20 Certification Programs that Lead to High-Paying Jobs

Everyone loves to be highly paid and get a substantial reward for work done. However, not everyone gets these kinds of jobs. Why? Because they are not skilled and certified to do these jobs. 

Now, there is a difference between being skilled and being certified. Having a skill means that you can do something, because of practice and honing your ability. 

However, being certified refers to a situation, when an organization’s institution acknowledges that you are skilled, after being trained professionally. It is like a recommendation, from another person, vouching for your skill and competence, because of passing through training, classes, etc. to get certified.

So, to get high-paying jobs nowadays, you cannot only rely on your skills, you need to search out certification programs that train you for better jobs.  

What are Certificate Programs?

Certificate programs are short-term programs individuals enroll in, to get trained and certified in a specific field. They are post-secondary programs, which are taken by individuals to brush up their skills and knowledge in a field of study.

Now, certificate programs could be in a specific topic or area of specialization. And some could be focused on a particular field of study. Certificate programs are usually flexible; they could be part-time or full-time. Nowadays, most certificate programs are usually taken online.

Certification programs can be enrolled in either after your secondary school education, or even when you work after your tertiary education. 

What are High-Paying Jobs?

High-paying jobs are jobs that are highly in demand in society, thus, they are highly paid and rewarded. Nowadays, tech-related jobs and other technical skills are highly paid, because of their tremendous demand, and because of the technicalities involved in them. 

Examples of high-paying jobs are web development, data science, artificial intelligence, content writing, petroleum engineering, marketing, product management, project management, UX/UI Designing, Robotics, etc. 

Benefits of Certificate Programs

Getting a certificate comes with a lot of benefits for your personal and professional life. The following are the benefits of getting a program certificate in your chosen field.

1. Pivot into a new field:

One benefit of getting into a certificate program is to enable you to pivot and enter a new field. If you are looking to move into a new sector, say the tech sector, enrolling for relevant certificate programs would go a long way in achieving a smooth transition. 

When you enroll in certificate programs, you are exposed to basic knowledge that helps you kick-start the alternative career path. 

2. Increase your knowledge and expertise: 

Another benefit of getting enrolled in certificate programs is to increase your knowledge in your field of study or profession. Certificate programs are short, but rich programs that enlighten you and increase your knowledge and expertise. 

As a student enrolled in a certificate program, you are exposed to new trends in your field of study and become up to date with relevant information, and insights. 

3. Bolster your credentials: 

Certificate programs also help to boost your credentials portfolio. Credentials are evidence of knowledge gained and hard work, and they also show that you have passed through certain training to get better as a profession. 

4. Give you an edge in the job market: 

A job market is a competitive place. Hence, you need something to give you an edge over other job seekers, and a program certificate would do just that for you.

Nowadays, many companies require you to present a program certificate, to find out if you are qualified for a job or not. 

5. Flexibility: 

Another enormous benefit of getting enrolled in a certificate program is that it takes a flexible pattern, in that you can take your classes online and work as you learn. 

Most certificate programs are also individual-paced, meaning that you can take your lesson at your convenience without needing to stick to a specific time to receive lectures. Certificate programs also offer you the chance to learn at your pace and go over past lessons, to get better clarification and understanding.

Cost of Getting these Certificates

The cost of enrolling in certificate programs differs based on the program and the institution offering the certification.

Some certification programs are usually free, depending on the course and institution. Others are given at subsidized rates, while some are paid for at standard prices.

How Long Does it take to Earn these Program Certificates?

The duration of time required to gain a program certificate depends on various factors. Factors, such as the program, the certificate, mode of learning and assessment, etc. 

The requirements for different certificate programs determine how fast their certificates can be acquired. Also, while some certificate programs are self-paced, others are group-paced, meaning that everyone carries out tasks and assessments, at the same time. 

Typically, certificate programs take a duration of about three months to two years of study.

High-paying Jobs You can Get with Certificate Programs

  • Systems Security 
  • Programming
  • Website Designing
  • Therapy
  • SEO Content Writer
  • UI/UX Designer
  • Product Management 
  • Project management
  • Marketing 
  • Data Science

Steps to Getting these Certificates

Getting a program certificate is straightforward. However, it depends on the program and the institution offering the course. The following steps can be taken to enroll and get a program certificate.

Decide on the program certificate that you are interested in acquiring. Afterward, enroll in it and take the lessons step by step. In most certification programs, mini-assessments are given after each module, this is important for step-by-step assessment.

Afterward, you would be required to take an exam to assess you fully based on what you have learned in the entire program. And when you pass the required cutoff for certification, your certificate would be awarded to you.

This could be sent to your email or downloaded immediately on the program’s website.

20 Certificates Programs that Lead to a High-paying Job in 2022

1. Certified Information Security Auditor(CISA): 

This certificate program is targeted at individuals in systems security. And it explores subjects such as assessing security vulnerabilities, reporting on compliance, etc.

It is most beneficial for individuals who are IT, project managers, IT security managers, compliance program managers, cybersecurity auditors, etc. 

To enroll in the program, you need to have at least five years of experience in IT, control security or assurance, etc. It is hosted by the IT professional association ISACA. It costs about $575 for members and $760 for non-members.


2. Certificate in Cloud Computing Strategy:

In this certificate course, one would be exposed to knowledge about various cloud service models, management tactics, etc

Also, you would learn the technical and business aspects of cloud computing adoption. You will also be able to create a business case and architectural design to use in supporting a cloud initiative, leveraging various skills.

The course is ideal for individuals working in IT operations or enterprise solutions, IT Consulting, business strategy analysis, etc.

It is a 6 month long course, which takes place fully online, with no physical class sessions involved.


3. Responsive Website Development and Design Specialization: 

This is a course focused on the intricacies of a responsive website and knowledge about design specialization.

In this certificate program, individuals would be exposed to knowledge on modern full-stack web development, APIs and animation, collaborative multi-user experience, etc.

Also, you would be required to create web pages with the use of control layout and style, use responsive design principles to take a site from wireframe to website, etc.

It contains five courses, alongside a Capstone project which would be done after completing the 5 courses.


4. UI/UX Prototyping: 

This course is in the UI/UX field, and it is focused on the basics of prototyping, which exposes you to how to prototype your design ideas and build a fascinating UX design

Prototyping entails designing a great user experience through testing out your ideas. And the course focuses on the basics of prototyping, various methods for analog prototyping, how to create a digital prototype, etc.

It is targeted at individuals, such as artists, designers, marketers, etc.


5. Graphic Design Masterclass by Udemy:

This certificate program is aimed at beginner-level, mid-level, and even advanced-level individuals, in the graphic design field. It is a wholesome course, which builds up from fundamental topics to advanced topics. Hence, there is something to learn for every graphic design professional.

The course explores topics on color, typography, layout theory, hierarchy, balance, etc. all of which come together to produce stunning designs.

Using graphic design tools such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, etc would be taught to enable students to use them in creating their designs.


6. Creative Writing Certification Course by Wesleyan:

This is a certificate course targeted at exposing students to the basics and core aspects of creative writing.

It expounds on how to write short-form, long-form content, and memoirs. One would also be exposed to how to write stories, develop characters for the story, craft a convincing storyline.

And at the end of the course, one would be required to write a brief examination, testing you on writing error-free content.


7. Certificate in SEO Content Writing: 

This course is targeted at individuals who want to delve into the Search Engine Optimization aspect of content writing.

It is a specialized course, targeted at helping individuals learn how to write search-engine friendly content, which would make them rank on Google.

This course would expose learners to topics, such as keyword research and usage, writing engaging content, meta tags, marketing trends, etc.


8. Online Certificate in Professional Interpretation and Translating: 

This course is targeted at bilingual or multilingual individuals, who are experts in speaking the English language and another language. It aims at people who want to get professional in interpreting and translating, to foster communication.

It is a 15-credit certification course, which can be gained in a year, going by an individual’s learning pace.


9. Graduate Certificate in Counselling (Contemporary Theory in Addictive Behaviour):

This course aims at helping counselors and individuals learn the intricacies of addictive behaviors and how to overcome such.

It exposes one to knowledge on concepts, such as theories of addiction treatment, intervention for substance-related and addiction disorders, etc.

It includes 4 core courses and 1 elective course.


10. American Sign Language Certificate:

In this certification program, students would be exposed to how to appropriately communicate with the American deaf community, by learning about their culture. The course would also help students grow expertise in the ASL for personal communication, professional relations with the deaf community, etc.

Concepts such as classifiers, fingerspelling, numbering, acting fundamentals, multicultural psychology, etc. would be taught.


11. Google IT Support Professional Certificate:

This certification is for individuals who want to learn the skills required for an entry-level job in IT support.

The course would expose you to concepts such as computer assembling, wireless networking, installing programs, customer service, troubleshooting, debugging, etc.

One would also learn how to use systems such as Linux, Domain Name System, Binary Code, etc. It is a 6 months’ course, with a certification awarded at the end.


12. IBM Data Analyst Professional Certification:

The Data analysis course by IBM exposes you to core principles about data analytics, as well as gives you hands-on experience in carrying out data analytics projects.

Learners would be exposed to python language for analyzing data, using Python Libraries, such as Numpy, etc. One would also be exposed to using Microsoft Excel, Data analysis, etc.

It takes approximately 11 months to complete this course, and one earns a shareable certificate on completion.


13. Professional Certificate Program in Real Estate Finance and Development:

This course exposes learners to the fundamental and advanced aspects of real estate finance, sustainable real estate, commercial real estate development, and global real estate markets.


14. Product Management Online Short Course by University of Cape Town:

This course explores the following topics: market sensing, product strategy and road map, product innovation, product development planning, go-to-market strategy, etc.

It is a fully online program that exposes you to in-depth knowledge about product management skills, which can be applied in various business disciplines.


15. Certificate in Project Management:

This project management course covers topics, such as introduction to project management, project management and project life cycle, project cost management, and project quality management 

It is a fully online program, which can be taken at an individual’s pace. It is free!


16. Certified Sales and Marketing Professional:

This course aims at introducing students to the basic and advanced concepts of marketing and sales, as well as their roles in business today.

Topics such as strategic marketing, internal and external analysis of marketing plan, leadership strategy, 

segmentation and target marketing, customer insight, customer acquisition strategy, etc. are explored.


17. Certificate in Investment Management:

This course exposes students to the differences between stocks, bonds, ETFs, private equity funds, hedge funds, etc. The basics of discounted cash flows, valuation techniques, etc. are also taught.

It is a seminar-style and instructor-led course, which can be either online or offline, in the physical classroom.


18. Wedding Planning Course:

This wedding planning course exposes you to the intricacies of planning a successful wedding event. It shows you how to pick your ideal client, answer their questions, turn their requests into reality, charge well for your services, etc.

Alongside, learning, you would also be paired with an expert wedding planner, who would be your mentor to guide you through. It is a thorough course, which would equip you for the wedding planning industry.


19. Professional Certificate in Computer Science and Mobile Apps:

This certification course explores a robust understanding of computer science and programming. Topics such as abstraction, algorithm, data structure, encapsulation, security, resource management, etc would be explored.

Students would also be taught how to develop mobile apps using JavaScript, React Native, JSX, etc.


20. The Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy Program:

This massage therapy certification course focuses on massages on the shoulder and thoracic region, the lumber-pelvic region, the lower extremities, etc.

It is a 450-hour extensive program, which equips you with in-depth knowledge to be able to differentiate between myofascial pain and dysfunction, instead of injury.

It is most suitable for massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors, nurses, athletic trainers, etc.



Many high-paying jobs nowadays require that you get additional certifications to prove your knowledge and expertise.

Thus, it is advisable to continually grow in knowledge about the trends in your field of study, to be up to date in insight.

The above certification programs would help you have an edge in any of the fields discussed above. Not only would they position you well for employment, but they would also expand your knowledge.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are certification programs?

Certificate programs are short-term programs individuals enroll in, to get trained and certified in a specific field.

What are high-paying jobs?

High-paying jobs are jobs that are highly in demand in society, thus, they are highly paid and rewarded.

What are the benefits of certification programs?

1. They can help you pivot into a new field

2. They increase your knowledge and expertise

3. They bolster your credentials 

4. They give you an edge in the job market

Cost of getting these program certificates

Some certification programs are usually free, depending on the course and institution. Others are given at subsidized rates, while some are paid for at standard prices.



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