Nurse Practitioner Salary in Texas

A Nurse Practitioner’s Salary in Texas is much higher than many other types of nurses. The reason is that they have more responsibility and more career opportunities in the city. 

Texas is known as the state where things happen big, and that includes opportunities for nurse practitioners, making it another of the best states for nurse practitioners. According to, Texas state ranks as the second most populated in the nation and has more than 25,000 active nurse practitioners.

Given these data, You might be wondering what exactly nurse practitioners (NP) in Texas do and how much they earn. As you read through, you’ll learn so much about NPs in Texas- What they do, their salaries, and their job outlook.

What do Nurse Practitioners do?

Nurse practitioners make up an integral part of our national health care system. They lessen the burden on medical doctors across the country.

The duties and responsibilities of Nurse Practitioners vary according to the facility in which they practice, together with their specialization and practice authority. However, the typical nurse practitioner’s responsibilities include some of the following:

  • Diagnose any illnesses and perform physical examinations to evaluate patients’ health.
  • Record patient histories and ensure they reflect all relevant information such as symptoms, treatments, and any prescribed medications.
  • Order diagnostic tests and evaluate test results to determine causes and diagnoses of health problems.
  • Determine and initiate treatments, monitor how patients respond to it, and make adjustments to the treatment if necessary.
  • Keep up to date with medical trends and conduct research.
  • Prescribe and dispense medications and treatment.
  • Operate and monitor medical equipment.
  • Advise, educate, and instruct patients in practice preventative health care methods.
  • Consult with physicians or other health care providers when needed in order to create treatment plans and diagnose patients with a difficult set of symptoms.

Nurse Practitioner Salary in texas

Nurse Practitioner salary ranges can vary widely depending on the city and many other important factors, including education, certifications, hospital ownership, revenue sources, work experience and many others.

An average Nurse Practitioner’s salary in Texas is $113,514 as of May 27, 2022, but the range typically falls between $105,331 and $123,314.

The table below shows the salaries by years of experience in Texas

Years of experience Per year
Less than 1 year $106,943
1 to 2 years
3 to 5 years $130,130
6 to 9 years
More than 10 years $132,726

Factors that affect Nurse Practitioner Salary in texas

Below are some of the predominant factors that affect the Nurse Practitioner Salary in texas.

  • Hospital Ownership: Nurse Practitioners who work in hospitals earn more than NPs in private practice(this is no generalization). Hospitals carry more weight than private practices when it comes to negotiating with insurance companies. They also offer a broader range of services that keep care revenue in-house.
  • Payer Mix: The types of insurance accepted at your clinic and the insurance of patients likely to present at your facility will affect your employer’s bottom line and therefore your salary. If your clinic sees Medicaid patients, you earn less. Medicaid is known for its low reimbursement rates. If your clinic is popular with privately insured patients, you are likely to earn more.
  • Revenue Sources: Working for a facility with limited capacity for such services may result in lower pay. Employment at an institution that offers a higher amount of benefits can increase your paycheck. Clinics that see patients for out-of-pocket procedures like Botox and other cosmetic procedures make even higher profits than those that rely on reimbursement from insurers.
  • Specialty and Group Type: Working for a multi-specialy group vs. a single specialty group also influences nurse practitioner salaries. If you’re a specialty NP working in a multi-specilaty group that consists of a number of very high-earning specialties, you might earn more than you would typically expect as the group all shares from the profits of high collectors. In contrast, if you’re a specialty NP working in a multi-specialty group with a heavier emphasis on lower-earning specialists or primary care providers, your paycheck might be less than expected as lower-earning specialties don’t collect as much for the group and revenues in multi-specialty groups are shared.  
  • Regional Healthcare Landscape: Nurse practitioners practicing in states that allow greater practice freedoms typically earn more than their more restricted counterparts. A greater scope of practices means you can bill for a larger number of services and that your facility spends less on supervision-related overhead. 
  • Employer’s Competency/Success: Some employers suffer from ineffective marketing, a poor reputation, or other characteristics leading to low patient turnover while others are well reputable and attract patients. If your clinic or hospital isn’t busy, you’re probably going to be paid little or not take anything home.
  • Local Job Market: The job market in your area is a major factor in driving up or down your NP salary. Nurse Practitioners who live and work in cities oversaturated with the profession are likely to earn lower than NPs in rural areas especially taking the cost of living into account. 

Nurse Practitioner Career Outlook

In Texas, NPs have restrictions on the care they can provide (they are required to work under the supervision of a medical doctor), however, NPs in Texas receive the highest compensation over every other state.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Nurse Practitioner profession is expected to continue to grow by 26 percent over the next 10 years. 

Nurse Practitioner is an incredibly rewarding career that has the ability to drastically improve people’s lives. If you’re dreaming of becoming a nurse practitioner (NP), you are definitely making a great decision! 

What is an entry level nurse practitioner salary in texas?

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that the average entry-level nurse practitioner salary in Texas is almost $86,500 annually.

What is the nurse practitioner salary in texas per hour?

The average nurse practitioner salary per hour in Texas is $56.11

How much is a family nurse practitioner salary?

The average family nurse practitioner salary is $56.11/hr $116,700/yr



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