Business growth through Africhange exchange rates

One of the important goals of creating or starting a business is to grow. Growth is very essential to the long-term survival of any business or venture. Continual business growth will help businesses to acquire assets, attract leads and fund investments. Business growth most times also drives business credibility, allowing business owners to broaden supply base and increase stability and revenue. 

Business growth is essential to several businesses for many different reasons. Some of which are:

  • To take great advantage of rising opportunities
  • To boost the expansion of products or services
  • To continuously attract new customers
  • To ultimately increase sales

And many more…

At Africhange, we understand that our users have different sources of income and amongst these are business owners who are constantly looking to grow their businesses and maximize profit. This is why we are determined to help business owners by offering tremendous exchange rates which enable our users to perform transactions and make great profits. 

Here’s how a business owner improved business growth through leveraging Africhange’s exchange rate

Who is she?

Deborah Hamzat is a Nigerian in Canada, a full-time student and a small business owner who has shared her story of how Africhange helped her small business and even more importantly, helped with providing valuable capital to start and grow her sister’s business in Nigeria. 

What was her challenge?

Sending money home sometimes is not an issue for most people, the problem that comes with how to send it, where, when, and most importantly, how long it will take to go through is what makes sending money home a hassle sometimes.  One of the constant challenges most of us have is how long the transfer will take before it reaches home to our loved ones. 

 Deborah was faced with the following challenges:

  • How to send money home to her sister
  • Sending the money at a good rate
  • Sending the money very fast and with ease.  

Deborah struggled with these things as all the cross border transfer services which she used were either extremely slow or had ridiculously high rates and service charges. 

What was the solution?

Deborah learnt about Africhange from a friend who explained to her how the service works and what she stands to gain.   

She registered and proceeded with her first transaction which was:

  • Easy to use
  • Extremely Fast 
  • With zero transaction fees
  • At a very good rate  

She describes Africhange as “the best” and explains that the speed of response to concerns and resolution to issues by the customer service reps are contributing awesome factors to her decision to keep using Africhange. 

What is the Result?

She no longer has to wait for several days to pass before she confirms her recipient has received the money sent. Deborah also confirms that the great Africhange exchange rate has made it easy to send money and grow her sister’s business since what she sends, after getting converted, is always enough to fund, resolve issues, and run the business effectively, plus there are no more ridiculous service charges.  

Africhange is a remittance company that leverages blockchain technology to offer a seamless way for users in Canada to send money to Nigeria and Ghana. Our aim is to transform the way people send money to North America and Africa. Though currently serving only Nigeria and Ghana in our Africa corridor, we are determined to extend operations to all African countries. 

Experience a better way to send money with Africhange. Get started here.

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