15 Best Scorpio Careers In 2022 | Scorpio Jobs To Apply For

Scorpios are intelligent, intuitive, and determined individuals who are known for being curious to know how things work.

They are the ones who drive society forward which makes them very successful and fulfilled in any work that involves service to humanity. This is one of the reasons most Scorpios want to know what the best jobs for Scorpios are.

Scorpios are more hard-working than others and that’s why most careers that suit the Scorpio personality are not for the faint-hearted.

These careers require individuals who have a passion burning in them. In this article, you will learn not just about Scorpio’s personality, but also about the best jobs for Scorpio and the best Scorpio careers.

The Scorpio personality

The Scorpio personality is synonymous with passion. The Scorpios put a great amount of zeal into whatever they do include their work.

Also, these individuals are also known to possess a unique sense of loyalty, immense fear of failure, and a unique perspective too. This goes hand in hand with the best Scorpio careers and the best jobs for Scorpios. 

Scorpios tend to set themselves apart from the crowd, by the way, the work with motivation, and the types of jobs they do.

In addition, Scorpios are known for their confidence in their capabilities, persistence, tenacity, and a great sense of purpose as they seek to succeed in all they do at all costs.

Even though the Scorpios are known to be loyal, they hardly forget or forgive. They are also charming.

The Scorpio personality in the workplace

At the workplace, you can easily identify the Scorpios by their incredible focus, dedication, and drive to achieve to succeed. They never sleep on any opportunity to use their strengths and charisma to their advantage.

They effortlessly communicate well with others which makes them very good team players even though they like to do a majority of their work alone.

Due to this, in the specific Scorpio careers, they also prefer to be the ones in charge of their tasks and receive individual praise for any success achieved. 

The strengths of the Scorpio personality

Scorpios are strategic and curious which makes them capable of enjoying the challenge of facing and finding a way to navigate difficult problems, so if you are an employer looking for the best jobs for Scorpio employees, you should know this.

These individuals rarely accept defeat and will work until they achieve success in whatever they put their mind to. The Scorpios use their problems as their motivation to attain success in their careers

Also, Scorpio’s personality at work doesn’t flow well with colleagues that lack vision and motivation. They get easily frustrated when their colleagues don’t put their best into their work.

They are always curious to learn new things and pick up new challenges. Also, they do very well in analytical and detail-oriented tasks.

Although they enjoy new challenges and solving problems, Scorpios don’t thrive for long in careers that are wholly creative since they will always tend to lean towards careers that appeal to their methodical and analytical traits.

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15 Best Scorpio Careers

Here are some of the best Scorpio Jobs To Apply For:

#1. Engineer:

Engineering is one of the best Scorpio careers because it allows Scorpios to apply their analytical perspective to a physical setting. Engineers solve problems through proper analysis of systems and processes which requires curiosity.

Scorpios enjoy solving problems especially when the problems require them to showcase their methodical and logical skills.

Also, Scorpios like to make an impact, so working as an engineer to build infrastructure, machinery and buildings allow them to make a tangible positive impact in the world. Becoming an Engineer is one of the best jobs for Scorpio. 

#2. Surgeon/Medical Examiner:

Scorpios are capable of withstanding emotional pressure and confronting situations that others would find difficult to do so.

This is an important quality of surgeons as they have to be methodical and focused at any time in the theatre. This is the reason this is one of the best Scorpio careers. 

It is believed that Scorpios shield themselves with iron so that no one can affect them. This makes them able to withstand situations which intense emotional pressure.

A surgeon is one of the best Scorpio careers because it appeals to Scorpio’s needs to succeed and achieve goals. This makes them dedicated and focused and seeks to ensure multiple success in the theatre. This is ranked high as one of the best jobs for Scorpio. 

#3. Chemist:

The Scorpio’s scientific nature and love for analytical challenges are well aligned with a career as a chemist.

Chemists are known to be individuals who love to solve problems and strive to understand how things truly work.

This is one of the best Scorpio careers because since Scorpios are committed and focused individuals, they can endure and use mostly in the lab to progress their work.

Most times, chemists have to work on their own and this is one thing that appeals to the Scorpios.

In this situation, they feel they have total control over their elements and reactions, and that is why it is one of the best jobs for Scorpios.

#4. Pharmacist:

The Scorpios although enjoy human contact, like to spend time alone working on some important goal and this is exactly what they get to do as pharmacists. 

A career as a pharmacist is one of the best Scorpio careers because it is scientific and well regarded and it requires the type of focus and attention to detail. These are some of the traits the Scorpios excel at.

They also expect pharmacists to be excellent communicators because they have to make recommendations and ensure that patients know how to use their medication.

Scorpios are excellent at communication and enjoy using these skills to help people. Pharmacy is one of the best jobs for Scorpio. 

#5. Market analyst:

Market analysts are professionals who use research to understand what drives the actions of the consumer.

This kind of career requires individuals who are methodical in thinking and enjoy making reasonable predictions from the data. It is an ideal Scorpio career. 

Market analysts solve problems for their clients to maximize profits from the markets by predicting behavior.

Scorpios love challenges and solving problems that make an impact. That is why a career as a market analyst suits them well.

Also, Market analysts get to communicate with people and work independently to make their analyses and predictions, which makes it one of the ideal jobs for Scorpio.

#6. Researcher:

Researchers are known to be practical and analytical individuals. This makes it one of the best Scorpio jobs.

The Scorpios are attentive to details so they will enjoy a career that involves a careful examination of issues, collecting data, conducting analysis, and making valuable predictions.

A career as a researcher provides a setting where the work of a Scorpio can be applied to make a practical impact and the Scorpios find this to be so fulfilling.

Also, a career as a researcher will provide a Scorpio with the opportunity to be motivated throughout the research process and achieve important breakthroughs.

#7. Financial Advisor:

When it comes to coming up with excellent strategies, Scorpios are just good at it. This also means that Scorpios are good long-term planners who carefully consider future impacts and guard against potential issues.

Scorpios pay attention to details and have the stamina to sit and sort through financial records.

Also, since Scorpios like to achieve goals, they will easily set financial goals and work through the challenge of keeping to them or optimizing them in case of an unforeseen problem.

This gives them a sense of achievement and fulfillment. It is one of the best jobs for Scorpios. 

#8. Psychologist:

Psychology is a career that demands that the practitioner stays curious and approach and solve problems methodically.

Scorpios are fulfilled whenever they piece clues together, assess, and explore the potential impact they may have on a patient.

This career appeals to Scorpio’s inner desire to investigate and provides the opportunity to research and make a positive impact.

It proves to be one of the best Scorpio careers because Scorpios in this role tend to be very focused and professional.

#9. Detective:

A career as a detective appeals to almost every desire and skill of the Scorpios as it requires that an individual be curious to solve problems, work alone to plan the next moves and work together with other people to crack tough situations to unfold the truth.

Also, being a detective gives the Scorpios a sense of achievement after every successful milestone or mission.

Scorpios are dedicated and pay attention to details and therefore easily become leaders in this field and this is what makes it one of the easiest Scorpio careers to fit into. 

#10. Finance Auditor:

A career as an auditor requires that an individual pays great attention to detail, and has a long attention span. The Scorpios are dedicated and pay attention to details which makes them just the perfect fit for this role.

Also, Scorpios enjoy performing calculations and working with numbers. They love to work independently and tend to love careers that involve statistics which means that the Scorpio will be a perfect fit in a role as an auditor, accountant, or even an insurance broker.

#11. Mortician:

An interesting fact about Scorpios is the way they are easily fascinated by almost everything. This makes the mortician one of the best Scorpio careers because they tend to not be squeamish individuals.

They acknowledge the importance of honoring people who have passed and still maintaining good emotional balance. This is one of the best jobs for Scorpio to excel in. 

#12. Archaeologist:

Uncovering the past is more like an adventure to the Scorpios as they are curious about nature.

A great number of Scorpios also tend to love to learn about the history and how things fit together in a bigger picture which makes Archaeologist one of the best jobs for Scorpios.

Since they love to make an impact, they also love to go out and make discoveries that they can discuss or write about with friends, family, and even the public.

#13. Therapist:

Scorpios tend to not show a lot of compassion and this quality is useful when interacting with their patients as they can see the whole story from the description of their patients to other influencing factors. This way they can give valuable advice and assistance.

Though this role doesn’t require a lot of curiosity from an individual, each person is a unique entity with dozens of nuances that can be fascinating for the Scorpios. It is also one of the best jobs for Scorpio. 

#14. Continuity specialist:

The continuity specialist sits to watch and document every nuance noticed in the whole process of filmmaking.

This career requires an individual to be meticulous at the helm and pay great attention to details to make sure that the film is produced is free of errors.

Having to focus on a task and make sure that the result comes out great is what makes this one of the best jobs for Scorpios.

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#15. Test pilot:

Being a test pilot means that an individual needs to be ready to work under pressure, and be driven to explore and learn extreme flight and technology skills.

Scorpios possess exactly the traits needed to be successful in this career as they are exceptional learners and enjoy tackling problems that most people won’t like to do.

Once they’re up in the air, they are driven to do more, try new techniques, and make an impact. A test pilot is counted as one of the best Scorpio jobs because generally, Scorpios are excellent test pilots and safe ones too.

Being a test pilot is not just one of the best jobs for Scorpios, it is also one of the most rewarding Scorpio careers


Although horoscopes have no scientific backup and shouldn’t be the sole reason for making important decisions in life especially when it comes to career, it can be fun, thought-provoking, and insightful to look into them.

When it comes to career choice, it is just important that you consider your strengths.

Scorpios are unique and it is believed that most people who fall under this zodiac sign possess the traits and characteristics that help them to succeed in the various Scorpio jobs mentioned in this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is detective a good Scorpio career?

Yes, a career as a detective is one of the best Scorpio jobs as Scorpios love to use their curiosity and dedication to explore and find out things themselves.

What is the Scorpio career horoscope in 2022?

The horoscope in 2022 tells that Scorpio will be successful in his career because of his devotion, efforts, and hard work.

What is the best Scorpio career for a Scorpio woman?

Although there is no straight answer to this question, a career as a psychologist is perfect for a Scorpio woman.

Are Scorpios successful?

Yes, Scorpios tend to be successful in the various Scorpio careers mentioned in this article because of their ability to follow their passion, dedication, and hard work.

What is one hidden talent of the Scorpio?

A Scorpio is an excellent investigator. This way they tend to recognize people’s true nature before they start to reveal them.

Are Scorpios good in studies?

Yes, Scorpios tend to do well in their studies because they are determined to study hard.

Can Scorpios be good musicians?

Yes. Although music is not on the list of the best Scorpio careers, Scorpios’ ability to focus on something is great for music lessons and learning how to master musical instruments



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