What is the Average Yoga Instructor Salary?

A yoga instructor is a trained fitness professional who specializes in the practice of yoga. And as a yoga instructor, your tasks and duties include preparing the studio for the class, creating a relaxing and peaceful practice environment, teaching poses and forms to your tasks.

In this article, we will learn about the salary of a yoga instructor and everything you need to know about becoming a certified yoga instructor.

How Much Does Yoga Instructors Earn?

CNN states the median income for yoga instructors is $ 62,400 per year. Don’t let that deceive you. It is not quite true. Yoga instructors make an average of that every year.

Income varies widely from the best to the lowest yoga teachers. While most yoga instructors make less than $ 30,000 a year, some make $ 300,000 or more.

Highest earning instructors all have one thing in common … they earn most of their income OUTSIDE of school. In other words, they are paid for through a combination of workshops, training, online sponsorship, and more.

How Much Does Yoga Instructors Earn Per Hour?

Yoga trainers can work on an hourly or class basis. Some instructors work full-time in studios where they can provide administrative or management services to earn a salary.

According to indeed, the average hourly salary of a yoga instructor is $31.27 based on 1, 400 salaries report. According to the pay scale, the average hourly salary is $25.09.

In all, with this data, you’d expect a yoga trainer to earn between $20-$30 per hour.

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What is the Salary of a yoga instructor per year?

While several factors can determine a yoga teacher’s salary, job prospects in the industry look pretty promising: According to the 2018 US Occupational Outlook Handbook, the demand for professionals in the fitness industry, including these yoga teachers, will grow faster than average.

Yoga teachers often work at an hourly or hourly rate. Some faculty members work full-time in studios and can make a living doing administrative or managerial duties.

According to, the lowest-paid yoga teacher makes $ 30,000 a year while the senior teacher makes $ 78,000 a year, an average of $ 38,000 a year.

The  US Occupational Outlook Handbook reports that yoga instructors earn an average of $39,210 per year. The slow learning instructor makes $19,640 a year, while the high earner takes home $74,520 a year.

Is It Worth Becoming A Yoga Instructor?

Well, first of all, the whole concept of yoga revolves around growth, be it mental, physical, or even spiritual. Now imagine if you could do it every day and pass this knowledge on to others as well.

Well, if you are speaking from the perspective of investing your time, effort, and money into teaching yoga, then the results should be worth it, right? Many people, prefer not to start teaching simply because it is not an “ideal career choice” or because they do not know which path to take.

My recommendation would be to work independently so that you can set your hours, manage your tariff, and manage your customers (students).

How much Can I Make As A Beginner Yoga Instructor?

Yoga trainers might not be able to negotiate their startup salary if they work for a gym or studio. This is why I recommended earlier that you start your yoga training independently so you can be able to set your price.

If you don’t know the tariff in your area, find out. The starting salary for new yoga teachers in the USA is $ 35 in a small gym or studio and $45 in a more established yoga studio. With additional skills and training, you can expect between $50 and $75 per class.

This gives an overview of the yoga instructor’s salary.

Job description of a yoga instructor

A certified and experienced yoga teacher must know the history, philosophy, and ethics of yoga.

The yoga instructor is responsible for performing yoga poses with precise alignment, using the correct terminology, and guiding students safely through the flow. You should also be familiar with practicing the chakra system and mind meditation.

To be successful as a yoga teacher, you must have excellent interpersonal and communication skills to build relationships and lead yoga sessions. Her passion for health and wellness, as well as knowledge of the anatomy and physiology of the human body, will ensure success.

Responsibilities of the Yoga Teacher

The responsibilities of a yoga trainer or teacher include:

  1. Conducting and leading yoga classes.
  2. Visually assess students to determine their level of practice.
  3. Help students achieve precise alignment.
  4. Demonstrate practice and techniques.
  5. Has the ability to move energy through the body.
  6. Converts energy during the heating, storage, and cooling phases.
  7. Use words of encouragement to motivate students.
  8. Connect with students through fun and intelligent sequences during the yoga class.
  9. Offer training recommendations to improve yoga practice.
  10. Participation in administrative tasks.
  11. Yoga Instructor Requirements:
  12. Yoga Certified Yoga Alliance.
  13. At least 200 hours of experience.
  14. First Aid / Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation Certificate.
  15. Education or experience in health and fitness is desirable.
  16. The Art of Teaching Vinyasa Flow.
  17. Knowledge of the chakra system, pranayama, mantra, and mind meditation.
  18. Commercial and administrative knowledge.
  19. Ability to work on demand, weekends, and holidays.

Top 10 Yoga Instructors in the USA

Discover 10 of the world’s richest yoga teachers who are great yoga influencers who have videos, books, studies, popular teacher education programs, and much more.

  1. Bikram Choudhury: $75 Million
  2. John Friend
  3. Kathryn Budig
  4. Donna Farhi
  5. Tara Stiles
  6. Duncan Peak
  7. Paul Grilley
  8. Shiva Rea
  9. Baron Baptiste
  10. Seane Corn

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Yoga Instructor’s Salaries In Each State In The USA

The salaries of yoga instructors vary from state to state in the USA. Massachusetts is the highest paying state for yoga instructors, followed closely by Hawaii, Connecticut, and Tennessee. The table below shows the annual, hourly, weekly, and monthly payment of a yoga instructor in each state:

State Annual Salary Monthly Pay Weekly Pay Hourly Wage
Massachusetts $64,306 $5,359 $1,237 $30.92
Hawaii $63,533 $5,294 $1,222 $30.54
Connecticut $63,026 $5,252 $1,212 $30.30
Tennessee $61,881 $5,157 $1,190 $29.75
Minnesota $61,607 $5,134 $1,185 $29.62
Ohio $61,427 $5,119 $1,181 $29.53
Rhode Island $61,170 $5,097 $1,176 $29.41
Washington $60,912 $5,076 $1,171 $29.28
New York $60,257 $5,021 $1,159 $28.97
North Dakota $60,136 $5,011 $1,156 $28.91
Utah $60,104 $5,009 $1,156 $28.90
Alaska $60,100 $5,008 $1,156 $28.89
Louisiana $59,744 $4,979 $1,149 $28.72
Nevada $59,627 $4,969 $1,147 $28.67
South Dakota $58,380 $4,865 $1,123 $28.07
Maryland $58,261 $4,855 $1,120 $28.01
New Hampshire $58,174 $4,848 $1,119 $27.97
Iowa $58,110 $4,843 $1,118 $27.94
Oregon $57,645 $4,804 $1,109 $27.71
Nebraska $57,233 $4,769 $1,101 $27.52
Kansas $57,030 $4,753 $1,097 $27.42
Kentucky $56,497 $4,708 $1,086 $27.16
Virginia $56,482 $4,707 $1,086 $27.15
California $55,082 $4,590 $1,059 $26.48
South Carolina $54,938 $4,578 $1,057 $26.41
Colorado $54,875 $4,573 $1,055 $26.38
Vermont $54,724 $4,560 $1,052 $26.31
Delaware $54,480 $4,540 $1,048 $26.19
Wyoming $54,017 $4,501 $1,039 $25.97
Mississippi $53,452 $4,454 $1,028 $25.70
Oklahoma $53,193 $4,433 $1,023 $25.57
West Virginia $52,377 $4,365 $1,007 $25.18
Pennsylvania $52,123 $4,344 $1,002 $25.06
New Jersey $51,926 $4,327 $999 $24.96
Arkansas $51,648 $4,304 $993 $24.83
Idaho $51,616 $4,301 $993 $24.82
Michigan $51,466 $4,289 $990 $24.74
Montana $51,390 $4,282 $988 $24.71
Illinois $51,368 $4,281 $988 $24.70
Maine $51,303 $4,275 $987 $24.66
Arizona $50,860 $4,238 $978 $24.45
Indiana $50,535 $4,211 $972 $24.30
Wisconsin $50,510 $4,209 $971 $24.28
Missouri $50,236 $4,186 $966 $24.15
Texas $49,863 $4,155 $959 $23.97
Georgia $49,065 $4,089 $944 $23.59
New Mexico $47,973 $3,998 $923 $23.06
Alabama $47,916 $3,993 $921 $23.04
North Carolina $46,816 $3,901 $900 $22.51
Florida $46,243 $3,854 $889 $22.23

How To Become A Yoga Instructor In The U.S.

Here are the step-by-step ways you can become a certified yoga instructor in the USA: After this, you’ll receive a fat salary as a yoga instructor.

  1. Study hard and practice more: You should take classes in different types of yoga to understand which style works best for you. The different types include Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha, Vinyasa, and Kundalini Yoga. In addition, the style of teaching may vary depending on the institution and teacher. Pay attention to these differences to find the type of workout that best suits your needs.
  2. Go for yoga training and make sure you complete it: The yoga teacher training includes courses in anatomy and physiology, teaching techniques, and yoga philosophy. You gain practical experience by observing teachers and lessons. Many schools adhere to the Yoga Alliance guidelines for 200-hour and 500-hour teacher training programs; the Yoga Alliance itself requires a minimum of 200 hours for applicants to qualify for yoga teacher certification.
  3. Register as a yoga trainer and apply for yoga instructor license issuance: Wondering how to get a yoga teacher license? Students who complete programs that conform to Yoga Alliance guidelines can apply for certification as the organization’s Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT). Registration is voluntary, but most employers prefer accredited trainers. extremely important so that you can teach your students confidently and are adequately informed about your subject.
  4. Continue learning and practicing even while training: The more you practice and learn, the better you become. Do not even think of stopping your learning process. There’s no limit to learning. Practice more also to become an expert in your field.

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Yoga is a popular exercise practice designed to develop your strength and flexibility while also providing a positive impact on your life spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. If you are passionate about helping others and enjoy the art of yoga, then becoming a certified yoga instructor can be a very rewarding career.



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