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Birkman test is one of the most used assessment tests by companies looking for new employees that are suitable for the position. Although the test can be used for a personal purpose.

 They build the Birkman personality test on an empirical personality type model. Created by Dr. Roger Birkman who was a psychologist, the test has become widely known by various organizations. The test is not a pass or fail type of assessment test; it is designed to evaluate the person taking the test on levels like; their expectations, needs, interests, behavior, and preference. 

Although it is mostly used by organizations, it can also be used individually. The test is one of the highly used personality tests which was mostly about Dr. Birkman’s observations about business and the military, his life events, academic studies in psychology, and goals that would help individuals become the best version of themselves.

 For more than 66 years, the Birkman international has developed various refined devices to make the assessment test more valid and accurate. The test has helped produce more positive behaviors from the individuals that have taken the test at one point in their life. It also helps to detect our basic needs and the things that motivate us.

Dr. Roger Birkman (1919 – 2014) was an organizational psychologist, whose research has positively helped the world. Through his personality testing and organizational assessments, many companies have found suitable candidates for their company, and individuals have been able to discover themselves. The purpose of this overview is to give insight into what is a Birkman personality test, the tips, and how you can prepare for this test.

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What are Birkman Personality Test and its history?

Dr. Roger Birkman created the Birkman personality test. The test was a result of his life events, childhood experiences, and all that he experienced when fighting in the second world war. During these periods he developed an interest in understanding the personality differences in people and how they affected our day-to-day activities. 

The Birkman personality test was created in 1951 by Dr. Roger. as a psychologist, he took note of his surroundings, how to differ humans in terms of personality, and why certain people respond to things the way they do. 

His test of social comprehension (also known as the Birkman Method®) has helped thousands of companies in the world today, and every individual that has taken the test. 

The test was created as a tool to assess human behaviors, motivations, and perceptions.

“The reality of life is that your perceptions–right or wrong–influence everything else you do. When you get a proper perspective of your perceptions, you may be surprised how many other things fall into place.” – Dr. Roger Birkman.

“Impressive scientific advances have been made in every field of endeavor. But nowhere seemingly is there a greater challenge to the creativity and ingenuity of man than that which personality measurement presents.” Dr. Roger Birkman.

The Birkman personality test also known as the ultimate self-assessment is the leading personality test often used by major companies to find fitting candidates for their company. The test is not created to be complex or difficult, it focuses on assessing a candidate’s interests, behavior, needs, and preferences.

Birkman assessment test is an online personality, social perception, and occupational interest assessment test. It makes use of 11 scales to describe a candidate’s needs or expectations, and the effective behaviors of the test taker.

How does the Birkman personality test work?

The Birkman personality test is designed to evaluate an individual’s interest, preference, and behavior. The test is not created to measure your level of personal knowledge and that is why it is not a pass or fail kind of test, it is a personality test used by organizations on their employees and new applicants.

The duration of the Birkman personality test is usually 30 minutes although this might vary from company to company, the test format is in form of a questionnaire that consists of 298 questions, 250 true-false, and 48 multiple-choice. The test is available in over 20 languages which include American English, Spanish, French, and more.

The Birkman personality test provides coverage of an individual’s interests, needs, preferences, and behaviors. The test embodies relevant questions about the psychological behavior, career interests, motivational factors, concept of self, and stress behavior of the test taker.

 The Birkman test is the ultimate self-assessment test. The test has undergone several revisions to make it accurate and reliable for companies to make use of.

As a candidate preparing for the Birkman personality test, you should know that the test has a total of 250 questionnaires. And they are divided into two parts equally. 

The first part includes True/False questions about the concept of self, while the second part is True/False questions about most people.

The first part of the questionnaire which is the concept of self questions will focus more on your underlying motivations, your expectations, your day-to-day interpersonal style, and how you respond when stressed.

In the second part of the test, the questionnaire will ask test-takers a total of 48 multiple choice questions about occupational job preferences and their interests.

What are the Birkman personality test colors?

The Birkman personality test is designed to help you place yourself into one of the four colors. The colors in the test stand for a different normal style of behavior. 

Here is a list of colors available in a Birkman test:

#1. Red:

the red color in the Birkman personality test signifies that the test taker likes practical results, is action-oriented, and is also good at crisis management. This color also means that the individual is action-filled and good at making certain decisions that some might consider risky.

 If you’re on the red color level it means that you can handle difficult and sticky situations, you’re very decisive, and you prefer results.

The downside of being red is that such individuals get easily offended, they can be aggressive when they don’t achieve the result they needed, they can be impatience about things generally, and they are often stubborn.

#2. Green:

the green color in the Birkman personality test signifies that the test taker can communicate some might considered risky. They enjoy communicating with other people. They prefer career paths like telemarketing, sales, teaching, advertising, and other related jobs. 

If you’re on the green color level it means that you can communicate easily with strangers and you are not afraid of a large crowd. The green color represents the flexibility of the individual. They are often approachable and friendly.

The stress behavior of green color is that such individuals are often unfocused and also prefer arguments than accepting defeats.

#3. Blue:

the blue color in the Birkman personality test signifies that the test taker is creative and innovative with new ideas. They are often the developer or designers of new projects. They enjoy career paths that will have them coming up with new ideas.

If you’re on the blue color level it means that you enjoy your creativity. What most people will consider as unfixable, you always find ways around it to make it work. These personalities are creative, good planners, sensitive to new information, and critical thinkers.

The downside of being on the blue chart is that they are indecisive and they also need constant motivation.

#4. Yellow:

the yellow color in the Birkman personality test indicates that the test taker prefers a system, order, and procedure, they don’t enjoy change. They love it when there is an order to their day-to-day activities. A career change for them would sound like a terrible idea. They enjoy working with figures, rules and also making progress

 If you’re on the yellow color level it means that you enjoy consistency in everything you do. They are loyal, follow an order, and are properly organized

The downside of being on the yellow chart is that they are overly cautious of their surroundings, rigid, and dislike the word “change.”

What do the Birkman Personality Symbol Keys stand for?

The Birkman personality symbol keys represent various things. Which are:

#1. The asterisk (*)- Interests:

The asterisk represents your interests. Meaning the things you enjoy doing and things that motivate your interests. 

#2. the diamond(◊)- behavior: 

The diamond symbol visualizes your behavior. Meaning the things you do on norms, your strengths, and weaknesses.

#3. the circle (○) -Needs:

The circle symbol represents your needs and preferences. This will explain more about what your needs are.

#4. The square (□)- Stress behavior:

The square symbols portray your stress behaviors. This explains more about your behavior when certain necessity is not in order.

How is the Birkman personality Test scored and presented?

The Birkman personality test score is available in over 40 different report styles. The test consists of 298 questions, 250 true-false, and 48 multiple-choice. Once the test is completed, results are available immediately. 

This is not a pass or fail type of test, the test result will be translated into a four-quadrant report which are motivation, Self-Perception, Social Perception, and Mindset. From these four groups, you will know your personality type and the type of job that suit your personality. Your high scores will signify things you enjoy doing and low scores will indicate things you don’t like.

How Does the Birkman personality test Assess Personality?

The Birkman personality test is designed to assess an individual on various levels, as this will help the test takers understand what they are lacking and how they can get better. The test consists of behavioral qualities like motivation, self-perception, social perception, and mindset.

#1. Motivation:

This section in the Birkman test is centralized on your interests, and how they are related to your preferences. Knowing what motivates your interests will help increase your job satisfaction and also help improve your performance on various levels.

Motivation is what drives your interest and what are the factors that keep you motivated. The Birkman test will evaluate your interests and passion to determine what motivates you. This section is an important section that will help individuals discover what motivates them in their careers.

#2. Self-Perception:

This section in the Birkman test is centralized on your personality and how you view yourself. The purpose of this section is to help you discover your strength and weaknesses. Understanding what can make or break you will help understand how to deal with your weaknesses, and also understand how they affect your behavior at work.

 The questions that would be asked in the section will be centralized on evaluating your contributions, task management, and your relationships generally.

Self-perception is measured through questions relating to relationships, social contribution, and task management. Self-perception will show you how you see yourself from your view.

#3. Social Perception

This section in the Birkman test is centralized on how you view the world around you. The purpose of this section is to measure how comfortable you are in your current situation. The test questions that will be asked in this section will be focused on your needs, how feel about the place you are and how you would act or react if you are to move from there.

#4. Mindset

This section in the Birkman test is centralized on your beliefs. The Birkman test will assess your interpersonal, beliefs, how they influence your view, and how you react to them.

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How can I prepare for the Birkman Personality Test?

The first you need to keep in mind before the test is that the test is created to help you know yourself on a different level. Although companies make use of the Birkman method test to understand how well a candidate will be suitable for their company. 

These few tips on how to prepare for the Birkman personality test will help you through the test:

#1. make your findings of the company:

Making your finding of the company and the role will help you achieve the best result in the test. The Birkman test is created to help you and it is not a pass or fails kind of test. 

So you have nothing to be scared of, but companies looking for employees usually have a type of trait they require. And that is why you need to understand what the company wants and what your role will be ahead of the test. 

#2. Always practice:

One of the best ways to prepare for the Birkman personality test is to practice with other free dummy personality tests. Doing this will help you understand your weaknesses and also help you prepare for the actual test.

The Birkman test isn’t a complicated test that you will have to spend hours on studying the sample questions, but knowing the kind of questions that will likely appear will help you do better on the test.

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#3. Answer honestly and professionally:

Nothing beats honest answers. Staying honest and professional during any personality test will not only help the company know you better, but it will also help you know more about yourself. 

The Birkman personality test is a professional test used by companies to know an applicant on a personal and work level, and that is why you need to give professional answers that will help the company know you well.

#4. Read the questions properly:

The Birkman test is designed to evaluate you on different levels. With each section, endeavor to read the questions properly. some companies usually give more time to candidates during the test. Reading the questions carefully will help you provide accurate answers.

 #4. be Consistent with your answers:

Avoid giving wrong answers. The test questions might be much but they follow an order where the system can figure out if some of your answers have not been honest enough and this can be bad for the role you are applying for. don’t contradict yourself with your response to each question.

 #5. Trust your guts:

Some of the questions are created to seem complicated. this is why you need to read the questions carefully and always trust your guts. don’t overthink your response to a question, answer honestly.


Q1: What does the Birkman personality test focus on?

Answer: the Birkman test is designed to evaluate the person taking the test on levels like; their expectations, needs, interests, behavior, and preference. 

Q2: What is the main purpose of the Birkman personality test?

Answer: it is a device most organizations make use of to assess a candidate’s behaviors, motivations, and perceptions.

Q3: is the Birkman test a pass or fail the test?

Answer: no. It is not.

Q4: Do I need to practice for the Birkman personality test?

Answer: Yes. You need to practice for the test.

Q5: Are Birkman personality test questions difficult?

Answer: No. They are not difficult.


The Birkman personality test is mainly based on career, interest, preference, and work skills. It was created to examine the needs, behavior, and interest of an individual. You can as well take the test to know more about yourself. 

Birkman’s test provides feedback on the occupational and behavioral data by making use of an unequaled methodology for evaluating an individual’s behavior and personality through positive psychology. 



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