Sterilization Technician Salary In 2022| How Much Does A Sterilization Technician Make?

Medical and Surgical Tools must be clean at all times to avoid the spread of germs and infections.

Hence, to ensure we all live healthily, Sterilization technicians have the role of cleaning and maintaining medical and surgical tools used in hospitals. They ensure the tools are well sterilized and germ-free.

If you’re interested in this career field, this article enlightens you on the Sterilization Technician salary. 

Let’s delve into it.

What Does A Sterilization Technician Do?

A sterilization technician is responsible for sterilizing and maintaining medical and surgical tools, as these tools must be clean at all times to avoid the spread of germs. They clean, fix the operating area and set up the equipment needed for surgeries. 

Sterilization technicians ensure hospitals follow health regulations. These regulations are to protect their teams and patients from spreading germs. 

How much Does A Sterilization Technician Earn?

A sterilization technician earns an average of $58,417 yearly. The amount of money a sterilization technician makes can vary from city to city, skill set, and years of practice.

Nonetheless, the average hourly wage for a sterilization tech is $24.98. The highest hourly wage is $38.70, and the lowest is $12.26. The majority of Sterile technician wage falls within $18.99. 

Factors Affecting How Much A Sterilization Technician Makes? 

The skill level of a sterilization technician can affect the amount of money he earns.

Location is a factor that can determine how much a sterilization technician makes. 

Salaries of Sterilization Techs vary from city to city. Some cities pay Sterilization Technicians more than their counterparts. For Instance, San Mateo pays $64,116 while Brooklyn, NY, pays $58,460. 

The more years of experience you have, the more money you can make. 

Below are the high-paying sterilization technician-related jobs;

#1. Sterile Processing Manager

A sterile processing manager is in charge of the sterilization of surgical tools. Their job duties include;

  • Keeping operating rooms stocked
  • Cleaning medical equipment
  • They teach new employees how to disinfect surgical instruments according to medical standards 
  • Verify that supplies have proper packing and maintain documentation. 
  • A Sterile Processing Manager can also manage the inventory of cleaning supplies. 

The salary of a Sterile Processing Manager ranges from $73,999 to $94,000 in a year.

#2. Instrument Technician Sterile Processing

Instrument Technicians Sterile processing are responsible for cleaning and sterilizing surgical tools. Most Instrument Technicians in the United States earn between $39,000 and $67,000. The instrument Technician Sterile Processing job market in the US is very active, which means many companies are hiring.

#3. Sterile Processing Technologist

According to ZipRecruiter, their salary ranges between $52,000and $64,500. The Job Market for Sterile processing technologists in the US is active.

#4. Surgical Instrument Technician

A Surgical Technician ensures that surgeon tools are ready and clean for each session. They have the responsibility of keeping all equipment clean for surgeons and assistants. They can also offer services to other departments. The majority of salaries range from $32,000 to $57,000

The Job Market for Sterile processing technologists in the US is active, hence several companies are hiring.

#5. Sterilizer

The job of a sterilizer is to clean and disinfect reusable medical equipment which helps to prevent the spread of disease. Sterilizers also clean and wraps trays of instruments and change them when needed. They follow a standard process using an approved sterilizer for decontamination. 

Other duties and responsibilities of a sterilizer include restocking, labeling, managing inventory, and distributing instruments where needed. 

You ensure equipment is functioning; they request maintenance or replacements for faulty tools. You also enforce department, safety, environmental, and infection control policies and standards. 

Specific roles in this job category are Sterilizer technicians, Sterilization assistants, Medical sterilizers, Dental sterilizers, etc.

The salary of a Sterilizer ranges from $32,000-$49,000 per year. 

Highest Paying Cities for a Sterilizer Technician

Although the average salary of a Sterilization Technician is $58,417, we identified ten cities where the typical wage is higher than the average salary. These statistics show that salaries differ from city to city. 

San Mateo, CA, is the highest-paying city. A Sterilization Tech earns an average of $64,116. Following in the highest paying index are Daily City($63,182), Berkeley, CA (63,146), and Green River, WY (60,995). 

Top Companies for Sterilization Technicians in the United States

Knowing the top companies that require your specialty in a job quest is crucial.

Below are some of the top companies for sterilization technicians. This statistics is according to public reviews on Indeed

#1. Rock Medical Group

Rock Medical Group is a health care staffing agency that provides full service in Omaha. They have a public review of 4.3, 83 salary reports, and a wage of 45.33 per hour.

#2. Stability Health

Stability Health care is a medical staffing agency that provides a no-hassle service. They aim to create a staffing community of the best health care providers. Stability health has a 4.4 atar-rating, 92 salary report, and a wage of $41.62 per hour

#3. Voyage Healthcare

Voyage Healthcare is an independent healthcare clinic aimed at providing healthcare for families. It is located in the northwest area of Minneapolis. Voyage has a 4.3-star rating on, 85 salary reports, and a wage of $35.07 per hour.

#4. Memorial Hermann Health System

Memorial Hermann Health System is an advancing healthcare provider. A non-profit health provider which is the largest in Southeast Texas. The health system comprises 17 hospitals, cancer centers, vascular institutes, and sports/ rehabilitation centers. Memorial Hermann’s headquarters is in Houston, Texas. Memorial Hermann has a 4.0-star rating, five salary reports, and $32.67 per hour pay.

Highest Earning Sterilization Technician

Statistics show that top earners in this field make up to $75,000 yearly and $6,250 monthly. 


It may seem as though the work of a Sterile Technician is not necessary or lucrative, but it is far more important than we think. no. It is essential in the medical field and promises good pay. If you intend to work as a sterilization technician, you need the educational requirements.


What Is The Job Description Of A Sterilization Technician? 

The Sterile Processing Technician performs decontamination, preparation, sterilization, and distribution of surgical instruments. 

How much does a sterile processing technician make in Canada? 

The average salary for a sterile processing technician is $22.19 per hour in Canada. 

Is Sterile Processing A Stressful Job? 

It is not as stressful as some other healthcare positions. It has less amount of patient interaction. 



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