Top 15 Recruitment Agencies in the World | 2022

Because the labor market is so tight these days, good recruitment is critical. Finding the time and resources to hire the top people is also difficult. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the best recruitment agencies in the world for you to consider.

Recruitment companies assist businesses in locating competent people for key positions. They deploy a variety of techniques to locate ideal individuals and contact them about specific openings, independent of their existing employment status.

They are integrally involved in recruiting service providers to manage the first contract with qualified candidates, give candidate profiles to employers, and mediate any interactions between candidates and employers.

In most cases, hiring managers and HR personnel collaborate with recruiting companies to assist them.

How do I find the best recruitment agency?

In an industry where everyone claims to be the best, getting the best might be quite cumbersome. Nonetheless, with the help of our research associates, we have been able to list some tips we believe will help you identify the best recruitment agency for you.

Describe your hiring requirements

The first step in selecting the best employment firm is to state your requirements clearly. If you’re trying to hire one, a few, or many people, ensure you plan ahead of time. Also, make sure to tell the recruitment agency what role you’re searching for. It will assist you in locating the agencies that specialize in that industry, as well as locating the appropriate candidate based on your hiring criteria.

 Interviewed the Recruitment Agencies.

Yes, interview the recruitment agencies. It’s critical to determine whether the agency in question can provide the candidates you require. To do so, you must approach the employment agency with questions that are like those you would ask during an interview. 

This will allow you determine whether they can meet your requirements. “Do they have candidates who match your requirements?” “How much time will it take them to discover the correct applicant for you?” “What quality checks will they conduct in order to identify the right candidate?”

Find out their Specializations

This is the most crucial stage in locating the ideal employment firm that meets your requirements. A staffing recruitment firm should be your first choice if you need short-term or temporary workers. You should use an executive recruitment service if you need to hire executives. And the greatest option for any other level of recruiting. 

A general recruitment agency may also specialize in certain sectors, so before proceeding, make sure the general recruitment agency meets your organization’s needs.

Examine the Budget

The first requirement is clearly to choose the best recruitment firm, but this is pointless if you can’t pay for the services. As a result, this is one of the most crucial phases in finding the ideal recruitment firm. Many recruitment companies produce undoubtedly high-quality applicants, but their fees are disproportionately higher when compared to other agencies that provide workers of nearly the same quality. Certain recruitment agency fees might not fit into your budget, so you’ll have to narrow them down and hope for the best.

Examine the Recruiter’s Background.

Checking the recruiting agency’s experience is the fifth and final stage in selecting the ideal recruitment agency. Examine the testimonials, reviews from the clients with whom they are working, and the length of time they have been in business. Compare the quality of the final recruitment agency’s work to that of the top competitors.

Why You Should Use a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment agencies are immensely useful to businesses that cannot filter through many applications in order to select the best applicant for an interview. In today’s competitive industry, finding a suitable applicant is extremely important.

The most important reasons to hire a recruitment agency are:

  • It saves the firm time by removing the need for applicants to undergo interviews.
  • The second reason is the great efficiency of the candidates offered by the agencies.
  • Those types with proper in-house hiring expertise are extremely beneficial to grow enterprises.

Top 15 Recruitment Agencies in the World

1. Robert Half

Robert Half was founded in 1948 and now has over 400 locations throughout the world. In the many nations where its locations are located, they provide full-time hires and temporary staffing options. They concentrate on the following disciplines when it comes to hiring:

Finance & Accounting Technology Marketing &  Creative Administrative & Customer Support Legal.

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2. The Adecco Group

This is one of the world’s most prestigious multinational recruitment firms. Engineering, IT, Legal, Finance, Science, banking, human resources, marketing & advertising, transportation & logistics, construction & property, and sales are some of the industries they focus on. They are headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland.

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3. Hays

 Hays is a British recruitment firm that operates in 33 countries and specializes in full-time and contract placements. They have expertise in areas such as accounting and finance, architecture, construction, engineering, and human resources. 

They are experienced in finding competent, professional, and skilled people in both the private and public sectors all around the world.

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4. Randstad

Randstad is one of the most renowned recruitment agencies in the world of business that has worked with 90% of Fortune 100 organizations.

The organization, which has offices in 39 countries, specializes in human resources, technology consulting, and talent recruitment. To provide tech-forward solutions for their clients, this recruitment agency uses a human-powered approach.

Randstad not only offers recruitment services. but also assists employers in building and retaining teams by providing clients with the most up-to-date industry methods to keep them engaged.

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5. Kelly Services

Kelly Services has been in the recruiting market for more than 70 years, and has grown from a US-based recruitment firm to a global firm that provides workforce solutions across a variety of industries.

The services of this recruitment agency are mostly in the accounting, legal, science, education, and healthcare sectors, but it has made a name for itself in the IT, science, engineering, and finance industries.

Kelly Services pioneered the notion of temporary staffing in the postwar economy, but over the years, the company has substantially expanded its services and is now responsible for the employment of over 1 million individuals. All these and many more earned Kelly Services a place among the top 15 recruitment agencies in the world.

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6. KNT&T

This is a well-known female-owned recruitment firm based in Boston, Massachusetts. KNF&T Staffing Resources is dedicated to fostering a multicultural workforce and strive to discover and retain the best personnel for its clients.

It is one of the major interim placement firms, assisting both employers and applicants in filling temporary employment.

KNF&T Staffing Resources recently merged with BANKW Staffing to expand its services and develop its existing client base.

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7. Manpower

Manpower is a prominent international recruitment agency in the world dedicated to providing meaningful employment and development opportunities to people throughout the world.

They’ve been in the business for over 60 years, and they know how to discover and deliver the greatest personnel to their clients. Manpower is part of the Manpower Group, which is their parent firm (a world-leading recruitment company).

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8. Roth Staffing

Roth Staffing has won many honors, including a “Finest of Staffing award” for Talent Satisfaction 2019 and a spot on Forbes’ 2017 list of the best recruitment agencies in the United States.

The Roth Staffing ambassador program assists them in employing skilled and talented candidates, as well as understanding their goals and desires and matching them with organizations that are a good fit for their abilities. Employers entrust their personnel management to this recruitment business.

Roth Staffing is always here to help, whether you’re seeking part-time or full-time employees.

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9. Approach People Recruitment

Approach People Recruitment is a multilingual recruitment agency specializing in sales, information technology, finance, customer service, life sciences, engineering, accounting, luxury, retail, and marketing.

Switzerland, Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Ireland, and the Netherlands are among the areas covered by this company.

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10. Spherion

Spherion Staffing Services was one of the first recruitment agencies in the United States, having been established in 1946.

Education, administrative & clerical, accounting & finance, customer service, hospitality, and engineering & manufacturing are among the industries served by Spherion.

This recruiting firm also provides management services tailored to your company’s needs, such as on-site support, administrative chores, and so on.

Spherion Staffing Services is also one of the first recruitment agencies to gain a safety Standard of Excellence mark, showing that they are committed to putting candidates’ and clients’ health and safety first.

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11. Creative Circle

This is a corporation that provides hiring and consulting services in the United States and Canada. Digital marketing and creative hiring, managed services, and in-house studio development are some of their specialties.

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12. CNA International

CNA International IT Recruitment is a company that recruits people from all over the world.
It started as an international IT employment business founded in 2014, with remote recruitment agencies in countries such as the United Kingdom and Slovakia. Executive search and HR consultancy are two of their recruitment offerings.

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13. Capital Recruiters

Capital Recruiters is a Ukrainian IT recruitment agency that works with both domestic and international clients. IT recruiting, international IT recruitment, executive search, and dedicated team out staffing are some of their offerings.

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14. Uplers

Uplers is a global outsourcing agency that specializes in UI/UX, web development, digital marketing, SEO, email marketing, front-end development, marketing automation, Salesforce automation, HubSpot development, and programmatic advertising. They found it in 2012 and is currently one of the biggest and top recruitment agencies in the world.

Uplers have locations in the United States, Australia, the Netherlands, and India. Uplers is trusted by prominent brands and agencies around the world, including Oracle, Disney, Amazon, DHL, National Geographic, JXT, and others.

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15. Tiger Recruitment

This is a London-based human resources recruitment firm that was created in 2001. Tiger Recruitment is a team of experienced recruiters who work with companies of all sizes, with a focus on the financial and business services industries.

Tiger recruits for a variety of positions all across the world.

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According to our study, these are the top recruitment agencies in the world; however, there are more top recruitment agencies in the world that are not here. When you visit each of these recruitment companies’ websites, look at their about us pages to learn more about their specific methods of operation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can recruitment agencies help you?

Both companies and job seekers are communicated with via a recruitment agency. They find out what employment openings are available and who would be the greatest candidate to fill them. They help both candidates and clients. As a candidate, you will receive feedback on your application and suggestions on how to improve.

Who is the biggest recruitment agency in the world?

Randstad was the most profitable employment firm in the world in 2019. The hiring firm in the Netherlands recorded a total revenue of $24.3 billion US dollars. With 23.1 billion dollars in revenue in 2019, Addeco Group came in second.

What is the best sector to work in for recruitment? 

IT has been one of the fastest-growing job sectors in the US, with nine straight months of growth before reaching pre-pandemic levels in April.


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