How to Conduct Interview Makeup | Do’s and Don’t

While many people worry more about their dress code for an interview, they forget about the smaller details like their hair, deodorant, and makeup, which can otherwise mar a great interview performance.

While makeup can boost your appearance, if not properly done, it can quickly ruin your looks and performance.

Interview makeup can help boost your confidence and put forward your best qualities before your hiring manager. However, if it is poorly done, it can become distracting and send the wrong message. In some workplaces, subtle and attractive makeups form part of their dress code, while in other places staff members enjoy the freedom of self-expression with their makeup. 

No matter how best you choose to apply your makeup whether, at home or the office, there are a few tips you need to learn about how to conduct interview makeup that will help you appear more professional without affecting the conversation or distracting the interviewer. If you are preparing for an interview and wish to understand more about how to conduct interview makeup, keep reading till the end.

Conduct Interview Makeup—What do We Refer to as A Professional Makeup?

Professional makeup appears natural/subtle enough to improve your features without employing elements that distracting to the eyes. In the beauty and entertainment industry, different makeup can be professional. However, and for the sake of the interview, the standard professional look is the subtle/natural look.

How to Conduct Interview Makeup Dos

#1. Ensure That Your Makeup Blends with Your Skin Tone

The goal of interview makeup is to have your makeup blend with your skin and not stand out or pop. Remember that you aim to boost your physical features and not to irritate or draw unnecessary attention to yourself during the interview. The first step to a successful makeup that your interviewer will be impressed with starts with a proper skincare routine. 

A blemish and radiant skin will project your makeup better and make you appear very confident before your interviewer. Some of the daily basic skincare routines you should practice include:

The regular use of a cleansing face wash: Helps to clear your pores and get rid of blackheads that can make your skin appear rough. Regular use of cleansing face wash days before your interview will also help to get rid of excess oil from your face.

Use a nourishing moisturizer to keep your face moisturized: In professional makeup, healthy and moisturized skin forms the basis of the makeup. Therefore, a week before your interview, take some extra care to moisturize your face as part of your nighttime care routine. It is essential to ask your beautician for the right moisturizer for your skin type for the best result. When moisturizing the skin, pay close attention to the eyelids and areas under the eyes to reduce skin discoloration that can create the impression of tiredness during your interview.   

Protect your skin with sunscreen: there are creams specially planned with a sunscreen that can help protect your skin from sunburn. If you do not already have one, you should a good one to protect your skin from sunburn. Each skincare routine works in its way to improve the appearance of your skin before your interview and improve your skin health. Healthy and firm skin forms the perfect canvas for your interview makeup to stay on for a more natural look.

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#2. Stick to Neutral Colors When Applying Your Concealer and Foundation

the goal of using a natural foundation is to have it blend perfectly with your skin. You don’t want a foundation that will leave the interviewer questioning the amount of foundation you applied on your face. It is, therefore, best to go for shades that effortlessly blend with your skin color. Use a concealer under your eyes to make your face appear more confident and vibrant. When applying a concealer under the eyes, go for a shade that is slightly lighter than your foundation for the best result.

#3. Use A Primer to Help Your Makeup Last Longer

Applying a light primer on the face before your makeup will help the makeup stick and last a little longer throughout your interview. It can help to prevent your foundation from flaking and your eyeshadow from smearing.

The primer also creates an even foundation and provides a smooth surface for your makeup to stay on. It makes the skin appear natural and reduces the appearance of the pores. You can also experiment with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera or coconut oil to see how well they suit your skin.

#4. Go Subtle on the Blush

In blushes, you either go low or avoid using blushes at all. Picking the right color for your blush can be a significant improvement to how you conduct your interview makeup. However, the opposite is the case when it is not properly done. It is best to stick to subtle colors that compliment the other colors to avoid drawing too much attention to a single feature of your makeup.

#5. Eyeshadow Should Be Light and Neutral 

If proper care is not taken, eyeshadow can easily become overwhelming if you pick the wrong shades. Your makeup goal is to produce a natural look that enhances your existing features,

Therefore, a neutral matching shade is best for your eyebrows. Create a contour by using slightly darker shades on the outer corners of your eyelid. Blend the colors in with a medium shade that extends into the lightest shades in the inner corners of the eyes.

#6. Go for a Soft Lipstick Shade

Finish your interview makeup routine with matching lipstick. Choosing lipstick is not different from picking the right colors for both your makeup, blush, and eyeshadow. A lipstick that is

too dark or too bold is a no-go area for an interview. They can draw too much attention and be a major source of distraction to your interviewers. Therefore, it is best to stick to neutral colors.

How To Conduct Interview Makeup | Don’ts

Interview makeup is a great way to boost your appearance and impress your hiring manager. However, there are a few things that constitute interview makeup don’ts. Below are the things you should never do before an interview.

#1. Don’t Wear Fake Eyelashes

False eyelashes may look good and very attractive but they are certainly not for the interview. They can be great for office parties, company holidays, and weekend time out but not for interviews. You don’t want to attract too much attention while worrying about your false lashes at the same time. It is better to skip the false lashes and focus on the best performance at your interview.

#2. Don’t use Glaring Makeup Colors 

While makeup allows you to express both your inner self and your artistic nature, it is essential to understand the purpose of every makeup and follow accordingly. Therefore, a job interview

makeup should be treated as such—to show professionalism. While heavy colors, bold lips, and eyeshadows may be great for some events, when it comes to a job interview, it is a NO-NO.

#3. Don’t Apply a Lip Gloss Over Your Lipsticks

Lip gloss appears unprofessional, looks sticky and in most cases, it messes up a perfect job. Therefore, it is best to avoid glossy liquid and go for a matte or a satin finish instead. You don’t want to be dealing with messy lips halfway into your interview.

#4. Avoid Unconventional Eyeliners

Eyeliners can be a great addition to your makeup, yet, it can be a turn-off to many hiring managers if it is not properly done. In most cases, it is best to avoid the use of eyeliners.

Nonetheless, if you must use an eyeliner despite the tremendous risk involved, it is best to opt for a pencil eyeliner. The pencil liner defines the eyes while avoiding the noticeable cat-eye appearance of the liquid liner.  

#5. Avoid the Highlighter

Highlighters can complement makeup and many makeup enthusiasts have a collection of highlighters in their set. While they are great for every other event, they are certainly not the best for a job interview. In a professional setting, using any form of shinny or shimmery makeup can appear unprofessional or messy in worse-case scenarios. It is best to avoid the use of highlighters.

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#6. Avoid the Use of Excessive Cosmetics  

For professional makeup, applying too much any cosmetic, whether it’s foundation, eyeliner or eyeshadow can appear unsettling and present a false look. The purpose of makeup is to enhance your professional looks and so, wearing too much makeup can spoil the intention.


When preparing for an interview and thinking of the best interview makeup to wear, also consider styling your hair professionally for the occasion. A poor hair-do can mess up great makeup. Ensure to keep your hair well organized, neat and simple in a way that complements your makeup.

Interviews can be a nerve-wracking event for some people and so, to get rid of the possibility of destroying your makeup with sweat, use a loose powder over your foundation. It prevents your makeup from smudging and looking oily and helps your makeup to last longer. You can also consider finishing up your makeup with a setting spray.

Setting sprays are planned to help your makeup last longer. It can be a great addition to an interview and can help you maintain a significant look for long hours. Regardless of heat or the time, you spend during an interview; the setting spray can be a splendid companion.



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