How To Write A Christmas Letter In 2023


One of the best ways to express your heartfelt gratitude is by sending a Christmas letter to someone that makes your life merrier and brighter year in and year out.

A Christmas letter sends love and wishes the recipient a Merry Christmas while informing them of the year’s highlights. The letter can be long or short, contain pictures, and be tailored to your personal preferences depending on the address.

This article contains a guide on how to write a Christmas letter with samples to peep through. Carefully read through.

Why Do People Send Christmas Letters?

People are deserving of Christmas letters. It is one of those ways to send heartwarming messages to people you love with their names boldly imprinted inside.

Writing Christmas cards for your friends and family gives an impeccable feel that comes with greeting cards; it adds colour to the festive season.

Sending Christmas letters might help you reconnect with long-distance relatives or friends who have moved away. A holiday greeting in the mail is a comforting reminder that they are not forgotten while they may be far away. This is also an excellent time to highlight new developments and faces in your family or to send out stunning Christmas party invitations.

On the other hand, the receiver of a Christmas letter is usually chilled by the express show of human touch, which is generally associated with Christmas letters. It can be the use of endearing phrases like “dear friends”, “I miss you”, “See you at the family reunion”, etc.

Lastly, Christmas letters are a pure show of the holiday vibe that makes family and friends smile sincerely; you can always add photos to spice it up.

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Simple Steps On How To Write A Christmas Letter

Here’s an outline of how to write a Christmas letter:

1. Start early

Don’t put off writing your Christmas letter until the last minute. While I understand that the holidays can be hectic, it’s a good idea to schedule a time to compose your Christmas letter.

Make it a goal to have your letter completed, and your Christmas cards chosen by December 1st. I like to complete as many Christmas tasks as possible before Advent begins. This allows me to enjoy a more conscious and focused Advent season.

Conversation skills are very important for developing human relationships and managing human resources in today’s world. See 15 Ways To Be a Good Conversationalist

2. Think about what to write

While you may be tempted just to sit down and start writing, spending some time brainstorming first may be the best option for how to write a Christmas letter.

Of course, you know the ideal approach to writing, but brainstorming first is highly beneficial. When brainstorming, jot down key events, milestones, and other information that others will find interesting.

You may not include everything that comes to mind during your brainstorming session in your letter. I do, however, encourage you to write down your thoughts openly.

Your family might be a terrific source of knowledge if you need help brainstorming. While asking them for assistance, remember important events from the previous year; you could be amazed at what they remember.

Another technique I find particularly handy is going back through my iPhone’s images. Because I always have my phone with me and take a lot of pictures, it’s an easy way for me to remember the critical events of our year.

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3. Write with your reader in mind

When drafting your Christmas letter, keep your readers in mind. What your grandfather wants to read may not be the same as what your coworkers want to read.

Consider drafting two copies of your Christmas letter, particularly if you want to add a lot of detail to your letter. You can then choose whether to send your shorter letter or your longer message to each person you send your Christmas card and note.

4. Share the events that happened over the year

When composing your letter, try to keep things in perspective. Write about the year’s highlights for your family. Of course, you can include happy and sad stuff – keep it authentic.

You do not need to go through every detail of your year. Some details are better left out than added.

5. Don’t leave out your family members

While writing your Christmas letter, e sure to add highlights of activities from your kids and other family members.

For instance, you can write about what the kids have done over the year in such a way that expresses joy and also balances the discussion.

While exaggeration might not be part of the show, ensure you don’t favour a particular person in the letter.

So, while that may be an exaggeration on his part, try not to show favouritism while writing. Kids notice that kind of thing, and other people do too.

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6. Spice up your letter

The year I decided not to write a letter was the year I received the most lavish praises in our Christmas letter. I’m sure you would like to know how I did it. In place of words, I created a family infographic for the year in Photoshop using a variety of graphics and text places. It was a quick read and an eye-catching approach to conveying our year.

There was a part in our family infographic about trips we did, but it was just bullet points listing the sites, not details about them. There was a part with everyone’s favourite school subject, which was very relevant because we were homeschooling, so the kids all had one. There was also a brief piece detailing how old everyone had been on their birthdays that year, among other things.

7. Use Decorative paper for your Christmas letter

If you choose to use the infographic or newspaper-style letter, it’s best to use plain paper. If your letter is more formal, using beautiful paper can make it more visually appealing.

When choosing your paper, try to avoid plain green or red paper. Both of these factors can make it harder to understand your letter. Also, avoid using any decorative paper whose pattern is so distracting that it makes reading your letter difficult. Although less is more, a little décor can add to the celebratory atmosphere.

Less is more, but a little decoration can add to the festive feel.

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8. Include photos

It never goes out of place to add photos to a Christmas letter. You can add pictures of your kids and yourself.

If you don’t like the concept of only using a family portrait, consider using a Christmas card option that allows you to add many photographs on the same card. In this manner, you can add family and individual photos of the kids.

How To Conclude Your Christmas Letter

Now you’ve fleshed out your Christmas letter idea, it is time to conclude and package the letter stylishly.

1. Choose an easy-to-read colour scheme 

While it might seem festive to print your letter on red or green paper, it’s hard to read the text in those deep colours.

Consider using stationery that has a decorative theme around the edges with a primarily white background, or use a pastel red or green so that black ink stands out more clearly. Craft and stationery stores have lots of Christmas-themed papers you can choose from. There are also online templates you can explore if you want to download something.

2. Type Your Letter and read through

While typing or writing your Christmas letter, always add a space between the paragraphs and choose a bold font. At the end of each handwritten note, leave a room for a handwritten note. After writing the letter, carefully read through it for grammatical and spelling errors.

A bit of good advice is to draft your letter, set it aside for a few days, and then return to it with fresh eyes to make any necessary changes. You can also look at apps and firms that offer templates and printing services to make drafting Christmas letters much more effortless.

3. Append your handwritten signature and get other family members to sign it too

While it may take some time, adding a handwritten signature to your message gives a beautiful, personal touch.

Use a brightly coloured pen to write everyone’s names on the board. If you have dogs, you could even use a stamp with a paw print to make it appear as if they signed it. You might even include a brief personal note with each letter to let the receiver know you’re thinking of them.

4. Use seasonal envelopes, stamps, and stickers.

When it comes time to send your letter, look for exciting envelopes to fit. Red and green ones are ideal, but you can also find cute ones at home goods and craft stores.

The post office always has Christmas-themed stamps available during the holidays, and you may seal the envelopes with a Christmas sticker. Make sure to write the names and addresses on your letters. If you’re using a dark envelope, write with a black marker rather than a pen, or use labels.

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Other Non-Conventional Ideas On How To Write A Christmas Letter

Here are some other stylish ways you can write a Christmas letter:

1. Use newspaper layouts

Use a newspaper or newsletter layout with various small sections or pieces. Include images wherever possible.

2. Video-record some highlights of the year

You can record a short video of the happy moments experienced in the year and upload it with the Christmas letter. You also can make a slideshow video and include a link to it.

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3. Engage the service of an artist

If you know an artist or you have someone in the family that draws, you can request a short comic book or a comic strip that tells about your year.

4. Create a song playlist for the year

Create a playlist that you believe captures your year and send it to your Christmas letter recipients. Consider giving a brief explanation of why each music was chosen.

5. Record a podcast or audio message 

You can record a podcast and send the link to your Christmas mailing list. You can do it yourself with any computer or device that can record sound.

​Christmas Letter Sample


Greetings Aunt Kate,

The year 2022 has been a remarkable one in the Burna home. Many blessings have come our way. I’ve been craving your handmade cherry jam and bunt cake all year. I can’t wait till Christmas dinner, when we can all sit around and talk and, of course, eat.

First, Sam has worked hard this year and has received not one, but two promotions. The extra money aided my spending habits. Thomas has been on the honour roll for the entire school year and is doing well now in private school. I’m still working hard at Piper Elementary and expect to advance to a new position at the start of the school year.

​We are still living in that bungalow on New York Street. We’ll eventually sell this money pit and move on up, but for the time being, we’re stuck. The ancient house is growing on me a little, and I enjoy the room.

Many things have happened in the last year, both good and tragic. The most memorable event occurred when my wonderful spouse, Sam, received a clear bill of health. I wasn’t sure we’d make it through the holiday season after a cancer scare. Our family has agreed not to buy gifts this year. We just want to spend time together looking at photos, eating our faces, and not going into debt.

We cannot wait to see you Mike and the kids. I know grandma will make a Christmas feast to remember. 


Lisa Simmons

By Andre Bradley

FAQs On How To Write A Christmas Letter

How long should a Christmas letter be?

The majority of Americans receive many holiday cards each year. If you want it to be read wholly, keep it short. Keep your message to one page, single-spaced, with a font size of 10 points (or bigger).

How do you end a Christmas letter?

Close the greeting on the Christmas letter with an appropriate word for the recipient, such as “Happy Holidays,” “Merry Christmas,” “Warmest Regards,” “Season’s Greetings,” “Happy New Year,” “Peace and Joy,” or “With Love.”

How do I start my Christmas letter?

Always start your Christmas letter on a positive note by using cheerful words.

Can you attach pictures to a Christmas letter?

Of course, you can attach pictures of happy moments.


Despite the fact that all Christmas letters sent to everyone are filled with love, a well-written letter makes the recipient feel more connected to the sender. Before sending out that Christmas letter, ensure it gives the reader a better way to smile.


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