Predator Vs. Fearless, The battle of energy drinks in Nigeria

The beverage industry in Nigeria has seen the infiltration of several brands in the soft drinks, wine, energy drinks, etc. category. However, energy drinks especially are becoming more of a daily consumption pattern by Nigerians because they are designed to increase energy and mental performance.

The consumption of energy beverages is particularly more amongst the low-income earners residing in metropolitan cities where people would always need to rejuvenate themselves from the heat and the day’s work.

We can say there is a long and hard rivalry between two of the largest beverage companies in Nigeria, Nigeria Bottling Company (NBC) and Rite Foods Limited. The former has been the market a long time ago, while the other infiltrated the market more recently and has managed to have increased sales, performance, and acceptance.

These energy drinks that are most sought out in the Nigerian beverage market recently are Predator and Fearless energy drinks. Both are manufactured by NBC and Rite Foods Limited, respectively.

Predator Vs. Fearless: Which energy drink is better?

While Fearless Energy drink entered the beverage market in June 2017, NBC launched the Predator energy drink in June 2020. We will compare these substitutes in 5 different categories.

Liquid content 

  • First of all, examining their content, an energy drink is only an energy drink when it contains caffeine.
  • This helps stimulate the central nervous system, helping consumers feel more alert with an increased energy boost.
  • Considering this key content, Predator contains 0.03% caffeine content while Fearless contains almost the same amount of caffeine at 0.031%.
  • So, we can assume they both deliver the same degree of energy boost – A Tie!


  • Price is a critical factor in this comparison. Considering the prices of both commodities, Predator, which only started three years after Fearless launched into the market, offered lower prices compared to that of the competitor in order to gain market presence.
  • This is called pricing penetration in marketing, which is a marketing strategy used by businesses to attract customers to a new product or service by offering a lower price during its initial offering.
  • However, with the level of inflationary pressure in the Nigerian economy, a bottle of Predator currently sells for N250, the same as Fearless Energy Drink. We have a tie here again. However, it is safe to say that the pricing mechanism of Predator has given her a significant presence in the energy beverage industry.


  • In terms of size and quantity of the liquid for the two brands, Fearless Energy Drink is produced in a 50cl bottle, while Predator Energy Drink comes in a 40cl bottle.
  • Considering that they are currently sold at the same price, we could say Fearless provides more quantity to customers compared to Predator.
  • Hence, in this category, it will be fair to say Fearless takes the lead.


  • Rite Foods Limited, the makers of Fearless Energy Drink, recently launched a Fearless Red Berry energy drink flavour to meet the taste of customers who prefer to have a taste of fruit berry in their drink.
  • This has helped create a form of variety to meet the needs of some customers in need of a variant flavour.
  • On the other hand, NBC has retained the classic variant of Predator Energy Drink.
  • Fearless takes the lead once again with the diversification of its brand.

Marketing & Advertising

  • Advertising and sponsorship are key marketing strategies that companies use in gaining market presence and popularity. They also do so by signing ambassadorship deals with celebrities and other organizations of great repute.
  • Firms also sponsor events, shows, and competitions, in a bid to have their names in the sight of every viewer. Notably is the use of video content to advertise their products.
  • Looking through Rite Foods YouTube page, the company has heavily invested in different campaigns on their various product offerings, including Fearless.
  • The Energy drink has five episodes of adverts dedicated to promoting the product, with the likes of Kaffi, Tobi Bakre, and other celebrities featuring in these videos, and this has an average view of 39,000 views each, which suggests that Fearless Energy drink is quite popular.
  • However, Predator Energy drink has just three videos on its YouTube channel with barely 10,000 views altogether, featuring skit comedians Broda Shaggi, and Taaoma.
  • Fearless Energy Drink takes a clear lead in this category.


In conclusion, having considered these five categories, we can establish that both brands have gained significant market share via different marketing strategies.

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