15 Worst Libra Careers in 2022 | Libra Jobs to Avoid

Libras value consensus and can work well together if everyone contributes and remains equally. Libras, on the other hand, make excellent colleagues because they are tactful, kind, charming, and bring a sound business sense to their work.

When Libras sense injustice, problems can arise. However, you know that even though Libra makes excellent colleagues in the workplace, there are also some worst Libra careers that Libra tend to fail woefully in if they find themselves there.

In this article, you will learn about the Libra personality, what the Libra is like in the workplace, and most importantly, the worst Libra careers.

Who is a Libra

According to Astrologers, Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and it is represented by the Scales of justice. It is a cardinal air sign that is ruled by the planet Venus which controls love, harmony, and art. The Libra sign is often associated with justice, balance, beauty, and harmony.

People born between the 23rd of September and the 22nd of October identify with the Libra sign.

Libra is the only zodiac sign that is not represented by a living creature and it gives direct clue on how this set of individuals approach things in life.

What is the Libra personality at Work

Libras are interested in finding balance in every area of their lives. They are often mistaken to be indecisive, while they are weighing all the options they have trying to find balance.

Libras are perceived as non-confrontational since most times, they prefer to maintain peace and won’t risk spending their time on confrontation.

These individuals are also very interested in ideas and ideals that promote social order and point out injustice and inequities, which makes them essential in important cultural moments were questions like “what is justice?”, “who is fair?”, and “who is being left out” arise.

The Libras are also known for appreciating good design and art as they place a lot of importance on aesthetics and maintenance of beauty in their environment.

The Libra’s challenges

The Libras tend to burn out from decision fatigue as they always try to assess every pros and con of any situation. This shouldn’t be a weakness as they should be encouraged to trust their guts when they make decisions and move on quickly.

Also, the Libras can be so focused on helping others keep the peace that they forget to stand up for themselves. Libras must learn to actively communicate their frustrations and pain when they are hurt instead of ignoring them.

The Libra in the workplace

Libras desire careers that offer flexibility and career growth potential without a lot of stress. They are known for doing their best and finding time to rest or chill so they can maintain harmony in their lives.

Libras are known for avoiding confrontation as they prefer to handle every situation with a level head even when things go off balance.

They have a low tolerance for petty office drama and easily compromise so they can get things done. Libras get along with their coworkers because of their ability to compromise and their enthusiastic and charismatic personality easily makes them everyone’s favorite person at work.

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15 Worst Libra Careers

Here are some Libra careers they can avoid:

#1. Casting director:

Libras have problems with making decisions and letting go and because of that, a job as a casting director may not be ideal for them.

In this role, they would find it difficult to decide who should get a role because they can easily identify talent and also believe that everyone has potential.

This is one of the worst Libra careers as with time in this career, Libra may start to feel like they are crushing the dreams of others or denying people the opportunity to perform.

#2. Accountant:

The Libra love human interaction and a job like that of an accountant that can be isolating won’t be ideal for them.

They are not just built for sitting at a desk all day and working with numbers. Also, Libras will find it difficult to thrive in this career since it doesn’t involve much creativity.

#3. Mathematician:

Although Libras tend to be smart and do well at school, they won’t enjoy doing mathematics as a full-time job since there is little or no creativity involved.

To Libra, being a mathematician is just boring and unsatisfying. You can mention the worst Libra careers and not include mathematicians, they are not just cut out for this career.

#4. Personal trainer:

Trainers are expected to always come up with effective workouts. Libras are known to be people who are indecisive and always compromising to keep balance will always feel like they are going to inconvenience their clients.

This will make them resort to easier but less effective workouts and with time may be labeled as bad trainers.

#5. Data analyst:

A data analyst is a professional who constantly works with numbers and tries to make meaningful analyses and predictions with data at any given time.

Similar to a career as a mathematician or accountant, Libras find this work to be stressful and boring since it requires little to no creativity at all.

Due to their indecisive nature, they may also be guilty of making delayed decisions. Always having to work with numbers and trying to make useful analysis here make this role one of the worst Libra careers.

#6. Doctor:

Being a doctor just falls right into the list of worst Libra careers because doctors are expected to be able to think and act quickly, especially in emergencies that involve the life of a patient.

The Libras feel stressed out when they are expected to make accurate decisions with little time for contemplation, sometimes these serious need to be made within seconds to avoid the death of a patient.

#7. Police officer:

Police officers are tasked with risking their lives to protect the lives of the citizens. This means that they must be able to think and respond quickly in certain situations to protect the lives of the citizens.

Sometimes in the line of duty, they are left with no time to make accurate decisions and may resort to defending themselves. Libras don’t fit into this career at all.

#8. Firefighter:

When there is a fire outbreak in a building, firefighters risk their lives to rescue victims of the crisis to make sure they survive.

This puts them in a very critical position. In some situations, a firefighter’s vision may be limited because of the smoke in the building and he will have to think quickly to locate alternate routes to make sure that victims come out alive.

This job fits in perfectly into the list of worst Libra careers as because don’t like to be present in critical situations.

#9. Stockbroker:

Stockbrokers handle their client’s money in the unpredictable stock market. They work hard to see that the volatility of the market doesn’t make their clients lose money.

A career as a stockbroker is one of the worst Libra careers because most times stockbrokers find themselves in situations that require them to think and act quickly either to avoid losses or to make profits.

The stockbroker is a very demanding career and it is hectic for Libra too.

#10. Athlete:

To be a good athlete, one must be able to use his reflexes to react quickly during performances. In sports like soccer, boxing, basketball, or even volleyball, an athlete is required to think to make quick decisions.

The athlete always needs to evaluate the state of the game and predict the opponent’s next moves to win.

#11. Air traffic controllers:

A career as an air traffic controller involves monitoring aircraft within a given area. Air traffic controllers are always on the watch to alert pilots about any possible reasons for altering flight paths.

They are tasked to respond to emergencies at the airport also. It is one of the worst Libra careers because it is very demanding as Air traffic controllers always have to be on alert and make critical decisions when things go wrong at the airport.

#12. Emergency Medical Technicians and Paramedics:

These professionals are responsible for responding to crises and emergencies such as automobile accidents.

A career in this field involves being able to come up with quick and appropriate solutions to help sick patients who are sick or injured which makes it one of the worst Libra careers.

Libras often struggle in this career as they easily suffer from burnout.

#13. Psychiatrist technicians:

These technicians work in the mental health field and often carry out routine tasks such as keeping an eye on the patients and sometimes, they may lead group activities for patients.

Their job requires them to always be aware of what is going on around them and respond to events quickly to prevent a potential crisis.

Also, they respond to behavioral problems with patients. This career falls right into the list of worst Libra careers because it contrasts with the Libra’s nature of always maintaining balance and avoiding too much stress.

#14. Lawyers:

Although Libras are known to think through situations and make sound decisions, they also suffer burnout easily when they are constantly required to do.

A career as a lawyer may not be the best fit for the Libras because, they are always expected to prepare questions for the court, change the line of the question if new information is revealed or a witness contradicts prior testimony.

You just need to be ready to make quick decisions that are capable of making a significant impact on one’s life.

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#15. Pilots:

These professionals operate aircraft to transport people and goods from one location on the globe to another.

While flying in the air, pilots make take into consideration a lot of factors and are expected to be ready to make quick decisions if a problem may arise due to malfunction of the aircraft or environmental changes.

This fits into the list of worst Libra careers because a lot of pressure arises when things go wrong on the airplane and pilots need to make quick decisions that will ensure the safety of the people in the aircraft.


Libras have a unique approach to life where they always want to maintain balance and peace in their lives. They are also known for making accurate decisions when there is a need to although it may take them a significant amount of time to do so.

It is not surprising to find out that the worst Libra careers are those that require an individual to have quick decision-making skills. This is because Libras like to take their time to make decisions, they are not so good at making quick conclusions. 

Also, it is important to know that Libras can thrive in the worst Libra careers when they are provided with assistance and support from their colleagues to make decisions at in the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions

What career is bad for Libra?

Generally, the worst Libra careers are the ones that require them to make quick decisions most of the time.

What career is good for Libra?

Careers like that require excellent people skills and creativity like Human resources manager, counselor, interior designer, etc suits Libra well.

Do Libras succeed in their career?

Yes, Libras tend to be successful in careers that allow them to express their creativity.

What are the Libras’ weaknesses?

Libras’ weakness mostly lies in there in the nature to avoid conflict at any cost and putting themselves last most of the time.

Are Libras great leaders in their careers?

Yes, Libras tend to be great leaders in their careers because they are clear-minded and goal-oriented.

What is your hidden talent for Libra?

The hidden talent of the Libra includes being a match-maker and an interior designer. They are so good at arts and design.



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