Plane crash: FAAN debunks claims, says no plane crash-landed

The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN) has cleared the air on the alleged plane crash at Ikeja Airport, saying it is a fake news.

This was confirmed in the Tweet shared by the agency on Tuesday.

The Tweet  which was seen by Nairametrics, asked the general punlic to disregard the report, which went viral across social media platforms.

What FAAN is saying about the development

Ir tweeted, “The Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria would like to inform the general public to disregard the news making the rounds on social media about an alleged crash at Ikeja Airport.

“The aircraft was sold by the owner to a buyer, who was taking it to its final destination.
Thank You.”

LASEMA debunks report too

The Lagos State Emergency Agency (LASEMA) also debunked reports that a plane crash-landed in the Ikeja area.

The agency officials noted that “nothing of such happened.”

What you should know

There had been reports that a plane crash-landed in Ikeja, causing panic among road users on Tuesday evening.

Below is the footages of a plane that was circulated on social media:

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