911 Operator Salary 2022| How Much Does a 911 Operator Make?

A 911 operator serves as a vital link between persons in trouble and the emergency help they require to preserve their lives and property. The 911 operator salary who works behind the entire emergency system can vary.

From a single metro jurisdiction to multi-county regions which a 911 operator serves can bring about major salary differences.

Learn all you need to know about a 911 operator’s salary, becoming one, and evaluate if this is a good career path for you.

What does a 911 Operator Salary Do?

During an emergency, 911 operators attempt to keep callers calm, attentive, and informed while also securing aid and resources for individuals who are affected. The following are some of their daily responsibilities:

  • Describe the nature of an emergency incident accurately in order to prepare first responders for their arrival
  • Gather information to be shared with first responders
  • Get in touch with emergency response field units to see whether they’re available
  • Choose which emergency response units to dispatch
  • Interrogate callers to discover their location and the nature of the emergency
  • Input pertinent information into the system

How much does a 911 Operator make?

According to, a 911 operator earns an average salary of $40,620 annually. The amount of money you make in this job depends on a variety of things, including your level of experience and geographical area.

Some of the highest-paying cities for 911 operators in the US include:

  • Albuquerque, New Mexico: $45,609 per year
  • Aurora, Colorado: $44,454 per year
  • Encino, California: $44,038 per year
  • Houston, Texas: $42,572 per year
  • Dallas, Texas: $41,248 per year

According to different salary aggregate websites, the following are the basic salaries for 911 operators as of June 2022.

Payscale ZipRecruiter Indeed Glassdoor
$38,065 $45,230 $42,092 $44,090 $77,953

What are the factors that can affect a 911 Operator’s salary?

The following are some elements that can affect how much you can make as a 911 operator.

Hiring Organization 

Where you work can determine how much you’re paid. Getting a job with a local, state, or federal government body can boost or lower your remuneration just as working for a private dispatch firm may have an impact n the amount of money you receive in each payment.


Your income as a 911 operator is also affected by where you live. the Western and Southern sections of the country have some of the highest-paying areas in the country.

If you live in an area where there is a strong demand for 911 operators but a low supply, you may be able to negotiate higher compensation.

Years of Practical Experience

The longer you work for the same organization, the more benefits you may be eligible for. Longer service with a dispatch company may result in higher remuneration. You may also be eligible for incentives or cost-of-living raise.

Accrding to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and National Compensation Survey, experience has an impact on your 911 operator salary. Below is a tabular representation of how much you can earn with every level of experience.

Level of experience Salary
Entry-level (less than 1 year) $33,761
Early career (1 to 4 years) $40,386
Mid career (5 to 9 years) $49,248
Experienced (10 to 19 years) $58,746
Late career (20+ years) $72,554


Operators with an associate’s or bachelor’s degree may have a better chance of progression. They could work as shift or desk managers. These promotions may offer pay raises and the possibility of receiving additional benefits.

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Best-Paying Cities for 911 Operators

These cities are the most likely where you can receive a well above the national average salary for 911 operators.

City Average Salary
San Francisco, CA $95,190
Los Angeles, CA $75,266
Seattle, WA $72,781
Portland, OR $69,280
Minneapolis, MN $64,926
Birmingham, AL $43,003
Tampa Bay, FL $42,917
Charlotte, NC $41,372
Atlanta, GA $40,745
New Orleans, LA $38,076

Career Outlook for 911 Operators?

911 operators’ positions are expected t and by 6% between 2019 and 2029, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). In comparison to other professions in the United States, this is a faster rate.

During that time, around 6,100 available 911 operator jobs might be added across the country.

How to Make More Money as a 911 Operator

Let’s look at some strategies to increase your pay as a 911 operator now that you have a better sense of what you could make.

Improve your abilities

Developing and honing in-demand talents might help you compete for promotions and higher-paying jobs.

Obtain a Favorable Performance Evaluation

Making sure you’re doing your job as a 911 operator is one method to grow your pay. That involves responding quickly to calls, being calm during emergencies, and giving callers precise directions.

You’ll be in a strong position to ask for a raise if your performance assessment reflects these attributes.

Assume Greater Duties

Taking on new tasks as a 911 operator is one method to increase your pay. Training new operators, working longer shifts, or taking on a leadership role are all possibilities. You’ll be more likely to get a raise if you show your commitment and readiness to go above and beyond.


Who is a 911 operator?

A 911 operator is one who serves as a vital link between persons in trouble and the emergency help they require to preserve their lives and property.

What does a 911 operator do?

A 911 operator attempts to keep callers calm, attentive, and informed during an emergency.

How much does a 911 operator make?

According to, a 911 operator earns an average salary of $40,620 annually.



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