15 Best Babysitting Jobs for 13 Year Olds in 2022

Starting your first babysitting jobs for 13 year olds automatically makes you feel like you are adult enough. Why not… you are earning your own money, on your own terms, in your own time?

Developing bonds with the children you babysit, having tons of fun with them, and these kids looking up to you in life is an experience that cannot be compared to making perfect lattes or troubleshooting printer issues.

Childcare is a valuable life lesson that teaches you cooperation, quick thinking, problem-solving, and, most importantly, compassion.

These babysitting jobs for 13 year olds are ideal because they teach responsibility while also providing a good hourly wage. If you’re not sure what the best babysitting jobs for 13 year olds are, this article carefully breaks it down for you; also telling you the pros and cons of the babysitting jobs for 13 year olds.

So, let’s get started.

Why should you Pursue a Babysitting Job for 13 year olds?

Babysitting jobs are now the most lucrative temporary jobs for 13-year-olds. With most families consisting of working parents or parents who simply need some time to themselves, the demand for babysitters is higher than ever, resulting in higher pay.

However, the job is not easy; it necessitates a great deal of patience as well as a certain level of expertise in caregiving. It’s a good idea to start by weighing the pros and cons. Some of the advantages of babysitting jobs for 13 year olds are-

  • The hourly wage typically begins at $10, which is already higher than that of any comparable job (such as a cashier or a server). This pay varies according to experience, and can even reach $15-$17 per hour when you become skilled enough to be referred to as an expert caregiver!
  • If the children you’re babysitting are infants or simply sleepy during your visit, you might be able to put them to bed and spend some me-time while getting paid!
  • This job is far superior to any traditional “first job,” with plenty of time spent with children, a pleasant environment, and a welcoming family.

The disadvantages you should be aware of are as follows:

  • The job can be enjoyable at times, but it can also be difficult. Childcare isn’t always fun and games; it’s usually about cleaning up their mess and dealing with their hyperactivity.
  • If me-time doesn’t appeal to you, you’ll be bored for hours while the kids sleep.
  • Babysitting jobs aren’t always available when you need a little extra cash. Families only hire sitters when absolutely necessary.

Perks to Note when Considering Babysitting Jobs for 13 Years Olds

Babysitting appears simple on the surface because it involves children, but it requires a great deal of knowledge and skill to do it perfectly. Skills such as changing diapers, making snacks, basic bathroom hygiene, and so on can help you advance in the babysitting market.

You may also need to plan fun, kid-friendly activities to keep the children you’re sitting with entertained. Getting a babysitting job will be much easier if you already have these skills from previous experience or simply having a younger sibling. The perks that would make you stand out in the babysitting jobs for 13 year olds are-

1. Evaluate Yourself

Kids are all different, and you should know this before taking on babysitting jobs for 13-year-olds: some will be angels in disguise, while others will truly test your patience. It’s best to self-assess your tolerance level before engaging in anything you might not be able to handle. Use age-specific information to your advantage to plan activities that both you and the child will enjoy!

2. Unforeseen Circumstances

Accidents happen even in the most unlikely of circumstances, so it’s always a good idea to be prepared for anything. Acquire skills such as first aid knowledge, safety training, and pediatric CPR for unexpected situations where you can assist right away.

As a teen babysitter, you should also know how to assist a choking child, treat cuts and scrapes, and handle other mishaps. Furthermore, knowing who to call in an emergency is important information to have.

3. Charge a Fee for the Services You Provide

Before you set an hourly rate for your babysitting job, consider the following five factors: –

  • Experience: Set your rate between $10 and $20, depending on your experience. If you’re just starting out, inquire about other babysitters’ hourly rates and charges to get an idea of how much you should charge.
  • Wage minimum: Even if you’re a complete newcomer, your hourly rate should be higher than the minimum wage in your area.
  • Number of Children: An hourly rate of approximately $16.25 is charged for babysitting one child. At this rate, you can earn around $243 per day, depending on where you live and how many hours you work. The rate steadily rises as more children are born.
  • Special needs: When determining a rate, consider including children with special needs, such as providing medication or feeding them through a feeding tube, in addition to your base rate.
  • Transportation: If you’re going to babysit for a family who lives a long distance away, make sure to factor transportation costs into your hourly rate.

Types of Babysitters

The brand newcomer

This babysitter is new to the game. They may be a little younger than most, but they have a lot to offer, especially in terms of energy. They may be nervous, but they are generally well-intentioned and grateful for the opportunity. Most babysitting jobs for 13 year olds have the brand new comer.

Interesting older sibling

This sitter does everything that the kids can’t do with their parents. They may allow the kids to stay up an extra ten minutes for good behavior, but they are generally wonderful with children. They’ve probably got younger siblings at home, so they’re familiar with the game and are prepared for anything. They are popular among children.

The comfortable potato

This sitter does exactly what you’d expect: they sit on the couch, eat all the snacks, and seem uninterested in babysitting. They’re unconcerned about the kids and probably let them do whatever they want as long as they leave the sitter alone.

The Mary Poppins

The Mary Poppins are essentially pure magic. They have a plethora of activities to keep kids entertained, and they never fail to get them cleaned up at the end of the day. Each and every time.

They enjoy entertaining the children with a variety of activities ranging from songs to books to science experiments. And what about quiet time? It’s a piece of cake for this sitter. They’ve seen it all, done it all, and clearly enjoy every minute of it.

The Professional

This babysitter has it all. They’ve most likely been doing this for years, and they’ve undoubtedly completed all of the available babysitting courses. They’re professional, polite, and can probably teach the kids a thing or two while they’re there. They keep the children in line without ever appearing harsh. They’re the type of sitter who is constantly in demand.

15 Best Babysitting Jobs for 13 year olds in 2022

#1. The Remote Babysitter

One of the best babysitting hobs for 13 year olds is the remote babysitter. Some may wonder, what exactly is remote babysitting. It is a new type of babysitting made possible by modern technology.

Remote babysitting, also known as virtual childcare, is the use of a video calling app such as Skype or FaceTime to entertain, look after, or care for a child from a distance. Many parents are now working from home and require some peace and quiet to complete their daily work tasks. This is where a remote babysitter comes in handy.

#2. On-call babysitters or occasional babysitters

The most common type of babysitting jobs for 13 year olds is the occasional or on-call babysitter. Parents who require a babysitter on an irregular basis often hire a more flexible babysitter who can work around their hectic schedule. Babysitters are usually needed for unplanned events such as overtime at work or a spontaneous date night.

This type of babysitter does not work set days or hours, but is willing to accept work on a weekly basis based on the needs of the parents. Babysitting on a flexible basis is ideal for people who want to babysit as a part-time job!

#3. The “Permanent” Babysitter

The “permanent” babysitter is another popular type of babysitting jobs for 13 year olds. A permanent babysitter is one who babysits on the same day, around the same time, every week or month. This could be because the parent has a date night, a workout, or needs to work a night shift.

This type of babysitter can be a full-time babysitter, one who works regular hours to coincide with the parent’s regular business hours, or an occasional babysitter who babysits on a long-term basis at consistently similar times.

#4. The after-school babysitter

Many parents must work full days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., despite the fact that their children leave school earlier. In this case, the after-school babysitter would come pick up the children from school, bring them home, and supervise the children until their parents returned home from work. Depending on the type of job the parents have and whether they need to work irregular hours, after-school babysitting can also extend into evening babysitting. It is one of the most common and best babysitting jobs for 13 year olds.

#5. The babysitter for the evening

An evening babysitter looks after the children during the evening – it’s a fairly simple job that usually starts after 6 p.m. and lasts until the parent returns. It is one of the convenient babysitting jobs for 13 year olds. It is also possible that the parent will ask the babysitter if they want to or can cook for the children, prepare the children for and/or tuck them into bed. This can be a valuable babysitter for parents who need to work late into the evening or for those who want to see friends or go on a date. Evening babysitting can also be a very profitable option for babysitters who have other responsibilities during the day.

#6. The Night Babysitter

This is one of the rare babysitting jobs for 13 year olds, but it is most suitable during the weekends or holidays. The night babysitter is a newer phenomenon, but more and more parents are starting to use them on occasion. Parents frequently have little sleep, especially when their children are newborns.

They may require an extra night’s sleep if they have had so little sleep. Night-time babysitters can be extremely useful in these situations. The babysitter stays in the house while the parent sleeps. If the baby wakes up in this case, the parent does not need to get out of bed because the babysitter will care for the baby throughout the night.

#7. The Overnight Babysitter

This type of babysitting may also include “overnight babysitters,” in which the babysitter stays at the parent’s house and watches the child overnight, or it may simply include watching the child later in the evening or night, for example, to watch a late movie.

Always inquire with the parents prior to arrival if they require overnight assistance, as it is critical to arrive prepared with pajamas and a change of clothes.

#8. Weekday Babysitter

A weekday babysitter only works on weekdays, which are Monday through Friday. This type of babysitter is usually unavailable on weekends. Parents who only require a babysitter during the week, such as while they are at work, can hire a weekday babysitter.

#9. Weekend Babysitter

The weekend babysitter works the opposite shift as the weekday babysitter, only working on weekends. This can happen during the day or at night. On Saturdays and Sundays, the weekend babysitter is usually available. It is one of the most popular babysitting jobs for 13 year olds.

#10. The Bride’s Babysitter

Many brides and grooms are concerned about inviting children to their wedding. Children can be a lot of fun and add to the wedding celebration, but you don’t want the wedding to be disrupted by, say, a crying baby.

This is why many parents hire a babysitter for their wedding reception. The babysitter can keep an eye on the kids during the ceremony, play games, and so on. As a result, the couple and their guests can fully enjoy the ceremony without having to worry about the safety of the guests. This babysitting job for 13 year olds is fun and very easy to do.

#11. Babysitter for a children’s party

A babysitter at a children’s party is more common than you might think. When parents throw a kid’s party for all of their children’s classmates, it can quickly become very crowded!

Many parents find it convenient to have a babysitter watch their children while they are busy preparing the next activity or preparing snacks, or even socializing with other parents. This is one of the best babysitting jobs for 13 year olds because they could have so much fun while working.

#12. Babysitter for the summer

A summer babysitter is a babysitter who works only during the summer months. This could be for a variety of reasons, such as when the babysitter is on vacation from school.

This can be very useful as a potential side job or part-time job for students in high school or university, as well as for parents who have to work and cannot necessarily care for their children during all hours of the day when they are on vacation from school. Summer babysitting jobs are becoming more common in this way.

#13. School Babysitter

This is another popular babysitting job for 13 year olds. The babysitter has to go to the same school as your child. They are mostly responsible for taking your child to school and bringing them back. They may also be charged with looking out for the child until you are back from work.

#14. Tutor Babysitter

13 year olds are smart, and there is quite a lot they can teach your child. A tutor babysitter is one of the most common babysitting jobs for 13 year olds. They watch your child and also help them with their homework and school work in general. They could help your kids understand any part of school work they find difficult.

#15. Holiday Babysitter

This is another common babysitting jobs for 13 year olds. During the holidays, parents are at work, and they need their children to be watched. A holiday babysitter is one of the best babysitting jobs for 13 year olds.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should my babysitting fee be?

The average hourly rate for a babysitter varies depending on where you live; for example, in some US cities, the minimum hourly rate can be as high as $16.75, while in others, it can be as low as $11.25. This rate is also affected by the number of children you are caring for, special occasions, special needs of the children, additional housework, and your level of expertise in the job.

What are the job duties of a babysitter?

Assuring the child’s safety. Making snacks or meals for the children. Assisting them with schoolwork, laundry, or light housekeeping. Making up games for the kids and playing with them. Bathing and dressing the children. Putting the kids to bed for a good night’s sleep.

How to increase your earnings as a babysitter?

Learn how to negotiate a good per-hour rate up front. Increase your rate with your regular employer family. Getting trained and certified in a variety of caregiving skills will allow you to charge a higher rate. Always be available to work on high-demand days such as Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve, and so on.

What is the youngest age for babysitting?

Around the age of 11 or 12, children can begin babysitting siblings for short periods of time. Begin by leaving them for short periods of time and gradually increase it as they demonstrate their trustworthiness. You should not leave them alone overnight until your oldest child is at least 16 years old.

What should I bring with me to babysit?

The following are the top ten items to bring to a babysitting job:

  • First-Aid Kit on Wheels
  • Games, puzzles, and books for children.
  • Basic Craft Materials.
  • Sanitizer for the hands.
  • A notebook and a pen
  • Tissues and wet wipes
  • List of Emergency Contacts
  • Your mobile phone.


Although working babysitting jobs for 13 year olds for extra cash sounds appealing as a teenager, nothing beats a little planning before you fully commit to it and begin working your part-time job seriously.

When it comes to babysitting jobs for 13 year olds, a certification in childcare, first aid, CPR, or a few months of prior experience (even if it’s just your next-door neighbor’s kid) is always a winning factor that can keep you two steps ahead of other candidates. Who knows, maybe you’ll enjoy your time as a babysitter so much that you’ll want to be a part of the caregiving family when you grow up.



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