15 Best Jobs In Specialty Chemicals In 2022

high paying specialty chemicals jobs

The chemical industry is one of the most rapidly developing industries in the world because of the increase in population, global warming, and rapid development.

This development has brought about an incline in demand for specialty chemicals job careers, which is promising when considering the take homes. 

Specialty chemicals are a large and important part of the chemical industry, and they offer some of the best-paying jobs in the sector.

They are used in a wide range of industries, from agriculture to pharmaceutical industries, and their applications are constantly evolving. As a result, there is a strong demand for highly skilled workers in this field.

Reading on will open you to the many specialty chemicals job opportunities and a chart of the 15 best-paying jobs in the field. Carefully follow through!

What exactly is a specialty chemical?

A specialty chemical is a chemical used for a specific and limited purpose. Specialty chemicals are frequently more expensive and require specialized equipment and knowledge. 

As a result, they were challenging to find and referred to as “niche chemicals.” Numerous specialty chemicals are available, but some of the most common are pharmaceuticals, coatings, agricultural products, and manufacturing materials.

Is a Job in a Major Chemical Company a Good choice?

Chemistry is fascinating because it affects almost every aspect of human life globally.

They use Chemical technology to address issues of energy, material, and health.

Understanding chemical processes, particularly those that occur within the human body, can aid in restoring happiness and good health.

Research chemists can contribute to the advancement of medicine in various ways, from understanding biology to developing novel medications.

Furthermore, as an industrial manager, you can help avoid these accidents by obtaining a chemistry degree.

15 Best Paying Jobs in Specialty Chemicals

Here is a list of the best paying Specialty chemicals jobs available:

  • Chemical Process Engineer
  • Polymer chemist
  • Senior Chemist
  • Medicinal chemist 
  • Rubber Chemist 
  • Chemical Engineer
  • Formulation chemist
  • Synthetic chemist 
  • Textile chemist
  • Chemical Operations Specialist
  • Analytical chemist
  • Industrial Chemist
  • Organic chemist
  • Forensic chemists
  • Physical Chemist

1. Chemical Process Engineer

Average salary: $114,586

Among the jobs in specialty chemicals that pay well is chemical process engineering. 

Chemical process engineers are involved in designing and developing processes for transforming raw materials into saleable products. 

As a chemical process engineer, you will work with organizations that produce natural gas, paper, medicine, plastic, and food. 

Your primary role will involve conducting experiments, analyzing methods, effectively interacting with other team members, applying mathematics, science, and engineering ideas, and reporting your work results.

However, applying for this job requires a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering. Aside from the degree, you must have advanced skills that can help you contribute to scientific discoveries and develop novel technologies and even life-saving products.

According to, a chemical process engineer’s average salary is $114,586.

2. Polymer Chemist

Average Salary: $97,841

A polymer chemist studies how polymer molecules form and connect using molecular or atomic materials. Scientists can modify polymers, which are long chains of molecules used in various products. These items include nylon clothing, medications, plastics, paints, and Teflon-coated cookware.

Your responsibilities in this line of work may include developing novel materials and conducting research to improve the quality of materials and goods already on the market. 

You test various theories and methodologies in a laboratory setting to find answers. You could work in the energy industry, a chemical manufacturing facility, or a pharmaceutical or chemical company.

To become a polymer scientist, you must have a doctorate in chemistry, besides extensive on-the-job training.

A chemistry degree and laboratory experience are required to pursue a career in polymer chemistry.

An undergraduate degree in chemistry or a related field, such as materials science, can help you get started in this industry. Employers may prefer candidates with a master’s or doctoral degree for various roles.

According to, a polymer scientist’s average base salary is $97,841.

3. Medicinal Chemist 

Average salary: $94,698 per year

One of the best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals is a medicinal chemist job. Medicinal chemists are medical professionals who primarily create novel synthetic medications. They are also responsible for making discoveries about new ingredients for medicines. 

Also called pharmaceutical chemists in some countries, these professionals study the interactions of various drugs and work

to improve and simplify the procedures currently used to manufacture medicines.

Before you can build a career as a medicinal chemist, an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, biological chemistry, organic chemistry, or a related field is a must-have.

Note that having a master’s or Ph.D. degree can be an added advantage because most companies prefer applicants with it. 

According to, a medicinal chemist’s average salary is $94,698. In a normal range, a medicinal chemist’s salary ranges from $83,699 to $110,692.

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4. Senior chemist

Average salary: $94800

Senior chemists perform many of the same tasks as other chemists in a laboratory, but they have more research experience and frequently hold advanced degrees. 

You will conduct tests and analyze the results of tests on various components and chemicals for a company or organization.

Employee responsibilities differ from company to company and industry to industry. You could, for example, work for a cosmetics company developing new products, a pharmaceutical laboratory testing new pharmaceutical substances, or a government agency investigating potential risks posed by natural resources. 

You may also supervise other chemists and lab assistants and troubleshoot issues with the research project or the equipment.

To become a senior scientist, you must have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry, biochemistry, or a related field. Many organizations, however, prefer individuals with graduate degrees in their field of study. To advance to the senior scientist position, you must also have extensive lab experience spanning many years.

According to, the average salary of a senior chemist is $94800.

5. Rubber Chemist 

Average salary: annual salary range: $89,035

Another high-paying job in specialty chemicals is the rubber chemist job. 

Rubber chemists in the specialty chemical field are professionals fully responsible for creating a rubber compound that meets the specifications of various design applications requested by manufacturers. 

These professionals determine what components are necessary to produce the finished products. 

Also, they are responsible for ensuring that the compound or component is affordable and can still meet the manufacturer’s needs. 

To build expertise or get a job in this field, the applicant must have an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering or chemistry.

Aside from the degree, the applicant must have experience or knowledge of compound formulation and how to mix them. 

Note that some skills are also necessary for this job role. For instance, applicants must have excellent research, problem-solving, and analytical skills and pay meticulous attention to detail. 

According to, a medicinal chemist’s average salary is $89,035. 

6. Chemical Engineer

Average Salary: $80,080

Next on our list of best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals is a chemical engineer’s job.  

Chemical engineers work on designing and developing processes for producing a wide range of chemicals.

They also research new methods for manufacturing chemicals, design these processes, estimate production costs, and draft and implement related safety procedures.

As a chemical engineer, you will work in the pharmaceutical industry, the manufacturing sector, the food processing sector, the health care sector, the environmental health sector, and the design and construction sectors.

To get this well-paying chemical specialty job, you must have a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering or a closely related discipline. 

According to, the chemical engineer’s average salary is $80,080.

7. Formulation Chemist

Average Salary:  $69,835

Next on our list of high-paying specialty chemistry jobs is formulation chemistry. Formulation chemists help test and develop products, whether medicines or household items such as soaps, cosmetics, or cleansers. 

As a formulation chemist, you will mix various agents or compounds and perform tests, such as UV tests, to determine the product’s viability for use and level of safety.

You can work in other industries, such as the oil and gas industry, where they test gasoline octane levels. 

You could also work as a cosmetic chemist, where you would evaluate cosmetics and fragrances. Others work in the food industry, conducting ingredient research and developing new flavoring agents.

All you need for this well-paying job role is a bachelor’s or master’s degree in biochemistry, material science, or chemistry. 

Then, strong problem-solving abilities and the ability to think logically. 

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8. Synthetic chemist 

Average Salary: $69,280

Synthetic chemists are professionals in specialty chemicals, specializing in developing compounds for industry, manufacturing, and even retail. 

These professionals are among the professionals that earn a high salary in the chemical specialty field because of their job descriptions. 

As a synthetic chemist, your primary role will be testing substances, evaluating molecular reactions, and working on purification procedures.

When it comes to industries you can work in, you can work in the pharmaceutical, food, cleaning products, and fuel technology industries. 

A bachelor’s degree in chemistry or chemical engineering and exceptional research skills are the basic requirements for this job.

According to, a synthetic chemist’s average salary is $69,280.

9. Textile chemist

Average salary: $65,929 per year

A textile chemist is a professional who uses their knowledge of chemistry to create and manufacture textiles such as clothing and furniture. 

If you are assigned this function, your responsibilities may center on a specific stage of the manufacturing process, such as dyeing, quality control, or the investigation and development of novel strategies or fibers.

To get this job in any textile chemistry field, you must have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry and prior work experience with various types of textiles. 

According to, a textile chemist makes an average of $65,929 annually in the US. 

10. Chemical Operations Specialist

Average salary: $64,731

Chemical Operations Specialists are chemical specialists who work with potentially hazardous and poisonous chemical substances. 

Their primary role is to decontaminate a site and conduct tests to determine the chemical toxicity of gaseous, liquid, or solid chemicals and any potential hazards.

Moreso, they fill or empty chemical containers and transport them between sites. 

To get this job, applicants must complete specialized military training called Advanced Individual Training. 

According to, a chemical operations specialist average salary is $64,731.

11. Analytical chemist

Average Salary: $62,478

An analytical chemist works in a laboratory and conducts various analytical chemistry studies for various reasons. 

As an analytical chemist, you will supervise studies investigating how different chemical substances interact with one another. 

As a new employee, you may be responsible for data collection and equipment calibration while being supervised by an experienced research chemist.

To get this job in a pharmaceutical, food, petroleum, or environmental science company, you must have an undergraduate degree in chemistry or physics. Apart from having a degree, you must have completed a work-study program or internship.

And if you want to perform managerial roles as an analytical chemist, you must have a doctorate and laboratory experience.

According to, an analytical chemist earns an average salary of $62,478.

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12. Industrial Chemist

Average Salary: $56,115

The Industrial Chemist job is among the well-paying specialty chemicals jobs that most chemists specialize in. 

Most industrial chemists work with chemical engineers to translate advances in chemical research into mass-production-ready products. 

They also make advancements in the technology, methods, materials, and procedures used to manufacture chemicals. 

Due to the technicality and advanced knowledge needed for this job, most companies prefer employees with a formal education bachelor’s degree), advanced laboratory experience, and specific skill sets.

The skills, analytical problem-solving abilities, and the ability to work well with others are primary or core skills for this job.

According to, an industrial chemist earns an average of $56,115 yearly.

13. Organic Chemist

Average Salary: $62,211

Next on our list of best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals is an Organic chemist job. This specialized chemist can pursue various scientific careers, and the one you choose to specialize in will determine which ones you can follow. 

Most of these jobs, however, involve examining carbon-based materials, from their molecular structure to their chemical properties.

You could create new molecules based on ones discovered in nature and research which techniques are the most effective.

In this role, you will be in charge of utilizing innovative technology such as nuclear magnetic resonance to investigate the magnetic fields surrounding atomic nuclei and chromatography instruments to separate things into the constituent chemicals that make them up. 

You devote significant time to documenting your findings and producing reports on them.

In most cases, most companies will expect you to have a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

And Ph.D. in chemistry, on the other hand, if you want to pursue a broader range of professional paths and get more opportunities for advancement.

According to, an organic chemist makes an average of $62,211 yearly. 

14. Forensic Chemists

Average Salary: $59,610

Forensic chemists assist medical examiners with post-mortem toxicology and evidence analysis; however, forensic duties can extend beyond investigations into the causes of death. 

As a forensic chemist, you will be responsible for processing information and chemicals, analyzing toxicological reports, performing chemical tests on specimens, and collaborating with specialists to draw conclusions based on the data.

A forensic scientist will also manage computer programs and procedures, work with chemicals and laboratory equipment, adhere to all applicable safety standards, and use forensic science to solve puzzles. 

To work in crime laboratories, you must have an undergraduate degree in forensic science or natural science and rigorous mathematics, chemistry, and biology courses. 

According to, the average salary of a forensic chemist in the United States is $59,610.

15. Physical Chemist

Average Salary: $55,908

Next on our list of best-paying specialty chemical jobs is the Physical Chemistry job. 

Physical chemistry studies how matter operates at the subatomic level and how chemical reactions occur.

Physical chemists work in a laboratory setting with other scientists who specialize in materials to conduct research and find new applications for existing materials.

As a physical chemist, you will use various techniques, such as diffraction, infrared, and microscopy, to construct molecules, observe how they grow, and determine how they contribute different attributes to goods. 

Also, your duty will involve analyzing materials and devising methods for evaluating and characterizing their properties. 

To get this job, you must have an undergraduate degree in chemistry. And to help with researching the aspects of this job, you must have a master’s or doctoral degree and extensive relevant professional experience.  

According to, a physical chemist’s average salary is $55,908, but the salary range typically falls between $48,110 and $64,643

How to Find a well-paying Specialty chemicals job?

To get a specialty chemicals job that pays well, follow the steps below:

Find specialty chemical companies.

Check LinkedIn or any job site online to see if specialty companies are hiring. 


Another way to get a job in specialty chemicals is by networking. Networking involves attending professional events and seminars. Doing this will grant you access to some big companies’ owners. 

Register with job boards

Registering with job boards is another way to find a well-paying job in specialty chemicals. You can register with multiple boards matching your skills and interests here. 

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What are a chemical engineer’s primary responsibilities?

Chemical engineers’ primary responsibility is to design and troubleshoot processes for producing chemicals, fuels, foods, pharmaceuticals, and biologicals. They are frequently used in large-scale manufacturing plants to increase productivity and product quality while lowering costs.

What does the chemical industry do?

The chemical industry is a company that manufactures industrial chemicals. They use these chemicals worldwide because the world economy depends solely on them. 

What education do I need for a job in specialty chemicals?

The education required for a job in specialty chemicals varies. Some will only accept a high school diploma, while others may require a bachelor’s degree.

Are specialty chemicals and commodity chemicals the same?

No. Specialty chemicals are chemicals manufactured for special preparation, while they manufacture commodity chemicals for many purposes. 


The best-paying jobs in specialty chemicals require the most experience and expertise. These jobs require higher education and training, such as research and development positions, and also pay the most.

However, there are many other well-paying positions in the industry, so it is important to explore all your options before making a career decision.



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