15 Best Recruitment Agencies in Florida | 2022

For your vacancies in your company, the recruitment agencies in Florida can gather the most qualified candidates available in the market.

Staffing services in Florida have a good understanding of various industries, their current pay structures, and job specifications before starting the sourcing process to achieve better results.

Our listed best recruitment agencies in Florida have an extensive database of job profiles from various industries and for various positions such as technical, non-technical, and managerial so that they can offer you highly qualified candidates within a short period of time.

Because small and medium-sized companies have a smaller staff and fewer hiring opportunities, it is more beneficial to outsource the hiring process to a staffing consultant than to hire in-house staffers.

Apart from the sourcing and screening of candidates, staffing consultants can also handle the recruitment process for the company.

How Much does it Cost to Hire Someone through an Agency?

The cost of a recruitment agency to an employer is mostly determined by the position that has to be filled. Typical recruitment costs range between 15% and 20% of a candidate’s initial year salary, but they might reach as high as 30% for difficult-to-fill positions.

Agencies that are just starting off will most likely charge you lesser as a way of fostering a first-time working relationship. However, in recruitment, it is never advised to compromise on value due to the price. 

Is it Worth using a Recruitment Agency?

Recruitment firms can provide the best applicants for a particular position and role.
They are, however, significantly less effective at determining cultural fit.

To put it another way, recruiting services can assist you in selecting the best candidate for your available position, but not for your company’s culture or team.

If you are new in Florida or a new city, it is best you identify with any top recruitment agency in the city. They are the ones with the industry contacts and channels. Therefore, they are your best shot at landing a job easily in Florida.

15 Best Recruitment Agencies in Florida

To help you find the most suitable staffing partner for your company, we have compiled the list of 15 best recruitment agencies in Florida along with their client reviews and ratings that you can refer to.

1. Accounting Principals

Our people-focused approach makes Accounting Principals a leader in finance and accounting staffing. They are devoted to proving their value to candidates and clients.

They understand that an opening is more than just a job and that every candidate is more than just a potential employee.

With our industry expertise, we match clients and candidates in a way that creates business results based on matching needs with the right solutions.

Our ability to balance client and candidate needs with the right solutions allows us to make the best match.

Employing candidates with arrest and conviction records is acceptable to the Company

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2. Bear Staffing Services

Bear Staffing Services, founded by Gary and Sherri Johnson in 2005, specializes in skilled and semi-skilled positions in historically high turnover industries, providing a higher quality of candidates than many manufacturing recruiters, skilled trade recruiters, and skilled labor recruiters.

With the Workplace Productivity Profile (WPP), Bear Staffing Services reduces the number of unqualified candidates entering the system.

This unique approach allows Bear Staffing Services’ recruiters to source from only qualified candidates.

We believe high expectations should be maintained, even when filling high-turnover and traditionally high-volume positions. 

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3. Management Search Inc

Since its founding in 1983, MSI has grown to be one of New England’s largest privately held search firms.

The company’s success and longevity in this business directly result from its passion for finding, attracting, and placing the best talent with clients who are motivated to succeed.

Furthermore, the types of companies on MSI’s client list are highly diverse, from sales to technology, to employees, to geography, to success, to public or private ownership, to their hiring needs and styles.

There are over 25 Search Consultants at MSI who can help locate and select the best professional talent in a timely, cost-effective manner. 

As businesses become more specialized, they need to partner with a recruitment firm to find talented professionals.

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4. R & R Staffing, Inc

R & R Management Team of Professionals has over 20 years of experience staffing specialized talent.

Based in Silicon Valley, this company provides contractual, direct hire, and contract-to-hire personnel for technical and managerial positions.

In the past few years, they have placed thousands of qualified candidates with top companies all over the world …IBM, Hewlett Packard, Apple Computer, Sun Microsystems, Intel, AMD, National Semiconductor, Cisco, Microsoft, Netscape, and many others.

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5. Reaction Search International

Reaction Search International’s mission is to ensure the ongoing success of our clients by competently assisting them in the search for top talent in over thirty-five different business verticals. 

To provide clients with the best talent available, ReactionSearch Company conducts comprehensive searches tailored to the needs and goals of each client. 

From the beginning of the planning process through the completion of each placement, we identify potential candidates, evaluate their talents and skills through rigid assessments, and ultimately secure the most qualified candidates to fill key roles in the evolution of the company.

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6. Recruit Group

In business since 1998, Recruit Group has used a consultative approach to provide superior talent to its clients.

Our recruiters specialize in dynamic industries, and our long-term relationships give us access to an ever-growing pipeline of top-tier professionals.

Aside from using state-of-the-art tools and skill assessments, Recruit Group also uses behavioral-based interviews to ensure you make the best hiring decision.

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7. Stanford Rose Associates

The goal of Sanford Rose Associates is to match human capital needs to talented individuals promptly and efficiently, enhancing the client’s “organizational capability”.

They are a network of independent recruiting offices serving the executive search industry for well over 60 years, specializing in retained search for experienced executives, managers, and individual contributors.

Search firms work on behalf of client companies to find and recruit highly qualified professionals.

Learn how to work with a Top 9 search firm. Understand their deep knowledge of key industries and functional areas, especially in Florida.

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8. EmpHire

When it comes to Human Capital Management, EmpHire works with each client to help them find the right workers at the right price, at the right time – in other words, for the best value. 

A client partnership with EmpHire on average lasts 6.5 years, with many being extended indefinitely in part because of EmpHire’s processes and delivery execution.

With superior information systems, EmpHire can staff a wide range of unique, custom, and large projects with quality personnel in a timely manner.

It has remained one of the highly recommended recruitment agencies in Florida.

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9. Newland Associates

Human performance drives organizational success. At Newland Associates, our people experts decode the complexities of your people so you will understand your workforce behavior, how to ensure alignment, and achieve team goals.

Newland Associates takes every engagement seriously and strives to make a positive impact with integrity, following Albert Einstein’s words, “Try not to be of success, but to be of value.”

The company thrives on a principle that believes in being open and honest, and in providing a great experience for both our clients and our team members.

It would be hard to finish our list of the best recruitment agencies in Florida without including Newland Associates. 

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10. The Shay Group

Founded in 1993, The Shay Group is managed and staffed by recruitment professionals with 20 years of experience in healthcare and information technology.

Our dedication to our clients and talent pool have earned us recognition by our recruiting network.

In addition to its regular placements with pharmaceutical companies, managed care, and insurance groups, medical device manufacturers, clinical research organizations, and software development companies, The Shay Group also works with different healthcare information software companies.

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11. Jim Trotter and Associates

With more than a decade of experience in the food and beverage industry, Jim Trotter and Associates serve both applicants and clients in such areas as meat, poultry, bakery, and beverage.

Whether you need a career change or to fill a management position, this company’s database and personal network capabilities will match up applications and quality candidates for our clients.

Also, when a company or career needs professional help, ethics, integrity, honesty, hard work, honesty, and trust should not be compromised.

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12. Hiregy

All recruiting firms may seem similar, but they’re not. Let us show you why you should work with Hiregy. Hiregy connects exceptional employers and job candidates with integrity, outstanding client service, and innovative solutions.

Find out why this firm believes in building lasting relationships and why they may be the only professional staffing & recruiting firm you’ll ever need by getting in touch with Hiregy today

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13. Steven Douglas

SteveDouglas, a leading national search, and interim resource firm is a pioneer in identifying and providing companies with access to top talent and executives since 1984. 

For more than twenty years, StevenDouglas has been connecting top candidates with top businesses in a broad range of disciplines and industries.

StevenDouglas is nationally known for its expertise in Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Information Technology, and Operations.

Our list of best recruitment agencies in Florida is incomplete if we fail to mention Steven Douglas.

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14. GL Staffing Services

Since 1980, GL Staffing has been one of the best recruitment agencies in Florida. They offer staffing and recruiting solutions for all businesses and industries in Florida.

From commercial staffing solutions, such as construction staffing and manufacturing staffing, to professional staffing solutions, we can work with you.

Their staffing services are available for all types of businesses in Florida as well as for staffing and recruiting in the state.

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15. Lloyd Staffing

With Lloyd’s broad portfolio of talent, companies can leverage talent according to their industry, skill set, level of engagement, and the kind of talent they need. Our Services and Solutions summarize how we help you meet your workforce challenges.

In addition to advising job candidates and guiding employers through their career journeys, we also help employers build a workforce that is both agile and effective, which will serve them well through the changes in the economy and challenges their businesses face.

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Florida is home to some top companies in the United States. While looking for a job in the ever-competitive job market in Florida, it is advised that you engage the services of recruitment agencies in Florida. A good number of them have recorded a high rate of client satisfaction.

Some of them equally provide training, soft skill lessons for employees. No matter the level of experience or qualification, be sure of getting when applying for a job with any of the recruitment agencies in Florida. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it worth going through a recruitment agency?

Recruitment agencies can deliver the best candidates for a certain open position and role, but they are to a much lesser extent able to assess a cultural fit. In other words, recruitment agencies can help you choose the right candidate for your open position, but not for your cultural fit.

How much does it cost to hire someone through an agency?

 Recruiting costs are typically between 15% and 20% of a candidate’s first-year salary, although they can increase as high as 30% for hard-to-fill positions.

How do I choose a hiring agency?

 How to Choose The Right Recruitment Agency. The first step in determining the best recruitment agency is defining your hiring needs clearly.

Interview the Recruitment Agencies like Candidates. Choosing the Right Recruitment Agencies. Check the Budget. Examine the Experience of The Recruiters.

How do I find a recruiter to get a job?

Search the internet. Speak to coworkers. Identify your options. Get in touch with references if you have any. Identify your goals. Know the market. Commission-driven.

Do agency workers get paid more?

There is no prohibition against paying agency workers more than equivalent permanent employees.

Higher hourly and daily rate for agency employees may be explained by the fact that these employees are only paid for their work and cannot access some occupational benefits.


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