Nupat Technolgies is helping businesses with custom software development – CEO, Nnamdi Ugwu

The world is tilting towards information technology and every organization and nation across the world is fast leveraging this in areas like finance, health, insurance, amongst others.

However, catching on with technological advancement requires some element of skill sets, innovation and expertise by members to effectively steer desired growth that is needed in any industry.

In recognition of this, Nupat Technologies, a software development company made up of a group of young minds disrupting the tech space is helping businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services.

“We offer IT services ranging from software development, consultancy services and also training. We raise people of like minds who can also think about innovation and influence an ecosystem that makes us to be producers and not just consumers of technology,” Nnamdi Patrick Ugwu, CEO, Nupat Technologies said on the Nairametrics Business Half Hour radio programme.

Apart from training, Nupat Technologies is an innovative hub where young minds come together, discuss and brainstorm. “As a company, we have startups that are evolving from Nupat Technologies and we are currently working on a fintech app to solve problems around financial transactions around the nation,” he added.

Similar to this, the company said it is helping people to become familiar with and understand new developments such as blockchain technology which is becoming very important in our everyday life in addition to developing applications for companies, corporate organizations and individuals.

While all of the planned goals seem reachable for Nupat Technologies, the constraint around finance for a lot of Nigerians serves as a stumbling block to achieving the target.

“What keeps a company going is having a vision and knowing what you want to achieve. As a company we have a goal, and planned contribution and we have started on a good note and we actually see ourselves achieving a lot but there comes with it some constraint one of which is finance; we are limited to this. Nigerians generally like to embrace things that would benefit them but when it comes to finance, a lot of people can’t afford it,” he said, noting that the willingness of investors to invest would go a long way in helping to achieve the vision.

Speaking on barriers to tech advancement, Ugwu said the problem of tech advancement could be attributed to Nigerian leaders

He said, “We are yet to have leaders who have the vision to see Nigeria evolve among tech giants. Our leaders are not seeing it that way. We need to wake up as a nation. I believe once the issue of leadership is resolved getting visionary minds would fall into place and we will start getting things right.”

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