30 High Income Skills you can Learn Immediately

A high-income skill is precisely what it sounds like: an ability that will earn you a large income.

High-income skills are skills which when you have them, you can make a lot of money even without formal education or a degree.

A high-income skill delivers a lot of value to the marketplace and you can make a lot of money from it if you have the skill set.

Imagine a life where you didn’t have to worry about funds. Where you could get any meal you’re craving, have someone else could mow your lawn, and where you didn’t have to do all the chores you hate because well, you can pay for someone to get it done.

These and many more are what high-income skills offer. I have listed the 30 high-income skills you could have and pave a way for yourself into a lifestyle of affluence.

What are High Income Skills?

High income skills are skill sets that will earn you an income of $10,000 or more each month, or $120,000 or more a year.

To put that number in context, Americans have a median household income of $61,000.

This means that if you took all the total incomes of American families and lined them up from small to large, the income number you see the most often is $61,000.

With a high income skill, you can earn more by charging more. You can get better at closing deals and charging higher prices.

With skills like these, you can go on vacations, work, and make money from the comfort of your home.

Why Learn High Income Skills?

Achieving your goals.

With a high income skill, you can see all of the big dreams you’ve dreamt for yourself come to pass. You achieve your longtime goals and influence people.

Self-confident successful in career

When you have more work and opportunities for the skills that you have, you will become confident, cheerful, and successful.

You will acquire a large amount of money, and also you will earn respect, praise, be happier and influence the lives of people around you. These skills would help you attack all of your problems with ease.

To Become a Leader

You cannot become a leader without having certain skills. To be a leader, you must be skilled in various ways, such as communication and appointment skills.

It means that you are capable of adapting new skills that are necessary for achieving your goals. People you lead would follow you because you are talented and skilled

Invent and Create New Things

With a skill, you can be able to have a million-dollar idea and be able to execute it.

If you have brilliant ideas but you do not know how to convert those ideas into products and services that are in real life, because of the poor knowledge, the idea would go to waste.

A high income skill would give you the ability to invent and create new things.

Job and Promotion

A high income sill is a way forward for securing jobs and promotions. If you want to get a new job or even a promotion, then new skills will help you a lot.

You will be able to grow your income

When you have skills, you will be able to improve your income and earnings too. It can be a part-time business, online business, or offline business.

People will hear your ideas with more concern, and with that, you will be able to expand your connections.

How Can I Learn a High Income Skill?

These are a few steps you can take towards getting a high income skill-

  • Get A Mentor- In searching for a high income skill, find someone whose work you admire and ask if they would be willing to show you the ropes.
  • Welcome New Challenges- When you take on big challenges as you try to learn new skills, it will feel incredibly tough at first, but you’ll learn much faster than you would ordinarily.
  • Read books and apply what you learn- You don’t need to go to college in order to read textbooks, and if you apply yourself to reading, then you’ll gain valuable insight from relevant books.
  • First-Hand Experience- Depending on the skill you’re looking to learn; you might be able to complete an internship in order to gain some experience. Most persons also learn better when they are working first hand. Otherwise, you might simply need to download some software and start practicing; either way. You would only perfect these skills when you get to work.
  • Network with others in your industry – In many cases, who you know is more important than what you know. The right industry connections can pay off in a major way, so stay in contact with as many people as possible.
  • Take courses and leverage online learning platforms – It is a digital age. You can find almost anything online.Sites like Skillshare, Udemy, YouTube, Google, and the Internet, in general, are brimming with information on literally every subject. Often, you’ll find you don’t need to pay for any training in order to thoroughly learn a new skill.

#1. Software and Web Development

Software developers create apps. In having this high-income skill, you have the power to bring ideas to life and make computers create what you want them to.

It involves coding by using programming languages. It has been ranked #1 amongst the high-income skills as of today.

You can teach yourself this skill using online classes. It’s not something you can learn once and as such, it is better to keep learning as you go.

#2. Data Analyst

Google offers the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate for an entry-level data analyst position.

Having this skill would ultimately make you a high income earner as data analysts are in high demand.

Research has also shown that Data Analysts earn an average salary of at least $98,812 which is a lot of money for simply enjoying working with numbers and patterns.

#3. Copywriting

Copywriting is a kind of skill that involves writing words to get a person to take a particular action.

It could be to get a person to buy a product, click a link, send an email, or get someone to indicate interest in a position. It is a skill that involves persuasive writing.

If you are a good writer, you should really consider a career in copywriting. It is one of the high-income skills.

There are many companies that would be very willing to pay you a lot of money for this skill.

#4. Affiliate Marketing

This skill entails making money through commissions by selling another person’s products online. As an affiliate marketer, you have to combine your skills of sales and digital marketing to be persuasive enough to get someone to buy goods online from you. This skill is mostly self-taught and can also make you lots of money if you take it very seriously.

#5. Digital Marketing

If you have this skill, it automatically means you are a high earner. The digital world is constantly evolving and as such, you can barely learn this skill in a classroom setting.

A mid-level digital marketer can earn up to $200,000 in less than a week. All you need to do is to set yourself up perfectly in this field and you’re good to go.

#6. YouTube Content Creator

Having a popular YouTube Channel is very lucrative. It requires that you have skills in video editing, video production, and animation skills.

You also have to have a central thing you do and a lot of people tuning in to your channel for you to make a lot of money in this.

However, it is actually a good source of income if you have the right foundation.

#7. Ecommerce Expert

This skill is for you to enjoy online shopping. This skill is to help those online sell their products on a virtual platform.

If you can learn how to manage popular shopping platforms and advertise your marketing skills on them, then an Ecommerce Expert High-income skill is for you.

#8. IT Support Professional

To become an IT support professional, you must understand the basics of networking, troubleshooting, and the operating systems of companies.

You can get a traditional education for this skill. You can also learn it online. IT support professionals are in high demand and as such, you can earn a lot of money from it if you’re good at it.

#9. Sales, Closing, Deal Making

This is one of the high-income skills you should really consider taking up if you are persuasive and have the ability to spin things to a person so they see it in a positive light.

One of the best things about this skill is that your earnings are proportionate to your performance. The more sales you make; the more money you have.

Before you know it, you are earning a lot of money in something you actually enjoy doing.

#10. Project Management

This skill involves doing anything from overseeing a project to designing a building.

You would need to figure out which kind of projects interests you, they specialize in it.

There a project management courses online which you can learn from. It takes less than a year to learn this skill if you are doing something that actually interests you.

#11. Creative Skills

This high-income skill involves being creative in one way or another. It could be in form of making videos online, or blogs, or making animations.

Be creative at heart for you to succeed in this field. It can be learned online and through the traditional schooling systems too.

#12. Mobile Development

In this digital world, 96% of Americans own a cellphone, and everyone wants the newest, most innovative solutions out of their mobile devices.

Once again, you will have to dedicate time to learning programming languages if you want to get into mobile development, but once you’ve spent a few months on this pursuit, you can begin designing and selling applications for huge sums of money.

#13. Audio Production

This skill requires that you are able to make professional-sounding audio tracks using various audio production tools like Audacity.

If you have good ears and the right connection, you can turn your audio production skills into high-income skills and earn six figures in less than a year.

#14. Artificial Intelligence

As time goes on, it is found that the interest in artificial intelligence keeps growing. It has grown by more than 150% annually for the last few years, and it will keep pace with that rate for the foreseeable future.

In getting the skill of artificial intelligence, you have to know the basics of being a data scientist or being a machine learning Engineer.

You also need to have a firm grasp of programming languages.

Artificial intelligence skills are in high demand. If you have this skill, the odds are that you are on a great path to affluence.

#15. Email Marketing

This skill involves selling products and services through an email list. You would be required to build an email list of contacts interested in a particular topic and then send newsletters relating to the content to them.

You can learn this skill online by taking courses. It is also related to copywriting.

#16. Online Course Creation

This skill simply entails creating an online course and selling it to people who want to learn what you know.

The downside of this high-income skill is that to actually succeed, you have to have another skill, or an experience, or a field of knowledge that people want to learn.

This skill offers a high opportunity, especially with the recent increase in online events.

#17. Web Design

Web design is a very flexible high-income skill that you can pursue if you are very good with designs and identifying what visual a business needs and the skills to create it.

Its basics are like UX, HTML, CSS, and different design software. Many platforms offer courses on learning web design.

You can even watch videos on YouTube to get you started.

#18. Web Development

As the world is going digital, every business needs a website. If you have the high-income skill of developing quality websites, then you are in luck.

This skill requires you have a knowledge of programming languages. This may take between 8months to 2years.

Depending on how focused you are. You can also learn this skill through various online platforms.

#19. SEO and SEM Marketing

This high-income skill revolves around search engine optimization and marketing.

Research has shown that about 90% of online experiences begin with a search engine.

In succeeding with this high-income skill, you would have to learn other important details related to it like keyword research and PPC campaigns.

This high-income skill can also be learned online from the comfort of your home.

#20. Trade Skills

This is one of the rare skills which you actually have to attend a vocational school to perfect in.

There is very minimal time to invest, and you can often complete an apprenticeship while you are in the program

. This way, you can earn money as you learn. This skill takes between 1 to 2 years to perfect, depending on how much of a fast learner you are.

#21. Video Production

This skill consists of pre-production, filming, and editing. Most people need to edit videos for memories, fun, and even for business.

Having a skill in video production can earn you a lot of money because you would be in very high demand. 

#22. Content Writing

Everything you enjoy reading is simply the result of well-structured content.

Content writing is mostly geared towards education and entertainment.

If your writing has been commended from time to time, if you are able to grasp a person’s attention because of your interesting piece, you should consider using it as a skill and making money out of it.

#23. Software Development

Software development is a high-income skill that requires that you have a knowledge of programming languages.

Basically, software developers create specific programs which are intended to mitigate some pain points unlike websites.

If you are a software developer, you should work to make your skill top-notch so you can easily start making six figures.

#24. UI/UX Design

User interface and user experience design change the way that audiences interact with an application, website, or device; the job of a designer is to make the user journey as streamlined and enjoyable as possible.

A UI/UX designer simply makes a design which the web designer uses as a guide to make a website. They both work hand in hand.

#25. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing helps businesses in their everyday collaboration and in improving their accessibility.

In having a cloud computing skill, you must have a prior knowledge of being a database administrator or a computer support analyst.

Cloud computing is a high income skill which can earn you a lot of money in a short time if you know your ropes.

#26. Public Speaking

Most people are either scared of crowds or do not know the right way to address an audience.

Being able to take on a stage and impress an audience with your words, hold their attention and pass the required knowledge is a skill that most businesses look for.

If you have the confidence to get up on a stage and close hundreds of deals in a matter of minutes, you could be earning millions before you know it.

It isn’t very obvious, but public speakers actually earn a lot of money.

#27. Coach/Consultant

A coach/consultant is another high-income skill that people overlook.

It simply entails providing clients with valuable, customized insight into a particular area, and they get paid thousands of dollars per session to do it.

All you need to do is to be a recognized professional in a particular field, and you are good to go.

#28. Block Chain

This high-income skill is mostly on the basis of cryptocurrencies which are powered by blockchain.

Given the recent rave about cryptocurrencies, forging a career in blockchain might prove an incredible long-term investment.

The great thing about this industry is that it’s very nontraditional, so you can easily learn everything there is to know about blockchain with online research.

#29. Day Trader

Day traders are persons who trade the stock, forex, and crypto markets by closely monitoring them.

You’ll need an analytical mind and an eye for patterns if you hope to find success in this field, but you can earn an unbelievable amount of money if all goes according to plan.

It is very lucrative but still very risky. It is usually advised that you should take a lot of lessons before delving full time into this.

Some of the most universal skills in the entire world of business are legal and administrative ones; if you sharpen these basic but necessary skills with the right company, then you can climb the ladder and end your career with a six-figure salary easily.

Administrative jobs are some of the easiest entry-level positions to receive without prior work history, but if you play your cards right and work your way to the top, you could earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in time. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What high income skill can I learn in a month?

This depends on what experience you already have, and whether you’re willing to dedicate hours of attention every day to learning the new skill. If you’re starting from scratch, you could learn digital marketing, copywriting, content writing, sales, video production, public speaking, and administrative skills within a month.

What high income skills are currently most in demand?

Some of the most in-demand job skills for the current market include cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and sales ability.

Are high income skills, high paying skills?

Yes. With any high-income skill, you can freelance, supercharge your career, or catapult your business to the next level without getting in debt or investing significant capital.

Which high income skills are in demand in the future?

Cloud computing, Artificial intelligence and Sales leadership are the top 3 high income skills that would be in high demand in the future.

Which skill is best for freelancing?

Social Media Management (SMM), Web and Mobile Development and Internet Research.

What High Income skills can I learn quickly?

Web Design/Development., Data Analysis/Stats, Excel and PowerPoint.


If you feel like you could do more, or earn more; if you feel like you are stuck, you can learn any of these high-income skills and go higher than you already are.


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