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With a lot of award-winning schools in the united states, Davis school district is an institution highly rated in Utah, United States. With over 73,000 Students, it has received recognition for having the top graduation rate among the 100 largest school districts in the united states.

In this article, I’ll provide you with all the information you need to know about the Davis school district, including its admission requirements, review, tuition, etc.

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About Davis School District

Davis school district has its headquarters in the county seat of Farmington. It’s a school district that serves Davis County, Utah, United States of America.

Being the 2nd largest school district in Utah, it is also the 61st largest school district in the United States.

As recorded in 2019, it has over 73,000 students in attendance in Davis School with about 2,769 teachers.

Students attend from kindergarten to 6th grade, junior school from 7th grade to 9th grade, then high school from 10th grade to the 12th grade.

It manages 62 elementary, 17 junior high, and 10 high schools. There are a total of eight co-educational high schools in the Davis school district.

Also, they offer quite a number of programs like a Baccalaureate diploma, a math and science program.

They also dual enrollment courses for digital media programs, college credit, and a selection of facilities.

At Davis school district, facilities vary. But students will be able to utilize libraries with books, including digital books, Wi-Fi connection, sports activities, gymnasium, etc.

Also, each high school offers a sports program. One of the high schools in the district has a basketball program for girls which in previous years has won the state championship.

The district is known for theater programs, music programs at each of the high schools.

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Davis School District Admission

There are several schools in this district, from the elementary to the high schools, and few special schools.

For a new admission into the school, there are few guidelines that could help you.

But first, you will need to research the school to know which one you would want your child to attend. First,

  • Locate the child’s school by visiting the map page of the school.
  • Visit the Davis school district home page and from the drop-down arrow, select the school.

Other Documents For Davis School District Admission

Check the school hours and come in person to provide the necessary documents like:

  • Parent picture identification
  • Original birth certificate of the student
  • Original immunization schedule of the student
  • Proof of address with a current lease or purchase agreement and one of the following like utility bill, postal change of address, statement of bank.
  • For a student to be registered, immunization required by the state of Utah. For a list of immunization requirement, see Immunization Program, Utah Department of health.
  • Remember to view the upcoming school year calendar
  • Is the student eligible for a bus? View the transportation search page of the Davis School District.
  • For the school fee information, you can view it on the finance page of the Davis school district site.
  • To sign up your child for an immersion program, visit the immersion page of the Davis school district.
  • For district online school learning for grades K-12, you would get more information on Davis connect.
  • Boundary request is accepted from Dec 1st to the next year on 3rd Friday of February. Check boundary variances.

Furthermore, there is a set deadline for students willing to transfer from one assigned school to another outside their boundaries.

Those willing to transfer must fill a boundary variance form and submit it at the requested school. Boundary variance form should be available in all school offices or the Davis school district website.

The district will hold a random drawing to know which student to transfer after all forms have been received.

Also, transportation becomes the responsibility of the parents if they grant their variance. And they will place those that are not selected on the waiting list of the school.

Davis School District Review: Tuition Fee

The basic registration fee for junior high in the Davis school district is $59.50.

This includes the instructional materials, activity fee, computer equipment, and the learning management system.

In addition, students may be charged a fee for each course they enroll in:

There are fees charged for specific student classroom materials like Lab fee, P.E Uniform, Advanced art lab fee, CTE Classes lab fee, etc

For summer school class(per class), student fee is also used to support instructor compensation and school materials.

Also, for the challenge test, the student fee is used to support the cost of the test and administration.

Based on students participation in all activities required by the school, the maximum aggregate fee amount per student per year is $3,500

Tuition Fee For High School In Davis School District

For high schools in the Davis school district, the basic registration is $89.50.

This includes the instructional material, activity fee, computer equipment, and the learning management system.

Asides from this, they will charge each student a student fee for instructional supplies (lab fee, art lab fee, etc), instructional equipment (Musical instrument rental, graphing calculator rental both for personal and classroom use)

They are also charged a fee for courses they enroll in: ( Academic course fee, administrative fees, student travel, activity fee participation, etc)

The maximum total aggregate fee amount per student per year is also $3,500.

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Davis School District Review: Requirements

Before enrollment, there are some requirements to be provided to the school.

They include:

  • Birth Certificate: A copy of a birth certificate for establishing a legal name.
  • Immunization Record: A student might not be allowed to attend an early childhood program or school until the school has the immunization records which should be provided by parents.
  • A report card or written report of withdrawal: A report card from the last school the student attended.
  • Proof of residence: In the boundaries of the school, the students want to attend unless enrolled under enrollment option or the student is identified as homeless.

Davis School District Ranking.

For the 2022 school year, the Davis school district test ranking is 8/10, which is in the top 30% of the public schools in Utah.

The top-ranked public schools in the Davis school district are Endeavour school, Valley view school, Davis high school.

However, the test rank is based on a school’s combined math and reading proficiency test score ranking.


With a strong team of professionals, the Davis school district is a place to be. This team of professionals ensures that they collaborate effectively to deliver quality services to students.



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