A visit to the first 2D/3D Egyptian restaurant in Lagos

I’ve seen so many beautiful restaurants with different vibes but some of the ones that fascinated me were the 2D restaurants. I used to be so fascinated cos I wondered if people didn’t have the urge to just want to add some colour cos it reminded me so much of the colouring books I had as a child.

The first one I came across was the 2D restaurant in Tokyo, then sometime at the beginning of this year I came across Forever Rose Restaurant in Dubai. I saw pictures of some of our Nigerian influencers like Priscilla Ojo in that restaurant and wondered when we’d have something so beautiful in Nigeria. Just imagine how excited I was when sometime towards the end of March, I started seeing reels from one of our favourite Instagram influencers telling us that a 2D restaurant (Sketch_lagos)  would be opening in Lagos in April and trust me to visit this restaurant.

As usual, I’d be rating my restaurant based on the ambience, service, food and cost:

The ambience: I still can’t get over the fact that there is a restaurant in the heart of Victoria Island Lagos that gives an Egyptian vibe. At the restaurant, the first thing you’ll see are clay moulded statutes just like you’d see in movies or video clips about Joseph and pharaoh, and Egyptian writings all over them. I thought this was so cool and it’s my favourite thing about the restaurant. It’s also a perfect picture spot, one would think you’re in Egypt. The inner part of the restaurant has 2D drawings all over and the drawings showcase a bit of Egyptian history. I love how the chairs and tables in the restaurant also give off the 2D vibe. There’s even a throne where you can sit and take pictures, everywhere in the restaurant is a banging picture spot, so it’s a really cool place for influencers and content creators with a minimalist vibe like me. I’ll rate the ambience an 8/10, because I think the space was a bit smaller than I expected.

The Service: The service was really good. The waiters and waitresses were really nice. They even took pictures of I and my friend. They were friendly and my food came in less than 15 minutes even with the crowd. I also love the fact that the restaurant did not have any minimum spending limit. I’ll rate the service 10/10.

The food: The food was good. I ordered the beef fillet with curried rice. The beef fillet was not too dry and it was not too tough. The spices were just right, however, the curried rice was average. I had my friends stir-fried rice and that was banging so you might want to try that when you visit Sketch Lagos. The cocktails on the other hand were too sugary. I’ll rate the food and cocktail 8/10.

The price: The prices were fair although the portions were too small for that price and the cocktails were overpriced. All the cocktails on their menu cost N7500 and I think that’s too much for a cocktail. I like the names of their cocktails, one was called “Get me wet”. I love how creative they were with the names. So I’ll rate their price 5/10 because the cocktails were overpriced and the portions of the food were not worth the price.


In conclusion, I love the vibe of the restaurant and if you want to see a visual representation of what the restaurant looks like, you should definitely check out my YouTube channel, subscribe and turn on your notification because the video would be up at 12pm Saturday, May 21. I hope you all enjoyed reading this article, I’ll be back again soon. Till then I remain your favourite girl “thatgirlsims”


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