University of Sydney Scholarship for Ghanaian Students 2022

This is probably the biggest news for you this year. Are you a Ghanaian student that wants to study abroad? This is for you. This article brings you the latest University of Sydney Scholarships for Ghanaian Students 2022.

The University of Sydney also known as the Sydney Uni is an Australian public research university located in Sydney, Australia. It was founded in the year 1850. It is Australia’s first-ever university which is also regarded as one of the world’s leading universities.

According to the British Daily Telegraph and The Huffington Post, the University of Sydney is ranked among the top 10 of the world’s most beautiful universities.

Furthermore, the QS World University Rankings ranked
Sydney as one of the world’s top 25 most reputable universities, and its
graduates as the top 5 most employable in the world and first in Australia.

The university comprises nine faculties and university schools, through which it offers bachelor, master and doctoral degrees.

It may interest you to know that Five Nobel and two Crafoord laureates have been affiliated with the university as graduates and the university has educated seven Australian prime ministers, two Governors-General of Australia, nine state governors and, territory administrators, and 24 justices of the High Court of Australia, including four chief justices. Sydney has produced 110 Rhodes Scholars and 19 Gates Scholars.

Why Always the University of Sydney?

You may want to know, why is it that every undergraduate level student that ever wanted to study in Australia desired to study at the University of Sydney…

These are the reasons the University of Sydney has stood out as the most innovating and exciting place to study:

Culture of excellence:

Firstly, the University of Sydney has a tradition of excellence. They work every day toward helping undergraduate students develop the necessary skills and knowledge needed to adequately fit into the dynamic community.

The University of Sydney has been ranked number 1 in the whole of Australia and ranked 5th in the world for graduate employability.

Flexible career programs:

The University offers an array of flexible; minor and major, undergraduate degree courses that aptly meets your career requirements.


Sydney University has a network and students base across over 250 universities in more than 40 countries. This helps to package and prepare you .for a global career.

Research hub:

The institution has renowned academic scholars and leaders who in their fields work even across disciplines to address major social challenges.

Vibrant camp life:

The campus is laced with out of the world centers of attraction. There are beautiful playgrounds, libraries, cafes, wireless internet, and high-end laboratory spaces.

There are over 200 clubs and societies, including 26 cultural groups.

Central location:

The University of Sidney is located in the heart of one of the most popular cities in the world- Sydney. It is home to beautiful golden beaches, world-class museums, delicious fresh food and a calendar of exciting events and festivals.

University of Sydney Scholarships for International Undergraduate students

Undergraduate Scholarships at the University of Sydney are special sponsorship programs packaged and designed for students who are just enrolling in first degree programs in universities or who are not graduated from their university studies.

There are so many University of Sidney scholarships that are available to undergraduate and bachelor’s degree students. These Sidney University scholarships are mainly available to international undergraduate students.

Find below some of the Uni of Sydney scholarships for undergraduate students:

University of Sydney Scholarships for International Postgraduate students

Postgradgraduate Scholarships at the University of Sydney are special sponsorship programs designed and packaged for students who are done with their first degree programs in universities and are either enrolled in masters or doctoral programs.


How do university scholarships work?

Scholarships are financial aid awards designed to help students pay for an undergraduate degree. Sometimes a scholarship is a one-time check. Other school scholarships are renewable and provide money for students each semester or school year. These awards differ from student loans in that they don’t have to be repaid.

What GPA do you need to get a full scholarship?

This scholarship covers full tuition. Eligible students will need to have SAT scores of at least 1480 or ACT scores of at least 33, a 3.5 GPA or higher, and a rigorous academic course load.

What are university scholarships?

Bursaries are usually awarded to students based on their personal circumstances, or if they come from a low-income family. … University scholarships usually reward students who are outstanding in their subject, sport or music. They generally (but not always) need to be applied for, and are often competitive

Can I continue to receive my scholarship if I change my enrolment from full-time to part-time?

The University applies the RTP (formerly APA) rule to all postgraduate research stipends. This rule states that a part-time scholarship can only be approved in exceptional circumstances if the student has an ongoing medical condition or disability which prevents full-time enrolment, or has heavy carer commitments which prevent full-time enrolment.
If you are changing to part-time enrolment for one of the above reasons, you must apply for approval to the Scholarships Office prior to changing your enrolment. Changing to part-time status without first applying to the Scholarships Office will result in the scholarship payments being suspended.


Although some of the Uni of Sydney Scholarships listed here have not yet started as stated in the article, you can be sure they will be commencing in no long time. Always check this space for fresh updates on this scholarship and more.


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