Insecurity: CPN rallies IT professionals to find technology solutions

The Computer Professionals Registration Council of Nigeria (CPN) has challenged all information technology (IT) professionals in Nigeria to come up with solutions to address the country’s security challenges.

The President of CPN, Mr. Kole Jagun, who issued the call said various ideas on how to harness technology for security in Nigeria would be collated and presented to the government at the Council’s 16th IT Assembly.

While noting that national security is important not only to the government but to the nation as a whole, he said the CPN and its members are taking up the challenge of fashioning out how the country can leverage technology to secure its citizens.

What the CPN President is saying

Speaking during a virtual interaction with tech journalists, Jagun said: “The 2022 IT Professionals’ Assembly shall be considering, among other things, the relationships and the interplays, and how Information Technology (IT) could be leveraged for improved national security and economic stability. From the deliberations, the Assembly will come up with findings and recommendations that will be geared towards deploying advanced technologies through effective partnerships that promote economic, technological, and national security competitiveness.”

While noting that Information technology will continue to strengthen national security against future upcoming threats and cyber-attacks, the CPN President said: “IT will enable Nigeria to identify potential threats and share information more readily.

“Information technology plays a significant role in the Security and Economic Stability of any country and Nigeria is no different,” he added.

What you should know

  • The Computer Professionals (Registration Council of Nigeria), (CPN) was established through Act No 49 of 1993 as a corporate entity that is charged with the regulation, control and supervision of the computing profession and practice in Nigeria.
  • The Council, among others, determines the standards of knowledge and skills to be attained by persons seeking to become members of the computing profession in Nigeria.

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