Online Berke Assessment Preparation | Full Guide & Tips

Preparing for an online assessment test can be a little scary, especially when you have no idea how to go about it. Preparing without having a clear view of what you’re preparing for can also be tiring and that is why you should have an idea of what an online Berke assessment is all about. 

The Berke Assessment Tests was founded in 2004 by Martin Freedland and Kelly Land. They brought up the idea of personalized tests that will help various companies decide the perfect fit for their organization. The Berke assessment test is used by different companies today.

It’s no doubt that technology has made things a lot easier for companies seeking new employees, but in a way, it is difficult for those seeking employment. In the past, you can easily walk into a company looking for new workers with a high probability of getting the job, but now you’ll need to prepare for an assessment test. 

A lot of organizations want the best for their enterprise, and that is why they take special care in getting the perfect fit for the organization. Although not all companies get applicants to take an online Berke assessment test they still make use of other means to filter the best because getting the perfect fit will not only have a positive impact on the company but also on its mission and objective.

Hiring companies make use of the Berke test so they can get information from applicants through the result provided, a lengthy cover letter or resume won’t the company with this delicate information.

 Online Berke assessment test is primarily on the personality traits, logical and problem-solving skills, and intelligence of the candidate. The test help companies decide on the best candidate through the candidate’s aptitude on various levels.

The Berke test is commonly used in companies where there are large numbers of candidates applying, and if you are job hunting you might be required to take an online Berke test. You have nothing to be afraid of when discussing an online Berke test as this overview will give you an insight into Online Berke assessment Preparation, a Full Guide & Tips.

What is an online Berke assessment test?

As an individual actively seeking a job, you might need to take an online Berke assessment test in other to qualify for the job you’re hoping for. But is it a Berke assessment test?

Berke assessment test is a customized test that reveals a candidate’s performance, they are carefully designed according to the request of the company looking for employees. It makes use of psychometrics to create customized tests to measure your skills and abilities in different ways.

Berke assessment tests help to hire companies to determine which values are a perfect fit for their positions, then proceed to design tests that will draw an accurate conclusion for those unique skills.

Berke tests evaluate the personality traits, logical and problem-solving skills, and intelligence of the candidate, to provide the company with a complete assessment of the candidate’s adequacy for the job. It helps companies identify suitable matches throughout the hiring process by placing equal weight on the candidate’s experience and the recruiter’s needs.

The online Berke assessment test generally measures your capability to examine the information given to you and how you use your logical thinking and reasoning to conclude. It also measures how best you can work with a team when you’re given a group project, customer service, conflict resolution, communication, and other important details about you. The test specializes in your major abilities and motivations.

Why is the Berke assessment test important to companies?

Over a decade Berke assessment test has been accepted by lots of companies. Not only is the test accurate, it saves the hiring managers a lot of time, and also provides them with the best candidate that would be a great fit for the company. Although most people seeing jobs are not aware of the Berke test, and when they are requested to take one, they get scared sometimes. But Berke assessment test is an evaluation device that most companies use in other to measure your psychological functions, skills, and abilities in various ways.

How does Berke assessment test Work?

Berke test is a combination of personality, modular cognitive, and psychometrics to create custom-able tests to measure your skills and abilities in different ways. it is an online questionnaire used during the hiring process. 

The duration of the test can take from 10-60 minutes and the questions are usually from 10 and 60. when a company sends a request that you should take an assessment test, you need to start preparing for it and almost immediately after the screening Berke test, the company will receive a report showing where you stand with regards to the ideal range. Interview questions will likely arise from the Berke assessment. 

One thing you should note is that The Berke assessment test is usually customized regarding how the company wants it and this can make the duration longer or shorter than 10 minutes. 

Normally applicants will be made aware of the time for the test, and how it will go, and this will make the test much easier and also give applicants enough time to prepare ahead of the test.

What does the Berke assessment test measure?

Before you start preparing for the Berke assessment test you need to understand the various test sections available and exactly what they are trying to measure and this will help you understand what to prepare for. Berke test questions are related to cognitive skills, personality traits as well as logical problem-solving.

Here are a few test sections and what they measure:

#1. The Personality test

In a Berke assessment test, you will come across the personality section. The personality test helps companies to evaluate a few personal qualities of an applicant, it usually measures qualities like assertiveness, responsiveness, optimism, emotional intensity, structure and sociability, and social adaptability. The Berke test assesses your ability to express yourself in front of others, and other personalities that you won’t easily tell the interviewer. 

The seven personality test includes:

 #A. Assertiveness

The Berke assessment tests your assertive level to know how you handle a situation that seems to be out of your control. Everyone has different ways they handle a difficult situation, and the questions that will be asked in this section will give the hiring company an idea of how well you can handle a difficult scenario, how determined you are, and your attitude towards working will be revealed.

#B. Responsiveness

 Your response will be judged in this section, questions that will be asked will be based on how well you can respond to emergencies during work periods. It will assess your answers and confirm if you are the type that takes things slowly or someone who responds fast to situations. You must think of your answers carefully in this section.

#C. Optimism

The Berke assessment will measure how well you’re positive. It will assess how you react to news and difficult situations, and how well you can handle a difficult or fragile project.

#D. Emotional intensity

Your emotional intensity is evaluated by the answers that give to the questions given to you. The Berke test will assess your tenacity, resilience, and passion, while they ask questions that will determine how well you’ll be a perfect fit for the company. The test will note how you can remain logical during tough situations.

#E. Social adaptability

This section will question your team working abilities, it will check how high you rely on others for support, how you can make certain decisions on your own, and whether you are independent-minded and rarely consider other people’s opinions when making decisions.

#F. Structure 

This section will question how well you abide by rules, and how well you go through the right channels when working. It is mostly about your character in the office space and how passionate you are about working.

#G. Sociability

This section is usually about how well you can relate with other workers and also check whether you prefer working independently or alone.

#2. The Cognitive test

The Berke online assessment will measure your problem-solving traits by your ability and task preference. Berke’s cognitive test will measure your decision-making and logical thinking through logical questions. Your cognitive skills will be judged, cognitive skills like rapid problem solving, idea productivity, special visualization, vocabulary, and logical problem-solving. This will test your methodical and strategic when approaching a project, how well you can learn new concepts, and how well you handle situations with the reality around you.

The five Cognitive test includes:

#1. Rapid problem solving

This section of the test will measure your ability to solve problems quickly, and also check how intuitive you are, and how well you can handle long-term problems. It evaluates your level of tolerance, and how fast you can be when solving office-related issues. 

#2. Idea productivity

This section of the test will measure your intelligence and your ability to come up with relevant ideas that will help the company you’re applying to. 

#3. Special visualization

This section will measure your ability to manipulate, and visualize, how well you can work with three-dimensional figures and how fast you can provide solutions to spatial issues.

#4. Vocabulary

In this section, the test will measure how fast you adapt and understand new concepts/projects. It will also test your intelligence on you relate to new ideas.

#5. Logical problem solving

In this section, the test will measure how well you handle projects, your methods, techniques, strategies, and steps. Whether you rely solely on your intuition or work with facts and figures.

What to expect in on a Berke Assessment?

The Berke assessment test will be solely on your abilities and your psychological factors. The assessment test usually includes questions that cover personality traits, mental visualization, logical and problem-solving skills, and the intelligence of the candidate. To see how your problem-solving skills will help the company, the test questions will measure your problem-solving abilities. Depending on the role, they usually include hard skills assessments in the Berke assessment test. Hard skills like Microsoft Excel, typing, HTML, Weights/Measures, Cash Handling, and others.

Online Berke assessment Preparation | Full Guide & Tips

You can never be too careful with these tests, and you must be well prepared before attempting to take the online Berke assessment. They should well prepare this test for. Here are a few tips that work:

#1. make your research on the company:

Before attempting the Berke assessment test, you should make proper research on the company’s mission and objectives, as this will help you understand how best you can answer some of the questions that will be asked on the Berke assessment. Since the company will mostly customize the test, you should also consider making your research on the position you’re applying for, and this will help with your preparation and also encourage you to perform well.

 #2. avoid exaggeration

During the Berke test, you mustn’t exaggerate your answers. Usually, the questions are in an order such as (1)Strongly Agree, (2)agree, (3)neutral,(4) disagree, and (5)strongly disagree; you should avoid picking the extreme ends of an answer too many times because strongly agreeing or disagreeing too many questions can send the wrong message to the company such as not being honest or being overly dramatic. It is also important you don’t choose neutral options frequently too. And that is why you should take note of such questions, and think carefully before answering.

#3. practice ahead of the test date

Berke assessment might seem just like a personality test that companies use to measure your personality, but it is more than that. And that is why it is important to practice before attempting the test. Get yourself acquainted with the designs, style, structure, and content of the test.

#4. Always provide honest answers

Berke assessment test is simply for hiring companies to get to know more about you. And Just as preparing for the test is important, providing true and sincere answers is also crucial. This will help you remain consistent and focused if eventually you are called for an interview. When your answers are correct justifying the assessment report will be easy.

#5. avoid taking the test when you are stressed

Although it is important you take the test early but taking the test when you are not in a good state of mind will not only affect your answers but will also affect your overall performance. Avoid noisy environments when taking the Berke test and also avoid anything that would affect you negatively during the test time. 

#6. believe in yourself

It is normal to feel nervous before or during the test, but you must regain confidence through it all. The Berke assessment test is usually between 10-60 minutes, and if you believe in yourself you’ll feel more prepared even if you have no idea of what would happen during the assessment test.


What does the Online Berke test examine?

Berke assessment test is a customized test that reveals a candidate’s performance, they are carefully designed according to the request of the company looking for employees. 

How long is the Online Berke test?

The duration of the Online Berke assessment Test is 10 to 15 minutes

What can I expect from the Online Berke assessment?

The Berke test is not a pass or fail the test, rather it is an evaluation test to review your basic understanding.

Do I need to Practise for the online Berke assessment?

Yes. You need to practice for the test, so you can obtain the best score.

What is a good score on the Online Berke assessment?

To be considered for employment, you need to score at least 80% on the test.


Berke assessment is an intense online test that a lot of candidates seeking jobs have to take to get hired. This personality test allows the hiring managers to learn more about their candidates. 


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