13 Best PhD In Information Systems In 2022

Information Systems have become fundamental to the functioning of virtually everything in the digitalized age we are living in. Therefore, a PhD in Information Systems presents a prestigious academic degree in a challenging field of major importance.

Thus, in this post, we’ll list the best doctorate in Information Systems for you to make your choice.

The aim of the PhD in Information Systems degree is to furnish students with an understanding of all major aspects of information systems. Therefore, a PhD in Information Systems secures a prosperous career in an exciting field. Have a look at the schools listed below, find the one you most satisfying and contact them directly.

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What Is Information Systems?

According to Wikipedia, Information Systems is an academic study of systems with a distinct reference to information and the complementary networks of hardware and software that people and organizations use to collect, filter, process, create and also distribute data.

Furthermore, the emphasis is placed on an information system having a definitive boundary, users, processors, storage, inputs, outputs, and the aforementioned communication networks

In addition, as a field of study,  information systems encompass a variety of topics including systems analysis and design, computer networking, information security, database management, and decision support systems. 

It further deals with the practical and theoretical problems of gathering and analyzing information in a business function area including business productivity tools, applications programming and implementation, electronic commerce, digital media production, data mining, and decision support.

What can you do with a PhD in Information Systems?

With a PhD in information systems, you can do a plethora of things. Example, people like Senior information managers can hold positions such as:

  • Chief Information Officer, please.
  • Chief technology officer.
  • Director of systems development.
  • Director of information technology operations.

Can you do a PhD in 3 years?

A PhD credential certifies that the holder has performed the original thesis recorded in a well-founded dissertation. If you have a research mentor and a subject, you may be able to complete work in certain academic fields in three to four years, but others like science may take longer.

Which is better, a doctorate or PhD?

The main distinction between a PhD and a professional doctorate is that the PhD holder has shown the ability to use academic skills to generate original information that leads to research and theory in the field, and that the possessor of a professional doctorate has demonstrated the ability ability to analyze.

What is the highest paying PhD degrees?

According to research undertaken by Payscale, Scientific, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) PhDs tend to cost the most. Electrical & Computer Engineering is America’s most lucrative PhD, with early career compensation estimated to be about $102,000.

Why Should I get a PhD in Information Systems?

The purpose of the PhD in Information Systems degree is to provide students with an understanding of all major aspects of information systems.

Apart from core courses familiar to all students, candidates are free to choose their own preferred area of specialization, whether it is IT capabilities, Decision Support Tools, Leveraging IT value, or individual use of information technologies.

Furthermore, students will be able to benefit from the available academic resources, contact with renowned professors, and networking with fellow students from all over the world. The PhD degree in information systems offers both part-time and full time in order to suit the needs of the students best.

What are the Requirements for Admission into a PhD in Information Systems Program?

To enroll in the PhD program, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited university.

In addition, candidates who do not possess a master’s degree in a business or business-related discipline with sufficient quantitative severity are required to complete a program consisting of a minimum of 84 semester credit hours.

Moreso, candidates whose backgrounds are deemed to be insufficient may be directed to take additional background or leveling courses before proceeding to the program’s required courses

How Long Does it Take to Complete a PhD in Information Systems?

Just like other Doctorate programs, a PhD in Information systems can be completed in 3-6 years depending on the institution and student’s ability.

You may also want to see the top PhD scholarship opportunities for students all over the world.

What Can I Do With a PhD in Information Systems?

There is a wide variety of career paths in the information systems discipline. “Workers with specialized technical knowledge and strong communications skills will have the best prospects.

That is to say, with a PhD in Information Systems, you’re setting out for top job opportunities backed with an advanced degree.

You can take up the following jobs;

Postsecondary Teacher

Your PhD passes you to teach computer courses at the college level. If you love the idea of sharing your passion with eager students, you can become a college professor, where you’ll design your own lesson plans and guide students in person or through distance education.

Furthermore, you might become an advisor for students majoring in computer science and chart their course toward a degree. In addition, if you fancy traveling, you can make regular appearances at academic conferences.

Computer and Information Research Scientist

If you relished performing research as a graduate student, you can transform that into a career as a computer information systems (CIS) scientist.

You might create a new model or propose a new theory as they relate to some of the core issues in technology. Furthermore, you’ll get to perform experiments on a daily basis to find out the accuracy of your predictions, and you can perform further analysis once you have resulted in the front of you.

Computer and Information Systems Manager

Managers of information systems, more commonly referred to as IT managers, make the decisions for an organization related to their technological activities. With a PhD and years of experience, you’ll understand the needs of security and funding for your staff.

Gradually, you might ascend to the rank of a chief information officer or chief technology officer. Your research specialization may play a part in your direction as a top-level IT executive. If you work with a smaller company, you’re more suitable to have hands-on control over everyday activities.

Computer Hardware Engineers

Hardware engineers build computers from scratch, starting with blueprints and turning them into actual pieces of equipment. With a PhD in information systems, you’ll have a greater knowledge of how your designs will make people’s lives easier.

Furthermore, you can also supervise the production of new hardware and provide updates to existing equipment to maximize the shelf life of the hardware, increasing its compatibility with new software.

Computer Network Architects

After earning a doctorate, you may have conducted research on the connections people use among computer and internet networks. As a computer network architect, you’ll design the layout for entire data communication structures.

You’ll take security into consideration when proffering your networks to everyone collaborating on the project. Also, you’ll get the chance to research new technology and figure out how to utilize advancements as you make progress on your network.

Summarily, after earning a PhD in MIS can mean a future in research, education, or programming, among other tech-related industries. You’ll be eligible for advanced positions within your field with a doctorate.

Where Can I Get A PhD In Information Systems?

There are several schools that offer a PhD in information systems. However, they tend to provide students with options such as part-time and full-time learning, online, and on-campus learning. Whichever way, the World Scholarship Forum has carefully researched and listed the best schools you can get a PhD in Information System.

This was done using certain ranking yardsticks like; tuition rate, employability, graduation rate, acceptance rate and accreditation.

13 Best PhD In Information Systems In 2022

Here’s a list of the top PhD in information systems;

13. Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University’s online PhD in management information systems demands a minimum of 64 credits that can be completed entirely online. The program is open to information systems professionals seeking elevation and career opportunities.

Courses administered online include analytics and business intelligence, database systems, information security management, managing risk insecure systems, and social perspectives of information systems.

To be admitted, you require an earned master’s in a relevant discipline and a satisfactory graduate GPA. U.S. News and World Report ranked Nova Southeastern University #191 in best national universities. Also, many of the online graduate programs have earned the top 100 rankings.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $20,419

12. University of North Texas

This program is designed for students who seek coaching in advanced theoretical and applied issues in the field of information systems.

The training equips students for conducting leading-edge research in topics ranging from the design of optimized systems to the effective use of such systems in organizations. To that effect, students undergo rigorous training in research methodologies, as well as in the design of information systems.

The PhD in Information Systems program is identified by a high ratio of research faculty to students, which promotes close working relationships. That is to say, students have the opportunity to be involved in ongoing faculty research projects under the mentorship of experienced professors.

Successful candidates must have a strong aptitude for abstract thinking and quantitative analysis to address relevant business problems.

Furthermore, students admitted into the PhD in Information Systems program devote the first few years to coursework and research projects, preparing for the qualifying examinations and developing their preliminary dissertation proposal. Additionally, the next one to two years is devoted to dissertation research and writing.

Students are to complete at least 75 semester hours of approved graduate work before a degree may be conferred. Credit may be granted for courses taken elsewhere.

11. Carnegie Mellon University

The doctoral program equips students with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of information systems.

Ph.D. in Information Systems & Management was created to train scholars to conduct innovative research that cuts across disciplines. Furthermore, address significant challenges in IT theory, strategy, management, and design as it relates to business and policy settings. 

Heinz College Ph.D. students enjoy partnerships with faculty as they explore the complexities of information systems, public policy, and management. Upon graduating, our Ph.D.s receive desirable placements at academic institutions, government agencies, and consulting firms.

10. Towson University

Towson University is a public university that is one of the schools that complete the University System of Maryland.

Established in 1866 as the Maryland State Normal School, it later became Maryland State Teachers College after gaining the right to grant college degrees. Its expansion into other programs led to it becoming a state college and then a university.

TU offers one of the top information systems security degree programs for doctoral students. This program covers a dissertation that awards students 24 credits as well as 18 credits of classes. Students will also need to take a qualifying exam.

The computer science track within this program features courses like operating systems, computer networks, and advanced data structures and algorithms. Furthermore, it covers subjects like cybersecurity, e-learning, artificial intelligence, and data mining in its courses.

Average Graduate Tuition: $9,408 per year

9. Missouri University of Science and Technology

Founded in 1870, it started as the Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy but became a full university in the 1960s that offered more programs in technology and similar fields.

According to U.S. News & World Report, its engineering graduate program is among the top in the country and ranked the university as a national school too, and Washington Monthly ranks Missouri S&T among the top 100 of all colleges in America.

The PhD program that the university offers allows students to learn more about information systems and the security of those systems. Moreso, students can even base their dissertation work around those topics.

Before enrolling, students must take a qualifying exam to guarantee that they have the skills needed for this program. Students will also need to do a dissertation and defend their work.

Average Graduate Tuition: $9,057 per year

8. University of Arkansas

The University of Arkansas is the main public university in this southern state and is one of the largest too because its enrollment now includes more than 27,000 students.

It’s home to the Sam M. Walton College of Business, named after the founder of Wal-Mart, and ranks on both a national and global scale, according to organizations like U.S. News and World Report, ARWU and Washington Monthly.

UA’s PhD in Information Systems program includes some collaborative work because the university believes that students do better when they have the chance to work together.

Students have the option to take courses from the College of Business and to tender their work for publication in one of the journals the school has.

The program features courses such as a survey of IS research, systems development, and theory development.

Average Graduate Tuition: $8,820 per year

7. Liberty University

This 100% online doctoral program prepares graduates to excel in business through academic research and practical application and training. The hands-on DBA degree offers online classes taught by university professors.

These courses cover enterprise models, human-computer interaction and emerging technology, IT infrastructures, and systems analysis modeling and design. The program consists of 60 credits and takes 3.5 years to complete. This Christian university ranks with major publications like U.S. News and World Report. In fact, Liberty ranks #230-#301 in best national universities.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $8,723

6. Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University offers a number of opportunities for students with an interest in and a passion for technology. More than 40,000 students received doctoral and graduate degrees from the university since it first opened. 

Texas Tech offers a fairly different option for computer minded students because this is a doctoral degree in business administration that has a concentration in managing information systems.

Furthermore, the program requires a high level of research from its students, students can graduate in four years instead of the six years or more that it takes to finish other programs.

Average Graduate Tuition: $8,428 per year

5. Iowa State University

Iowa State University opened in the 1850s as the Iowa Agricultural College and Model Farm, which offered programs to farmers living in the state and those with an interest in agriculture. The ISU information systems PhD program is part of its College of Business and teaches students how to preserve the companies they own and work for as well as their employers.

Students will take classes in other disciplines that help them succeed in the business field, including marketing, supply chain management, and entrepreneurship. This program demands taking classes on research and research methods before working on a dissertation.

Average Graduate Tuition: $8,219 per year

4. Mississippi State University

Mississippi State offers information systems online PhD degree program that is part of its Department of Management and Information Systems.

Students will need to show that they took some required business courses at the undergrad or graduate level or the university will require that they take some of those courses.

The MSU program features information, computer science, and business classes that can include business database systems, structured systems analysis, and design, principles of management and production, organizational communications, and principles of marketing.

 Average Graduate Tuition: $7,780 per year

3. North Carolina A & T University

North Carolina A&T University and Indiana State University offer a joint PhD that will appeal to individuals researching online MIS PhD programs.

The online PhD in technology management is tailored to meet specific career goals in management, business, IT, and information systems.

Classes are instructed by doctoral professors with practical experience in the field of interest. These classes include e-commerce, internet security, and web design. Major publications like U.S. News and World Report ranked North Carolina A&T among top universities.

In fact, U.S. News and World Report rank the school #230-#301 in best national universities. Also, the online graduate computer information technology programs rank #38 out of more than 1,200 surveyed programs.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $7,731

2. Dakota State University

The online PhD in information systems is for students wanting to become researchers, professors, and IS directors or managers. Three research specializations are available and allow students to tailor their doctoral degrees.

These research areas incorporate analytics and decision support, information assurance and computer security, and healthcare information systems.

Additionally, admission to the program requires an earned bachelor’s from a fully accredited institution, an undergraduate GPA of 3.0, and satisfactory GRE scores taken within the last five years. U.S. News and World Report rank Dakota State #118 in best regional universities in the Midwest and #36 in top public schools.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $6,367

1. University of the Cumberlands

The online PhD in information technology is intended for working students and professionals who want to work from home and complete a doctoral degree.

The program covers a wide range of information systems and technology topics such as; big data, emerging threats to information technology and systems, enterprise risk management, information governance, and technology for a global economy.

Admission demands a completed master’s degree from an accredited college or university with a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or better.

U.S. News and World Report rank the school #230-#301 in best national universities.

Graduate Tuition/Fees: $5,970


Information Systems have become fundamental to the functioning of virtually everything in the digital age we are living in. Therefore, a PhD in Information Systems presents a prestigious academic degree in a challenging field of major importance.

FAQs on Best Ph.D. In Information Systems In 2022

Why Should I Get A PhD In Information Systems?

The purpose of the Ph.D. in Information Systems degree is to provide students with an understanding of all major aspects of information systems.

Where can I acquire a PhD in Information Systems?

You can enroll for a Ph.D. in Information Systems in any of the following institutions; Iowa State University, Dakota State University, Carnegie Mellon University, etc.

How Long Does It Take To Complete A PhD In Information Systems?

A Ph.D. in Information systems can be completed in 3-6 years.

What is Information Systems?

Information Systems are an academic study of systems with a distinct reference to information and the complementary networks of hardware and software that people and organizations use to collect, filter, process, create and also distribute data.


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