How To Introduce Yourself In A Letter In 2023 |Full Guide

A letter of introduction is a type of mail used to introduce yourself to someone or introduce someone else to someone you know. Introduction letters build professional relationships that usually lead to collaboration, business growth, and possible employment.

In this article, we’ll show you how to introduce yourself in a letter in such a way that best sells you.

How To Introduce Yourself In A Letter

Introducing yourself in a letter is one striking way to sell yourself professionally. Since you it’s not common to introduce yourself in a letter daily, this section will show you how to introduce yourself in a letter just by following the steps below:

1. Start with a salutation

Whether you are introducing yourself or someone else, always start your letter with a professional salutation. You can include your full name in the first line, together with any qualification or relationship that best describes you to the recipient.


Dear Ms. Joan,

My name is Albert Stevens, and I’ve been a marketing associate at Bills Enterprises in Lexington, Kentucky, for the past three years.

2. State your reason for writing

After introducing yourself, the following paragraph should clearly state your reason for deciding to introduce yourself. This section usually varies based on the purpose of the letter.


I want to go from corporate recruitment to internal recruitment for a nonprofit. I previously worked in development for ABC Nonprofit and would love to apply my current talents to a comparable organization.

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3. Explain how the subject of your letter interests the recipient

In this part, you are expected to explain why you are writing the letter, what you are hoping to achieve and how it benefits the recipient. The goal of the section is to sell yourself in the best way that leads to the desired connection.


While I’ve enjoyed my time at Bills Enterprises, I plan to relocate to New Jersey in the coming months and seek new career opportunities. I’ve heard good things about your organization over the years, and I’d appreciate any advice you could provide me on how to start a job hunt as a marketing associate in New Jersey.

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4. Give a call to action

This is the final paragraph in which you outline any essential next steps and provide contact information for the person you’re introducing. If you need to schedule a follow-up meeting or if the person you’re introducing will contact you, include that information.

It is also an excellent place to highlight any additional documents you’ve attached, such as a CV or portfolio.


I’ve attached a copy of my resume for further review, and you can contact me on or 721-555-5555. Thank you in advance for any assistance you can provide.

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5. Closing and appreciation

In the closing and appreciation part, you thank the recipient and add your contact information.

Tips For Writing A Letter Of Introduction

The best introduction letters are those that are concise. Here are a few tips on how to write a letter of introduction and get the recipient’s attention without fail.

1. Use a Professional Tone

Make sure the tone of your letter reflects your connection. If you are close friends, you can write more casually. If introducing yourself, make your letter as professional as possible.

2. Streamline your introduction

Make sure the opening is clear, concise and also, and situation-specific. It needs to provide facts that will benefit both parties.

3. Introduce yourself

Provide a clear and striking introduction of yourself that depicts who you are in the best way. We are not saying you should bluff or exaggerate but use the right choice of words vividly.

4. Explain why you are writing

Briefly explain why you are writing the introduction letter by clearly stating the aim and how it intends to benefit the receiver.

Ensure you hit the point with fewer words because most people receive a lot of emails daily and may not have the luxury of time to read through them all carefully.

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5. Add your contact information

Always add your contact information to make it easier for the recipient to get in touch with you if necessary. This further opens up the channel of communication.

6. Proofread and edit

Before you send out the letter of introduction, ask a competent friend, colleague, or professional editor to check your writing for errors and make corrections where necessary. Editing your work will save you from possible embarrassment.

Types Of Introduction Letters

There are two main types of letter of introduction:

  1. Letter introducing yourself to someone you’ve never met.
  2. Letter introducing someone else to a person you already know.

1. Introduction letter to introduce yourself

If you’re writing to introduce yourself, it’s normal to describe what you do and ask if they know of any job prospects or suggestions on where to apply. Maybe you’ve relocated to a new city and need help with your job hunt. This kind of letter is typically for a potential candidate for employment or someone seeking career assistance.

In this instance, you should request an informational interview so you may speak with someone from the organization about what advice they would give you as you work toward your goal of working in a similar role one day.

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2. Introduction letter introducing someone else

If you’re writing to introduce someone else, you’re probably doing it for the same reasons you’d write to introduce yourself, although there are a few exceptions:

  • You may need to present a client to their new performance manager.
  • You may need to introduce a new team member to the rest of your coworkers.
  • If you have a freelancer or contractor on the team, you may want to raise the person to the team.

Examples of Letter Of Introduction

Letter of Introduction Example Introducing Yourself

Dear Mr. Randall,

My name is Paul Cook, and I am currently a Sales Lead for BYC Company. I have been working as a Salesman for the past five years.

I am interested in moving from Sales in a large corporation to Marketing for a nonprofit. I used to work in development for BYC Nonprofit and would love to bring my current skills to a similar nonprofit. I know you do this kind of work for Westend Companies, and I would cherish spending quality time with you and hearing about your experience in this field. I would be delighted to schedule an informational interview with you.

Please find my resume attached for your consideration. Please let me know if you have time for a brief talk. You can reach me via phone or email ( (555-555-5555). I eagerly await your response. Thank you a lot.


Katherine Sussman

Introducing a new teammate

Hello Cecilia,

I hope your week has been productive! I’m writing to introduce you to Victoria Thompson, our new project manager. Victoria has several years of project management expertise, specializing in large, long-term building projects for multifamily residences. Her experience will be incredibly beneficial to our team as we launch our goals for the coming year.

While you will not be working with Patricia daily, she will be able to provide you with regular timeline updates as you present our progress in the quarterly company meetings. You can find her email at the top of this note. Feel free to reach out directly as needed.

We’re excited about having Patricia on board, and I look forward to your new working relationship. Please let me know if you need any additional information moving forward.

Thanks for your time,

Gertrude Petty

Introducing one professional contact to another

Here’s an example of a letter of introduction introducing one professional contact to another:

Hi Tim,

I hope you’ve been doing well since our last conversation! My former coworker, Patricia, is interested in working at Times Company, so I’m reaching out. I recall you joining the company a few years ago.

Patricia has four years of marketing experience and would like to continue her career at Times Company, but she would like to learn more about the company first. I could set you up with an informational interview if you have time. If you believe someone else at your company could better answer Haley’s questions, please send the request.

Patricia is copied on the email and will be reaching out to follow up. Thanks in advance for your assistance, Tim!

Have a great evening,

Sally Johnson

Letter of Introduction Introducing Two People

Barbara Nygaard
123 Main Street
Anytown, CA 12345

April 11, 2022

Bob Smith
Talent Evaluation
Acme Recruiting
123 Business Rd.
Business City, NY 54321

Dear Frank,

I’m writing to introduce you to Rose Thompson, with whom I’ve had the pleasure of working through the Brandon Theater Group. As you know, I am the group’s Technical Director and have collaborated with Janice on various local theatrical productions. She has nearly ten years of expertise as a stage manager.

Rose is considering moving to the New Jersey region soon and would welcome any suggestions you have for completing a job search for theater employment and any assistance you can provide with the practicalities of relocating to California.

I’ve attached her resume for your consideration, and you can reach her at 555-555-5555 or Thank you in advance for any help you may give.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Barbara Nygaard

Other Types Of Letters

Here are a few different types of letters:

1. Cover Letter

A cover letter is a document that should be delivered along with your resume and other job application documents. Your cover letter introduces yourself and your resume. You might mention a referral from a mutual acquaintance who told you about the job or gave you the recruiting manager’s name. The letter outlines why you are qualified for the position you are looking for.

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2. Referral Letter

A referral letter is one that you write to someone you don’t know after being referred by a familiar acquaintance. You would begin the letter by identifying your mutual contact and then state your request—perhaps you are applying for a job, or you want to conduct an informative interview or learn about professional options.

3. Letter of Recommendation

A letter of recommendation is written by an individual who is familiar with your academic work or career skills and can recommend you for a position. The letter would be addressed to the admission officer, department head, or hiring manager. It would feature particular talents and experiences that demonstrate your suitability for the position.

FAQs On How To Introduce Yourself In A Letter

What is the ideal length of a letter of introduction?

A letter of introduction shouldn’t be more than a page.

Am I allowed to write my own letter of introduction?

Yes, you can write your own cover letter. When doing so, describe your reason for writing, provide a brief outline of your qualifications, and provide a call to action, such as requesting more information.

What is a letter of introduction for a job?

A letter of introduction for a job is a letter you write to inform an employer about your interest in a position and your qualifications.


If you are writing a letter introducing yourself, ensure you use the simplest words that are easy to understand. This way, your letter becomes easy to act on by the recipient moving forward.


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