What Can You Do With An Architecture Degree In 2022

What Can You Do With An Architecture Degree

Architecture deals with the process and product of planning and designing, which includes constructing buildings or other engineering structures. Architecture began in the prehistoric era and ever since has been a career part for different people around the world.

We consider architects as artists and the piece of their works of art. The design of buildings has become the cultural identity of many people around the world.

Some of these structures are tourist attractions in the country they are, for example, the tower of liberty, the Paris tower, the Vatican church, the pyramids in Egypt and so much more.

Pursuing an architecture degree has been a career for many people, and we have seen its relevance everywhere in society. 

What Is An Architecture Degree?

An architecture degree is a highly professional degree that is given to graduates of architecture in a higher institution. There are levels and different degrees an architect can gain.

You need to start with a bachelor’s master’s and Ph.D. Although the last two are advanced stages, should you decide to further your studies?


Acquiring an architecture degree is a long process, and there are two options for acquiring an architecture degree- one is a five-year undergraduate B.arch or 2 to 3 years post-master college master’s program March.

Some universities combine the two in one, which amounts to seven years of study of architecture. Doctoral programs are not compulsory. Internships are part of the undergraduate degree students.

This allows the students to gain real-life experience instead of theoretical knowledge that only depends on modules or stimulation taught during the program.

Licensing is different depending on the country you are studying in and once that is through, you can fully pursue a career in architecture. 

You can get an architecture degree online also, with many universities offering online classes with custom content for students, which allows you greater flexibility than on-campus learning.

Online learning will still take the required number of years required to complete an on-campus degree.

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Is An Architecture Degree Worth It?

Most of the challenges you will solve will require you to get an architecture degree, though studying for an architecture degree is tenuous and hard. It is rewarding in the end.

What Can You Do With An Architecture Degree In 2022?

There is so much you can do with an architecture degree in 2022, which is detailed and explained in the next header. There are also professional and nonprofessional roles you can do.

Potential architects require problem-solving to be part of themselves to excel in the field. Students have different architectural specializations like residential, Commercial, environmental design, urban design, interior, and landscape architecture.

Depending on your specialization, there will be ample opportunities to explore in the future.

What Kinds Of Jobs Can I Get With An Architecture Degree?

There is a rise in demand for architects, especially in developing countries, with the need for more healthcare facilities, real estate, recreational centers, and so much more.

The need for green architecture is waxing strong as nations deal with the climate crisis. Here are jobs you can get with an architecture degree:

1. Urban Planning

There is an increase in urban areas and towns springing up, and governments will need architects.This is one of the jobs you can get with an architecture degree.

With the increasing number of people moving into urban areas to make a living, the increase in redesigning urban areas or design of new ones has created an opening for anyone holding an architecture degree.

2. Building Surveyor

Architects can function in this capacity, advising clients about the design of the building depending on the landscape it is situated, how it should be to function its best ability, construction, maintenance, and repair involved should some malfunction occur.

Architects as building surveyors offer expertise coupled with creativeness and professionalism.

3. Landscape Architect

This involves a wide range of designs, from public areas such as parks to infrastructure in a place focusing on integrating nature into the mix.

Here, architects play an important role in focusing on the effects of climate change through restoration effects.

They incorporate more green into their designs and focus on the beauty their inhabitants would feel.

4. Historic Buildings Inspector/Conservation Officer

Many older architectural buildings have been standing for thousands of years and each year, materials wear off, and the structures weaken.

An inspector or conservation officer handles these structures’ daily maintenance or remodeling to ensure they last a thousand more years.

Architects have extensive training and can function in this capacity. Some of these structures will have their plans redrawn to sustain them.

5. Research Architect

With new technology and digitalization becoming more integrated into every sphere of life. The architectural industry is experiencing waves of advances in which technology is improving ways of doing architecture.

A research architect handles these advancements through research and experimentation if these new modules can operate properly.

6. Extreme Architects

Though other architects are engineering ways to inside the coming threat in their work. Coastal cities, desert-prone areas, and island nations will need these very specific architects to draft designs limiting the damages that are to come years from now.

Extreme weather will mean designs would be proof of these extremes and sustainable in the long run.

7. Estimator

In the beginning, you saw maths as an essential criterion for having your architecture degree, and an estimator runs those numbers on several projects. Here, some designs might be too ambiguous to actualize in real life.

The estimator handles that calculation to ensure all the details provided are adding up.

8. Lighting Architect

Light serves as a source of life in the world. The sun gives energy to our solar system and lighting in buildings and structures provides aesthetic valor for it.

Lighting gives direction and warning and handles vision aside from the eyes we used to see.

Some, if not all, of the iconic buildings in today’s world offer distinct lightning that makes the building different, even bridges. Lightning architects provide the means for this to be possible.

9. Interior and Spatial Designer

There are opportunities for architects in this field. This requires furnishing and renovation of interiors of buildings by design.

Architects play an important role, exhausting the best designs to make the internal spaces more comforting and relaxing. 

10. Construction Manager

This work involves the building process of the plan or design strictly followed. Construction managers manage work on-site and monitor every process going on. The construction manager shows how the work is done with the designs drawn out.

Architects here play an important role in understanding the designs better and planning the best approach to see things play out correctly.

11. Political Architect

Many architectural decisions go on in government; what housing policies to adapt and becoming a political architect will allow you to join these decisions and help improve people’s lives. 

12. Estates Manager

Estate managers handle management duties within the estate. Architects here function as experts and determine the best building plans to imbibe with clients.

Estate managers work with clients to produce the best day-to-day operations of commercial properties.

13. Restoration Architect

Here, the architect handles the examination and restoration of old and modern architectural structures.

Their distinct work allows them to serve as inspectors to ensure structures are not degrading or going to become a major hazard, causing harm to the life of people.

Most of the time, restorative architects must alter the design of structures to ensure and prolong their longevity.

14. VFX Artist

A virtual effect artist creates digitally created images using computer software. We see them in films and video games.

Architects can work as VFX artists as supervisors, the artist, or be the animator themselves. They can learn the skill sets required along with their degree and make powerful scenes on screen.

15. Architectural Technologists

Architectural technologists are also known as building technologists; they provide technical building design services and are trained in architectural technology, building technical design, and construction.

This is a specialization gained by an architect to provide construction details for building designs.

16. CAD Technician

Computer-aided design technicians use technological software to craft designs, usually in 2D or 3D models.

These models were created to serve as important modules to study during the actual construction. This helps the architect to draw out plans and potential costs for the product.

Using technology in architecture is becoming more prominent, and you can fit into this role perfectly. They can run simulations to see how the actual designs run in a real-life situation.

17. Structural Engineer

The architects here will be responsible for designs for exterior buildings to ensure they hold up to whatever comes their way, such as strong winds, heavy rain, snow, earthquakes, etc.

Working as a structural engineer will require your knowledge of material strengths and design to incorporate them into it to ensure the best possible outcome, both in beauty and protection.  

18. Archivist

This requires architects to store information documented in books or electronic mediums. They are like librarians, some old writings, manuals, or transcripts about architectural designs.

They also build structures where this information is available and aid researchers with information on their works.

19. Framer

They handle the construction or repair of frames in building structures. Some frames age over time and engage in seeing that they put a plan in place to determine the problem at hand.

20. Fire Risk Assessor

We lose many buildings to fire outbreaks because of poor designs, which cause major loss of life and property.

Here, the architect ensures buildings ventilation and likely escape routes embedded into the design in case of emergency.

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Is A Career In Architecture Good?

Licensed architects professionals need science, maths, and creative skills to craft suitable, buildable, and artistic designs.

This requires in design that they follow the state’s building code, how the environment affects the building or structure, and other laid down guidelines stipulated by their employee (government or individual).

New technology such as Computer-Aided Design & Drafting (CADD) and Building Information Modeling (BIM) has aided architectures to achieve designs more effectively than hand drawing, which is also required in some works.

Non Architecture jobs for Architects with an architecture degree include:

Teacher or Professor

Following years of acquiring a degree, you might decide not to practice but to pass down the information to new students.

Through this avenue, you get to do more research into architecture and improve yourself in the process.

Teaching can be rewarding and still be relevant in 2022. With academics improving over the years, you can make your contribution too to help grow the need for architects of the future.


Being an entrepreneur isn’t limited to any field of study; anybody with the right skills and management can become an entrepreneur. With your architecture degree, you can have an extra edge over everyone else in the market and excel at your pace.

Being an entrepreneur allows you to explore different options and add creative ways to go about them.


This might be weird, but you can excel as a journalist and do extraordinary things. Journals and publications relating to architecture will be an important read for many graduate students, those working in the field who wish to renew their information about new things in the architecture world.

Your work as a journalist will allow for research into those inventing new technology to make architecture easier. 

Production designer, theatre/television/film

An architect’s skills could be useful in the film industry; they can help step upstage and help with the design required for a movie set. Architects can help with analysis and consult on some projects to entail the accuracy of the film’s projections. 

Architects make a good salary depending on where they choose their career, but on average, their salaries fall between 30,000 to 120,000 USD per year in the United States. This varies from state to state.

In Nigeria, Architects can make up to more than a million naira per year, depending on their expertise and work experience.

Some of the highest paying countries for architects are Qatar, China, the United States, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

FAQs On What Can You Do With Architecture Degree

Is architecture good for the future?

With the increase in globalization and the movement of people, architects will need to redesign old spaces to match the essential visions of such organizations and design new places to accommodate people.

Is architecture going to be in demand?

The architecture will always be in demand, with the demand for architects growing each year in different parts of the world.

Can architecture be done in 3 years?

As stated under the education section of this content, the architecture degree lasts for 3, 4, or 5 years depending on the nation’s educational curriculum and standards needed by the architectural community before becoming a fully credited architect.

Is it too late to study architecture?

It is never too late to venture into architecture, as long you remain dedicated, focused, and creative. You will enjoy the journey as you go regardless of the stage you are in life.

How to study architecture at home?

Also stated in the education segment of this content, you can apply for online programs for a degree in architecture right from the comfort of your home and still get the work done. This will require you to go the extra mile to remain focused and determined to complete your program and seek challenges in the world.


Getting an architecture degree might be quite hard, long, and tedious, but with continuous keenness to learn and innovate, the sky is just your starting point.

Using technology to solve problems as an architect will stand you out in 2022 as the world becomes more technologically advanced. But the main architecture, the drive is being able to solve problems.



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