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Today, social media marketing is the heartbeat of every modern business. Consequently, more people are turning to social media management as a career path. Like every other career path, a social media manager cover letter is the first step to landing a job in the field.

The duty of a social media manager is very crucial. Today, many businesses continue to take to the internet to market their brands. Someone has to manage all the messages, posts, tweets, and photos. Thus, the social media manager is the professional that oversees a company’s social accounts.

The social media manager job requires someone with a good understanding of social media accounts, analytics, and trends.

When writing your letter, it should reflect your expertise. Include relevant information from your previous position as a social media manager in your letter and highlight your achievements.

To what percentage did you increase views, interactions, and engagements during your previous experiences? All these points will help ensure that you are the right person for the job.

What to Include in Your Letter and Resume

Consider these tips when compiling your cover letter and resume

#1. Ensure to place your most relevant first qualification on both documents.

Then, continue with other essential skills, which may not be directly related to the job. It is usually more difficult for starters. However, as you gain experience, it becomes easier to tailor your application letter for different positions.

Note that: it is always essential to create a clear connection between your previous experience and the current job opening.

#2. Let the organization know why you are the best man for the job.

Every organization wants to hire the best candidate to fill up job positions. Since they have hundreds, if not thousands of résumés to go through, you need to convince them that you are the right candidate for the job.

Highlight your previous experiences from your past work that match the current job requirements and let them know you possess the right skills for the job.

#3. Re-emphasize your relevant skills

When preparing your cover letter, re-emphasize your relevant skills, technical know-how, and educational qualifications as they appear on your résumé.

You can go into explaining some of your experiences and skills in detail in your cover letter. However, avoid unnecessary narratives that do not have a connection with the job.

#4. Let them know that you are passionate about the job without making it feel like you’re desperate.

Your cover letter is an opportunity to let your employer know that you are passionate about working as a social media manager.

Don’t forget to highlight beneficial reasons that make you feel confident that you are the best man for the job. While expressing your passion, avoid making it feel like you are desperate for the job.

Note: There is a difference between I am the best man for the job, and I want the job at all costs.

Be sincere about your desires and avoid including false information in your resume. It leads to frustration later and is the easiest way to lose the trust of your employers.

Many people often submit a generic resume and cover letter for every position. Doing this will only take a miracle or a great deal of luck to get your application to move past the submission stage.

Many companies are clear about what they want, and as such, you must make them know from your submission that you understand their requirements.

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#1. Ensure that your cover letter and resume match the job requirements.

Always go through every job posting and study what HR is looking for in a candidate beforehand. Your resume and cover letter should reflect that you have the necessary experience and qualifications to work as a social media manager.

#2. Use examples and templates to model a better cover letter and resume.

Reviewing examples and templates is a great way to improve your cover letter writing skills. Ensure you include all the necessary information for the job.

Remember, no two cover letters are identical. Therefore, ensure you customize every cover letter and resume accordingly.

#3. Send your cover letter through email.

When sending your email and cover letter via email, use your name and the job title as the subject of the mail. Start the body of the mail with a proper salutation. Don’t forget to include your contact information in your email signature.

Sample of a Social Media Manager cover letter.

Gloria Applicant

111 Downtown Street

Yourtown, TX 12345


April 1, 2022

Jersey Stanley

Head of Relations

Omega Manufacturing Factories

111 Industrial Layout

industrial City, TX 56789

Dear Mr. Stanley,

I write to express my strong desire for the Social Media Manager position at Omega Factories, as listed on I am self-assured that my earlier success as a social media manager, and my good communication and collaboration skill, make me the best candidate for the job.

Furthermore, I have ten years of experience in marketing, and I have spent the last five of those years as a Social Media Manager. My recent campaign for So and So Company led to a 24% inbound traffic increase for the company website. Using different creative social media marketing skills and media analytics to monitor success, dashboards, and KPIs, I can assure your organization of an even better rate of success.

As Marketing Coordinator for Black and White Corporation, I organized quarterly meetings in which I presented, and the entire team collaborated to analyze the report and provide feedback.

I was also a Social Media Manager for John Dow PR Firm, where I had a great time collaborating with both board members and leaders of other companies.

I assure you that my experience, mainly within the manufacturing field, my ability as a team player, and my outstanding communication ability make me a suitable candidate for the Social Media Omega Manufacturing Factories. Kindly find attached a copy of my resume and other essential documents. I look forward to discussing further on this job with you.


Gloria Applicant

Social Media Manager Sample Resume

Gloria Applicant

111 Downtown Street

Yourtown, TX 12345


April 1, 2022


Creative, experienced social media professional with six years’ social media managing experience

Key accomplishments include:

  • Established Engaged Community of Followers for Clients
  • Improved Inbound Traffic for Clients’ Websites by up to 24%
  • Created engaging Content for Clients’ Websites
  • Utilized Analytics Tools to Enhance Websites’ Reach
  • Worked Closely and attentively with Web Production Team
  • Successfully creating responsive social media feeds



SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER (February 2020 – Present)

Create and manage online marketing campaigns for organizations including IJK Co., 456 Co., and LMN Co.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • Develop and monitor yardsticks for calculating the influence of social media programs.
  • Work closely with heads of departments to create and manage social media team within the department.


MARKETING HEAD (November 2018 – February 2020)

I Developed and managed BXY’s first social media campaign, improving web page views by 24%.

Notable Accomplishments:

  • I helped grow BXY’s Facebook shares by 24% and Tweeter retweets to 60%
  • I collate and evaluate sales, expenditures, and other business data. Also, I developed quarterly marketing reports and provided detailed quarterly study reports to top-level managers



Master of Business Administration(Specialization: Marketing) 2018


Bachelor of Social Science, Business Communication (Major: Communication; Minor: Business), 2017

Tips to Make Your Resume Visible

The following tips can make your resume stand out from the rest.

  • Highlight your skills in your resume. When highlighting your skills, include your knowledge of social media analytics and trends.
  • Make your achievements measurable by providing numerical data, percentages, and any other information that serves as a visible sign of improvement.
  • Let your cover letter show how passionate you are about the job. Explain why you are a suitable candidate for the role and express how passionate you are about the job.

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With the growth of the internet and the rise in social media marketing, there are many opportunities to land a social media manager position.

However, nobody will offer your job for free without you proving your worth. Start by understanding how to write a great social media manager cover letter.

When crafting your letter and resume, always place your most relevant qualifications first before the rest.

Most importantly, ensure that the information you provide on your resume is correct. Providing false information in your resume and cover letter can lead to contradictions during your physical interview.



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