Guinness Nigeria Plc reports profit of N15.28billion in 9 months ended March 2022

Guinness Nigeria Plc has released its 9-month financial result for 9months ended March 2022, revealing a profit of N15.28 billion, representing a 731.23% increase from the prior-year period, as revenue grew by 38.70%.

The period in review witnessed back-to-back increases in the prices of goods and services, as inflationary pressures affected both consumers and producers. Similarly, producers were faced with a significant increase in the cost of raw materials and general production costs.

The company recorded growth in sales on the back of double-digit inflation, bottom-line profit was also impressive, despite production costs which increased by a whopping 24% during the period under review.

Key highlights of the results

  • A cursory view of the result shows that the company’s revenue in the Q3 period, that is, from January-March 2022, appreciated by 18.11% from N42.61 billion to N50.32 billion in the current period.
  • Profit growth for the Q3 period, was at 199.59% Q-o-Q, generating a total of N6.46 billion. While pre-tax profit stood at N9.50 billion, representing 199.59% growth quarter on quarter.
  • The company’s reportable revenue segment consists of sales in Nigeria and Export sales, which raked in N159.44 billion in the 9-month period.
  • The result revealed that sales in Nigeria made up most of its revenue at N157.97 billion. While export sales generated only N1.48 billion.
  • In addition, the company also made money from leased assets as well as disposal of property, plants and sale of by-products, which served as a booster for the bottom-line profit, raking in a total of N1.34 billion during the financial period.
  • Guinness Plc profit performance for the 9-month period was affected by high costs of sales as well as marketing and distribution expenses.
  • A further look at the financial results showed Guinness Plc’s total assets are now at N207.32 billion, net assets grew by 21.24% to N90.07 billion.

Guinness Plc’s earnings per share (EPS) for the period is at N6.98, a 730.95% increase from N0.84 in the 9-month period.

The company last traded at N93.00 per share and has grown by 138.46% from year-to-date.

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