of the applicants when they are chosen to work for you. 

Lastly, your 150-200 words should consist of these three components that applicants would find attractive, they include:

  1. What the day to day activities on the job would be like 
  2. The qualifications involved 
  3. The amount that will be paid for the work or service at the end of the month.

Frequently Asked Questions On How Much Does It Cost To Post Job On LinkedIn

How much can I pay to post a job on LinkedIn?

How much can I pay to post a job on LinkedIn?
The highest LinkedIn job posting cost on a daily basis is 1.3 times the daily pay-per-click budget. If your daily budget is set at $150, you could be charged about $195 per day.

With the pay-per-click system used by LinkedIn, once you set your daily budget, you will only be charged when your LinkedIn job posting is clicked by users. 

Do LinkedIn have a standard cost to post jobs on the platform?

No, LinkedIn has no standard price for posting jobs on its platform. This is because all job advertising on LinkedIn is based on the pay-per-click model. Therefore, your clicks determine your cost on a daily basis.

Can I track the applicants to my LinkedIn jobs posted?

Yes, you can track all the applicants for your LinkedIn jobs posted on the platform. LinkedIn has a feature called “Candidate Management.” This feature allows you to track all the applicants to your jobs posted on the platform.

Does LinkedIn post jobs to other job board platforms?

Some job board platforms and various sites will syndicate your jobs or allow them to be listed and included on other job sites.

During this time, LinkedIn jobs are not included and posted to other job board platforms.

Is it possible to post a job on LinkedIn for free?

Yes, it is possible to post a job on LinkedIn for free. LinkedIn has an option where you can choose to post a job for free; it can be found on your LinkedIn home page.

What differentiates LinkedIn job ads from posts on job boards?

A major difference is the fact that people do only use LinkedIn for job searches. They use it as a place to connect and reach out to friends and colleagues, research various businesses and potential clients, and stay updated on industry news. LinkedIn job listings can reach people interested in your posted job positions but arent necessarily searching for jobs.


LinkedIn platform is one of the world’s largest professional social networks where you can get qualified candidates to fill in that job position that has been kept empty.

To make use of this platform, create an account or sign in if you already have one and drop a job post either for free or a promotional job post that you have to pay for.

This helps you to reach a large audience for a particular job and also filter the applicants to the best and most qualified you will want to work with.



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