Top 20 Bank Teller Interview Questions and Answers

Everything involving being a bank teller is simply the handling of both the financial and customer side of the day-to-day operations of the bank a candidate is applying to, which brings us to the mention of the day, which is “bank teller interview questions and answers”. 

This job position doesn’t sound like much but it’s not an easy catch as one would need to get prepared for this sort of interview as well. However, the position of bank teller doesn’t really require a load of previous experience.

The possibility of attaining the job position after the interview is high, even without working in the bank before. But it’s important that as a candidate, you go through the job description carefully to discover the exact qualities and skills the bank is looking for in their new bank teller. 

Continue reading this article as we will clearly state all you need to know about bank teller interview questions.

What Is A Bank Teller?

Typical bank tellers handle the everyday financial transactions for customers. These include money orders, money transfers, deposits, and withdrawals.

Qualities of a Bank Teller

Moreover, there are several qualities and skillset that a Bank Teller should exhibit. Below are some of these qualities demanded of them:

  • Organizational skills
  • Conflict resolution 
  • Communication skills 
  • Customer service experience 
  • Ability to count money quickly and accurately 
  • Be Humble 
  • Must be Positive e.t.c 

These skills are necessary for a smooth operation at the bank counters and a good reputation build-up for the banking system. How a bank treats their clients matter a lot. 

20 Bank Teller Interview Questions and Answers

#1. How would you make sales with a Customer making a deposit?

The employer wants to understand if the candidate can have off-topic conversations with the customers beyond just the regular. 


First of all, I would relay my authenticity. It is not only more effective but also keeps people at ease, especially when a new service is being offered. When I worked for an insurance firm a few years ago, my role involved showing customers the benefits of opening a membership account. 

Instead of using cunning moves to get the clients to sign up, I used my own experience with a membership so that I wasn’t deciding for the customers, but allowing them to decide for themselves.

As a bank teller, I would use this authentic and personal approach to show customers why they might want to take part in one of the products we offered. 

#2. Why the Interest In this role?

The employers are interested to know what prompted the interest in the role. Explain why the interest and the experience that you have so far? 


“I joined as a junior cashier in a government bank right after my academic years were over. I worked there for over two years and learned all the basics about the banking sector.

Furthermore, I have always paid attention to this sector of the business world as both my parents worked in this sector. Over the years, I grew my passion for accounts and banking. And that passion never left me.” 

#3. State the Roles a Bank Teller Play?

This question is asked to know how well the candidate knows the job he or she is applying for.  


State the major roles a bank teller plays. 

“The basic role of the bank teller is to handle the clients and their transactions. The job of a bank teller is to undergo seamless cash transfers, deposits, and withdrawals from the clients. 

Apart from that, converting cheque to cash, providing account services to the customers, and issuing saving accounts, salary accounts, pension processing, are also parts of the bank teller’s job.” 

#4. What were the problems faced in your last job position and how did you handle them?

This is a simple technique that is used to know how the candidate deals with problems. So, answer this question tactfully. 


“In my former job, I was a newbie who hardly figured my way out dealing with problems when they arise. On a certain day, I stumbled upon a client who passed me on a bunch of fake notes. Initially, I did accept the money with a skeptical mind as I assumed something fishy.

At first, I couldn’t say that something was wrong because of my inexperience but as soon as I double-checked the bunch of notes, I spotted a few fake notes.

I carefully handled the situation without taking the matter to the higher authority and politely told the man to collect the money back. He gave me a listening ear and left the bank without depositing the cash.” 

#5. Describe briefly your Experience

This question is asked in most interviews. Here your professional work experience is needed to be known. Mention how long you have been working in the field and which banks were served in the past.  


At a time, I had my internship at a commercial bank. After finishing my education, I joined as a junior cashier at the Guarantee trust bank.

I worked there for two and a half years and gained all the practical knowledge about how the banking sector works. I learned about the efficient ways to preserve public money and the critical aspects of handling them. 

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#6. What Kind Of Mindset And Strategies Are Required For This Role?

The employer wants to know how a bank teller should develop his/her mindset and strategies. So, explain how you got the right mindset and strategies. 


The basic strategy to excel in this field is concentration and hard work. Apart from that, a clear mind with a transparent knowledge of banking terms and conditions is another essential mindset for this role. 

7. What Barricades could be expected going forward in the job

This is a critical question. Here, the interviewer wants to know how open-minded you are about the possibilities of challenges lurking around the corner. So, before going for the interview do your research and make yourself knowledgeable about the company. 


“Honestly, every job comes with its challenges. I consider life as a game of chess, you either take the gamble or get maimed, I love to take risks and am ready to face anything hurled at me along the way. I love challenges.

So, as an employee of your esteemed organization that lives up to responsibility, I would do my best to face any challenge with confidence and conviction. I look forward to working here and finding out the big challenges to face.” 

#8. Describe Your Daily Routine As A Bank Teller.

This is for inquiries on candidates’ organization of skills and how he or they will schedule your daily routine. So, describe all the everyday duties you need to perform as a bank teller.  


As a bank teller, my first aim would be to gather all deposit slips from the desk and update them. Apart from that, I would tend to the customers in the queue, and perform the cash and cheque deposits, transactions, withdrawals, transfer of cash.

I would also take care of issues involving the ATM deposit, help customers to have their money, before leaving.” 

#9. Explain lessons learnt from times of failure?

This is another important question. The interviewer wants to know how much you can acknowledge your failures and how much was learned from them.

So, handle this question meticulously, mention an incident where you faced such a problem, but also try to focus on the positive side. 


“On my first job as a junior cashier, counting balance for the first time was new to me. In the field, I had never handled a large amount of public money before. I was making errors on the counter because of being nervous. Several times, I had lost count and came up with different results. 

Then, I calmed my nerves, took a deep breath, and started counting all over again and fortunately, it was the last time. If it wasn’t my first time, I would have been fired had it not been my first time. From that incident, I learned the virtue of concentration and patience.”

#10. Why should you be the Candidate for this position?

Credibility is being accessed. You are being questioned why they should hire you. All work experiences must be mentioned and focus on those points that will put you in a desirable position. 


“With over two years of experience as a junior cashier, I have learned the banking industry bits by bits. With several mistakes made in the past, I learned the virtue of patience, perseverance, focus, and persistence.

I have a fair amount of communication skills, and I’m fluent in customer service. Apart from such experiences, I am a keen aspirant in the banking and public sectors. I put my work ethics and discipline at the forefront.” 

#10. Why must you be the Candidate for this position?

Credibility is being accessed. You’re being questioned why they ought to rent you. All work experiences should be mentioned and concentrate on those points which will place you in a very fascinating position. 


Having two years of experience, I have learned the banking industry bits by bits. With many mistakes created within the past, I learned the virtue of patience, perseverance, focus, and persistence.

I have a good quantity of communication skills, and I’m fluent in client service. Aside from such experiences, I’m a keen aspirant within the banking and public sectors. I place my work ethics and discipline at the forefront.” 

#11. What’s your greatest achievement?

This is another common question among interview sessions. The querier needs to grasp your success stories throughout your skilled career. Mention that you think about your greatest action thus far in your job life. 


“During my previous job as a junior cashier, Information came in on the ban of a currency. I made actions out of my jurisdiction for the sake of the bank. Took matters into my hands to avoid any circulation of the banned currency and this saved the bank greatly.

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#12. As a Bank Teller, what is Your combat client Service?
The leader needs to grasp your thoughts on client service as a very important ability to amass


When a client arrives seeking to facilitate concerning bound problems, a bank teller ought to be ready to exercise patience and protection the shopper to his or her best possible.

The client may well be sad, however, the bank teller should handle matters with wisdom and sedately. While not sensible service, the shoppers would possibly leave.

#13. How Do You keep motivated In your work?
The leader wishes to grasp the method that you just use to stay motivated in your skilled career


My passion drives the American state daily to attain what I’m aiming at. However, not daily goes constant. throughout days once I feel an absence of motivation, I address videos and books regarding nice idols United Nations agency conquered the planet despite challenges. this can be wherever I derive motivation from.

#14. Are You Okay handling plenty of Money?

Handling large sums of cash is one of the main roles of a bank teller, therefore this question is asked by the querier to verify your credibility for the role. So, answer this question about the mistreatment of all the data and knowledge you gathered over the years. 


The fright behind handling large sums of cash should not even exist as it’s a part of my role. My former job has American state lined because it gave the American state all the expertise required to require on the duty.

#15. However, would you guarantee to own an associate lovable coping with a customer?

The querier needs to grasp your ability to shut a deal peacefully with a shopper.


During a contract sign language or settlement of deals with shoppers, the foremost vital issue is with success rendering demanded service to the shoppers on a heat note.

#16. How can you end an associate argument?

This is a tough question. The querier needs to grasp how effectively you’ll apply your problem-solving skills in an associate Intense state of affairs. So, mention the techniques you utilize to handle a crucial state of affairs with a real-life incident. 


“In my previous Job, A client came in with a criticism that the bank hadn’t given him his make the most full. He was furious, and his anger was excusable since it was a considerable quantity of cash. So, I detected his criticism and told him to settle down.

I even assured him despite what misreckoning had occurred, I might facilitate him out. Thankfully, the difficulty got resolved while not making to any extent further hurdles.” 

#17. Knowing most of your strengths, what is your weakness?

The leader needs to grasp your greatest weakness. But, tactfully handle this question and keep the spotlight on your strengths. 


“I am no mechanism, Fact. I’m not spontaneous, however, I prefer to arrange for my job before to avoid any lapses in my effectiveness. Also, I have a habit of specializing in minute details, which is very important for my work. However, my energy gets drained out owing to that.” 

#18. What does one deem Work Pressure and the way You Handle It?

The querier seeks to grasp your thoughts concerning work pressure and therefore the techniques you use to handle it. So, highlight your ways to cope-up with work pressure. 


“Being an expert for many years, I perceive the importance of labor pressure. However, in such things, I attempt to think about the work rather than panicking because it will cause black results. Since I practice meditation, it helps the American state to own a peaceful mind.” 

#19. Are you able to Multi-task?

The leader seeks to grasp what the candidate feels regarding multitasking because it can be available handy in time within the future. So, mention the importance of multitasking in your job role. 


“Multitasking is a vital ingredient behind a booming bank teller. With multitasking, I will enhance my productivity and incorporate additional work into my daily routine. It helps the American state to figure out many topics at the same time. I conjointly believe multitasking permits folks to remain motivated in their work.” 

#20. How can you recognize a Fake Currency?

This is another question that checks your credibility for this role. The hiring authority needs to grasp however you’ll confirm pretend money and cheques. So, mention all the techniques you use to spot pretend cash and cheques. 


It is not a mystery how of such deceitful people, identification of the encrypted image, the code worth of every note and its color code area unit some factors that facilitate catch such culprits.


The Job of a Bank Teller is all about being versed about one’s role, the traits he or she should possess, and awareness towards understanding human behavior to handle matters and situations that could hinder the smooth flow of the day-to-day activities of the bank.



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