Where to enjoy the best creamy pasta in Lagos

I remember the first day I ever told myself that I love food too much to not share my experience with the world, it was the day I visited Sabor Lagos and had the best creamy pasta in the world.

So sometimes I like to go on solo dates, just to treat myself good (lol… because we all deserve to be treated like Kings and Queens, we don’t have to wait for anyone to do that for us). I made it a part of my life years back and ever since then, it’s been very helpful (back to my story).

So on this fateful day, I was in a really bad mood and I decided to go to Sabor Lagos in Victoria Island, Lagos, because I had heard so much about this place and I definitely did not regret going.  So as usual I will be reviewing this restaurant in the following manner;

1. The Ambience: The ambience was a really warm, welcoming vibe. The interior of this restaurant is mainly wooden and there was a really lovely pipe design with bulbs going on, on the ceiling, I absolutely loved it, I also loved that the restaurant was not too crowded, I’m guessing it was because I went there during the week. The restaurant also has an outdoor spot, which has an African vibe/feel to it. You can sit, relax and smoke if you’d like to. Lastly, I love the music that was played that day. The music was really calming and it added to the warm vibe that the restaurant was giving. I will rate the ambience 8/10.

2. The Service: The service was really good, the waiters were really polite and friendly, and also very well trained. I could easily tell. Please note that you are supposed to book a reservation before going there and even though I did not book, I was allowed to walk in and the lady at the door, walked me in and ensured that I was seated comfortably. It took about 20  minutes for my meal to come, just like the waiter said and it was definitely worth the wait. I’ve been to Sabor twice and both times the service was great, so I’d rate them 9/10.

3. The food: This is my favourite part and trust me I’m not exaggerating when I say, their seafood scampi pasta is the best past I have ever had in the whole of Lagos. This pasta began my love for creamy pasta. The prawns in this pasta were gigantic. I loved the calamari and all the “orisirisi” inside the pasta, the pasta was so delicious. I love how I could taste all the beautiful flavours and there were so many beautiful sensations going on in my mouth, all at once. In fact, talking about this pasta right now is making me relive this experience. I also had a really nice strawberry daiquiri to go with it. I’ll rate the food 10/10.

4. Lastly, the pricing was very fair. It’s the same as the average Victoria Island pricing, the portions were large, and I had to take the rest of the pasta home, so it was definitely worth the price.

If you want to see a visual representation of this restaurant, I have a video on my YouTube channel. Please click the link below and don’t forget to support your girl by subscribing and dropping a comment that you’re from Nairametrics. Love you all, till next time again, it’s your girl “Sims”.

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YouTube Channel: Simi’s Corner


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