With over 160k web users, Lumi to accelerate access to cashback for Nigerians with a mobile app launch

Lumi announced the launch of its mobile app which opens up consumers to instant cashback on every purchase. The launch of the mobile app comes on the heels of onboarding more than 160,000 users on the web app and launching the cash transfer feature which allows users to send money to any Nigerian bank account at a minimal fee.

Few things are more important than getting rewarded with cash each time you spend money. That’s why Lumi is launching its mobile app which makes cashback available to every Nigerian at the click of a button. It’s instant and it goes into your designated wallet.

Paying bills is a huge part of life but with Lumi, it becomes a rewarding one. When you shop for groceries for your family, purchase electricity units, renew the cable TV subscription or pay any one of the gazillion bills that are a part of life, you can get rewarded with cashback on Lumi.

As the best cashback app in Nigeria, Lumi is on a mission to make it easy for people to earn money back for themselves whenever they spend any amount. “I like that Lumi is easy to use and transactions are very fast and… I love the rewards,” notes one user of the app while another says “Lumi is secure and reliable to use.”

Lumi is a robust rewards ecosystem where people get rewarded with points when they carry out their everyday purchases through the app. You gain value instantly for doing the things you usually do daily through Lumi”, said CEO Wale Adeniji.

Since Lumi launched officially in December 2020, its instant cashback feature and ease of use have helped it to grow steadily at 16% month-on-month. With a strong base of 160,000 users, the Lumi mobile app is coming right at a time when it can make cashback easier, more rewarding and available for everyone.

What’s next for Lumi

Now that Lumi’s community is 160,000+ members strong and getting rave reviews in the digital space, Lumi is ready to open its arms to even more business partners with Lumi Business, a branch of Lumi that lets supermarkets and other businesses directly sell their products to its teeming audience.  The company is also getting its API product ready which will allow businesses to configure and deploy loyalty campaigns to their users.

“There is yet to be a single rewards platform with truly broad appeal in Nigeria which gives users more ways to earn points seamlessly,” Wale said. “We’re on a mission to provide significant value to millions of consumers all across Nigeria. Having the ear of the most active consumer populations in Nigeria makes us well-positioned to help businesses reach them more effectively in ways that only we can.”

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