Netflix software engineer salary 2022

The Netflix software developers’ salary is structured according to levels and Job functions. The average annual earnings of a software engineer at Netflix are relatively high compared to software engineers in other media-streaming and video-rental companies.

Actually, Netflix is one of the leading streaming services worldwide, offering a variety of TV and movie entertainment services. The company’s market cap is $222.7 billion according to

So, if you’re a software developer looking to work in a top-rated media firm, you should apply to Netflix. If you meet the requirements, you will definitely be hired but first, you have to learn about what software engineers at Netflix do and how much they earn.

Understanding the roles and expectations for each level will help you to climb that ladder.

What do Netflix software engineers do?

Generally, Netflix software engineers ship thousands of lines of code every day. Their work translates into new product features, delivery of content, and algorithms for our service. Core Engineering spans multiple teams at Netflix focused on creating, building, testing, deploying, streaming, and monitoring the Netflix tech stack.

Let’s look at the various software engineers’ levels and their individual job functions.

Netfilx Senior Software Engineer job role

  • Design, build and deliver tools, CI pipelines, and build systems, APIs, Dashboards, and other integrations and solutions that will accelerate internal and external Netflix integration workflows across domains.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to influence design for testability.
  • Codify and improve integration assessment strategies in an evolving partner integration space.
  • Inspire and encourage behavior through frameworks and “engineering economies,” not rules and processes.

Netflix entry level software engineer job role

The opportunity of landing an entry-level job at Netflix is rare. Netflix generally hires software engineers with experience of three years or more.

However, if you manage to land a software engineers job as a fresher at Netflix, here’s what you’ll get to learn:

  • Building scalable and robust systems that solve complex business problems
  • Writing high-quality code that performs splendidly
  • Distributed systems design and the architecture of systems processes
  • Working with multiple stakeholders in a high-growth environment

How much does Netflix software engineer make?

The Netflix software developers’ salary is structured according to levels and Job functions as seen in the table below.

Level Name
Years of Experience
At Company / Total
Total CompensationBase | Stock (/yr) | Bonus
One LevelAPI Development (Back-End) 7 / 15 $1,500,0001.50M | N/A | N/A
Senior Software EngineerDistributed Systems (Back-End) 1 / 9 $550,000550K | N/A | N/A
Senior Software EngineerDistributed Systems (Back-End) 5 / 9 $900,000900K | N/A | N/A
New Grad Software EngineerData 0 / 2 $248,055236K | 13K | N/A
Senior Software EngineerSite Reliability (SRE) 0 / 9 $710,000710K | N/A | N/A
Senior Software EngineerDistributed Systems (Back-End) 0 / 6 $775,000775K | N/A | N/A
Senior Software EngineerFull Stack 5 / 20 $600,000600K | N/A | N/A
New Grad Software EngineerNetworking 0 / 1 $122,500120K | 3K | N/A
Senior Software EngineerSecurity 4 / 10 $640,000640K | N/A | N/A

Requirements to work as a Netflix

Senior software engineer

  • 5+ years of relevant software development experience.
  • Passion for developer productivity tooling.
  • Strong generalist (self-described jack-of-all-trades) software developer with a breadth of experience in one or more of DevOps/CICD/Application Development/System Administration/SRE.
  • Strong programming skills. Java/Javascript/Typescript/NodeJS are a plus.
  • Experience maintaining and improving legacy systems in addition to green-field development. 
  • Can evaluate and speak to tradeoffs concerning refactor vs rebuild vs buy.
  • Driven by solving problems for yourself and others with a bias towards automation and reduction of manual work.

Nice to have:

  • Experience in the gaming industry is a plus.
  • Experience with the development of Test Management Systems and QA software a plus

FAQs on Netflix software engineer salary

How can I become a software engineer at netflix?

Here’s is the basic requirement for a job role at Netflix:

  • A Bachelor’s and/or a Master’s degree in computer science or a related technical field like Information Science or Information Technology.
  • Proven experience in any of the coding languages: c++, Java, Javascript, Go, Python, and C#.

How much can I earn as a New Grad Software Engineer at Netflix?

New Grad Software Engineer earn between $122,500120K to $248,055236K per year.

How much can I earn as a Netflix Senior Software Engineer?

Netflix Senior Software Engineers earn between $500k to $900k per year.



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