How To Pass Speed Distance Time Interview

 Most times, speed distance time questions are used in technical positions whereby a person is required to carry out complicated calculations in a short period. These questions usually involve something moving at a constant speed. You will be given two of the three variables (speed, time, or distance) and will be required to calculate the third.

To become proficient at these questions, you’ll need to become very familiar with the times tables up to 12, as well as a variety of different patterns and formulas that will be explained in a more detailed form in this article.

It can be difficult to find the correct answer when calculating a question that has several different variables or is constructed in a way that considers different types of data, such as converting km and miles, and since it is an interview, you could get nervous and even lose track of the actual thing you are meant to find.

This article would guide you, showing you samples of speed distance time interview questions and answers, tips and of course, teaching you how easily you can scale through the speed distance time interview questions. Keep reading. 

What is a speed distance time interview?

Speed distance time interview is a form of numerical assessment that is used to measure your understanding of how the three variables (speed, distance, and time) relate to each other. This interview is crafted to test an individual’s ability to determine one variable that is unknown when only two are known.

Who uses speed distance time interview questions?

In the armed forces, individuals are often required to undertake a speed distance time test to examine the potential of those who wish to join the military. This is because Soldiers need to plan how long it will take them to travel a particular distance.

 In the aviation industry, Pilots are expected to be very good at calculating how long it will take to fly from a certain location to another while traveling at a certain speed.

Speed distance time interview  questions are not limited to the armed forces and aviation industry. They are often used in the interview process for roles that demand that an individual has sound technical ability.

What are the formulas used to solve speed distance time interview questions?

To ensure your success in a speed distance time interview, you have to understand the basic formulas that are used.

There are three basic formulas are used to solve speed distance time interview questions. Regardless of the type of question you are asked, you will often be provided with two variables and be asked to find the remaining unknown variable.

These three formulas used to solve speed distance time questions are:

Speed (s) = Distance (d) / Time (time):

This equation is used to calculate speed when both the distance and time variables are given.

Time (t) = Distance (d) / Speed (s):

This equation is used to calculate the time when the measures of distance and speed are given.

Distance (d) = Speed (s) * Time (t):

This equation is used to determine the distance of an object when the measures of speed and time are given.

What are distance-time graphs?

A distance-time graph is a special type of graph that is used to represent the speed of an object. You can analyze the speed, time, and distance of a moving object by drawing straight lines on a graph. This helps you to determine whether the object is stationary or in motion.

The slope of the graph represents the acceleration of the given object. The steeper the acceleration line, the faster an object is moving. A straight line horizontal graph indicates that the object is stationary. You need to fully understand it if you want to easily pass speed distance time interviews. 

 How to pass speed distance time interviews

Although there is no laid down path to pass speed distance time interviews, following some of the important tips will help you to ace any speed distance time interview you go through. These tips are recommended because they help you stay focused and prepared when the time for your interview comes.

Some tips you should follow to pass speed distance interviews are:

#1. Practice mental arithmetic, including your timetables.

This helps you to identify number relationships without wasting time and makes calculations much easier and quicker for you to perform. Memorizing the multiplication tables especially the 6 times table always turns out to be very useful in solving speed distance time interview questions. The 6 times table, relates to time (as in 60 minutes in 1 hour, 60 seconds in 1 minute) and will save you a lot of time when conversions are involved in a question.

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#2. Memorize speed distance time formulas. 

You must know that speed distance time questions always provide two variables and ask for the third unknown variable. With this in mind, all your need to do is figure out the variable that is being asked for and use the appropriate formula to solve for the correct answer. Memorizing the three basic formulas used in solving speed distance time interview questions will make calculations easier for you.

#3. Get comfortable with conversions. 

Some speed distance time interview questions will require you to convert units of time, speed, or distance. Sometimes you are asked to provide your answers in a specified unit, so you need to be able to convert these units with ease to get the correct answer.

#4. Focus on speed and accuracy in your calculations. 

Interviews always have a set time for candidates to solve questions given to them. This means that you are not only tested on accuracy but also on the time you take to arrive at the correct answer. This takes consistent practice because the more you work on sample speed distance time interview questions like the ones provided in this article, the quicker you will be able to identify what type of question is asked and perform the necessary calculations.

#5. Pay attention to detail. 

It is recommended that you thoroughly read questions before you answer them. This will help you to understand what is being asked in a question and how to do your calculations. You risk failure or losing some points in an interview if you miss a key part in a given question. Paying close attention to details when solving speed distance time interview questions requires you to understand the units your answer should be in.

#6. Use your calculator. 

Although some interviews prohibit the use of calculators, you must come with your calculator so you can use it if it is allowed. Using your calculator in a speed distance time interview will increase your calculation speed. Eventually, it will buy you more time so you can focus more on thinking about your solutions instead of spending more time on calculations.

#7. Avoid human error. 

You must take your time to make sure the figures you are using in your calculations are correct. You may have to refer back to the figures given in the question in case you missed a digit. Doing this when solving speed distance time interview questions may take a little bit of your time but it’s worth it because you won’t like a situation where a missing digit fetched you the wrong answer.

How can you practice for speed distance time interviews?

Understand the question. Read the question carefully to ensure that you fully comprehend what is being asked. Failure in comprehension, like failure in any other aptitude test, can have disastrous consequences. The more you practice these tests, the more you’ll realize how easy it is to be caught off guard by not reading the question carefully enough. This could include answering the question in hours and minutes instead of just minutes, or using the incorrect speed, distance, and time formula.

Bring along your own calculator. Bring your own calculator to the test if permitted; you will be more familiar with it, which could save you valuable seconds. These extra seconds can make all the difference over the course of the entire test.

Keep an eye out for human error. When calculating, read the numbers directly from the test paper or computer screen rather than any notes you’ve taken, as it’s easy to misread your writing or look at another answer from a different question.

Keep an eye on the time. Learn how to complete the questions in a timely manner. The speed, distance, and time test will require you to work quickly and accurately in order to answer each question with precision and skill.

Understand the formulas. Memorize the formulas needed to calculate the answers to each of the three types of questions.

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Speed distance time interview questions and answers

If you want to get better at an understanding of speed distance time interview questions and master different ways to solve them then you will need to get familiar with speed distance time questions. You need to practice them a lot to increase your efficiency in solving them.

 Below is a list of some speed distance time interview questions with their answers:

#1. In a flight of 600km, an aircraft was slowed down due to bad weather. Its average speed for the trip was reduced by 200 km/hr and the time of the flight increased by 30 minutes. What is the duration of the flight?
ANSWER: 1hour

#2. By traveling at 40km/h, John reaches his destination on time. He covered two-thirds of the total distance in one-third of the total time. What speed should John maintain for the remaining distance to reach his destination on time?
ANSWER: 20km/h

#3. Daniel covered a certain distance at some speed. He had moved 3 km/h faster, he would have taken 40mins less. If he had moved 2 km/h slower, he would have taken 40 minutes more. What is Daniel’s distance in km?
ANSWER: 40 km

#4. In a junior tennis match, Jane serves as an ace. If the ball served by Jane lands at 71ft from where it was served and took 0.5 seconds to do so, what was the speed of Jane’s serve in mph?
ANSWER: 96.82 mph

#5. What is Joy’s average speed in mph (miles per hour) if Joy travels 15 miles in 2 hours and 30 minutes?
ANSWER: 6 mph (miles per hour)

#6. If two vehicles travel from point X to point Y and vehicle A takes 1 hour and 10 minutes to arrive at point Y while vehicle B takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. How many mph faster did vehicle A travel?
ANSWER: 7.5 mph

#7. A Boeing-737  aircraft covers a certain distance at a speed of 240km/h in 5 hours. At what speed will it cover the same distance in 5/3 hours?
ANSWER: 720 km/h

#8. Anderson completed a journey in 10 hours. He travels the first half of the journey at the rate of 21 km/h and the second half at the rate of 24 km/h. What is the total distance Anderson traveled in km?
ANSWER: 224 km

#9. If Juliet runs at a speed of 30 km/h, how many seconds will it take her to cover a distance of 500m?
ANSWER: 60 secs

#10. Donald covered a distance of 800 m in 4 minutes 20 seconds while he was cycling, what was his speed in km/hr?
ANSWER: 11.05 km/h


Speed distance time interviews are known to be tough but it doesn’t mean that they are impossible to pass. These interviews aim to assess the technical ability of an individual and this means that for you to pass the speed distance time interview, you have to sharpen your technical ability.

 Sharpening your technical ability involves practicing a lot of these speed distance time questions. Consistent practice with speed distance time interview questions will make you familiar with the different types of speed distance time questions and the proper formulas that are used to solve them. The practice also helps you to memorize formulas used to solve these questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I focus on to be good at solving speed distance time interview questions?
To be good at solving speed distance time questions, you must memorize the three formulas that are used to solve these types of questions.

Are speed distance time interviews tough?
Yes, speed distance time interviews are tough but with a lot of practice you can pass them.

What mistakes should I avoid when speed distance time interview questions?
You should try to avoid not reading questions thoroughly to understand them, answers that are in the required units, and calculating with the wrong figures

Why practice speed distance time interview questions?
Speed distance time interview questions are used by the aviation industry and the military to evaluate the technical ability of candidates who intend to join them.

How do I solve speed distance time interviews questions?
To solve speed distance time questions, you will have to use the three basic formulas listed in this article.

Are speed distance time interview questions tricky?
Although some of the speed distance time interviews are straight to the point, some of them can be tricky as you may be required to do conversions before you arrive at the correct answer.



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