Osinachi and MakersPlace are introducing the African Creator Accelerator Program

One of Nigeria’s biggest NFT artists, Osinachi, is teaming up with MakersPlace to introduce Africa Here, an accelerator program for African-born digital artists pursuing their artistic careers from the continent.

The program is available to African-born digital creatives who presently reside in Africa. Applications are also open to artists and people with no MakersPlace account or having any prior knowledge of NFTs. The selected artists’ work will be shown in an online exhibition on MakersPlace, which will be revealed on November 3 in time for the start of Art X Lagos, if they are accepted into the program.

Ultimately, 6 Accelerator winners will also be asked to present two more pieces in the SCOPE art exhibition during Art Week Miami in December, under Osinachi’s curatorial direction.

The program will happen in 6 phases over the course of four months.

Phase 1: September/October

The submission window will be open from September 22–October 15. Digital creators born and living in any African country may apply. Applicants start by writing about their career as an artist and submit three pieces of unminted art they wish to sell. They do not need to have an account with MakersPlace or have any previous experience with NFTs to be eligible.

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Phase 2: November

Accelerator participants will be revealed on November 3 to coincide with the opening of West Africa’s premier international art fair, Art X Lagos. After the reveal, an online exhibit and sale featuring one artwork from each participant will open on MakersPlace on November 7 and run for one week. On November 10, MakersPlace will debut an exclusive drop from Osinachi himself, bringing additional visibility to the Accelerator exhibition.

Phase 3: December

From the Accelerator participants, Osinachi will choose six winners to premiere two additional artworks at the SCOPE Art Show during Art Week Miami. These pieces will be available for purchase and displayed alongside three incredible works by Osinachi, dropping exclusively on MakersPlace.

SCOPE is celebrating its 21st edition this year as it returns to its bespoke pavilion on the sands of Ocean Drive and 8th Street in Miami from November 29 to December 4.

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