15 Best Online Jobs in North Carolina NC That Pay Well in 2023

Online Jobs in North Carolina

Online jobs are everywhere these days. From social media sites to some of the top online job websites, the list has become unending, and most times, finding the best online jobs to do from your home can be challenging. It is the reason we have listed the top online jobs in North Carolina for you.

These are some of the most legitimate, proven online jobs you can choose, either part-time or full-time, to earn extra cash from the comfort of your home.

If you are ready to figure out how to make money from your home by offering professional services online, jump right in!

Why You Should Work Online in North Carolina NC

Here are the reasons you should work online:

You can work without spending money.

Working remotely has many benefits, including not having to leave the comfort of your home and paying for transportation to your place of work. Moreover, you won’t need to spend money buying new clothes and shoes for the office, nor will you need to buy lunch.

Working from home helps you save even more money than you would in an office.

Improved work/life balance

Many remote jobs also provide flexible timetables, allowing employees to begin and stop their days whenever they choose, provided their work is finished and produces positive results. This flexibility over your job schedule may be beneficial for taking care of your requirements.

When you work remotely, juggling things like school schedules, doctor visits, errands, morning online workout classes, and being at home for contractors is easier.

You gain location independence.

One of the many advantages of working remotely is gaining access to a wider variety of employment options that are not location-based. Job searchers in rural and small-town areas, where there might not be many openings locally, may find this to be very beneficial.

Fully remote employees could live and travel as digital nomads before the epidemic since they had no fixed place of employment.

This kind of working arrangement is challenging because of travel and quarantine limitations. But now that things are starting to improve, it’s a plus.

A rise in performance and productivity

According to the annual poll by FlexJobs released in 2019, 49% of professionals say they go over to their home or home office when they need to buckle down and get work done, and 65% of professionals believe they would be more effective working remotely than in a regular workplace.

In general, working from home drastically decreases interruptions, fewer office politics, a lower noise level, and more productive — meetings. Working remotely has several advantages for both individuals and businesses.

When you factor in the absence of a commute, remote workers often have more time and fewer distractions, which results in higher productivity.

What Do I Need to Work From Home?

A suitable desktop configuration

Even though your desktop may be sufficient for gaming, you may have to add some extras to increase your capabilities.

It could be helpful to have business-oriented software, which ranges from spreadsheets to organize your accounts to back up storage for crucial documents. Look around for a few of these items; they’ll make your life much easier.

Internet access

The internet is essential for getting things done for most us. You need good, dependable internet service whether you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, a consultant, or (very much) anything else.

To increase your productivity, ensure a reliable connection with a respectable speed. Nothing is worse than not finishing tasks because your internet keeps going out repeatedly.

An orderly setting

You must ensure your workplace is orderly and clutter-free, much like a workstation in an office building. You should not approach your workspace, like your laundry room, kitchen, or gym, just because you work from home.

Similarly, your computer is a work computer when you are using it. It is not a computer that is used mainly for work.

Map out a working plan

Establish a daily work schedule and adhere to it. It might be difficult to tell them apart when work and home are the same. However, making sure you schedule a workday for yourself might increase productivity.

If you don’t work from 9 to 5, that’s okay, but you must schedule a period during which you will work exclusively.

Best Online Jobs in North Carolina NC in 2023

Here are our top picks on the best jobs in North Carolina NC that pay well:

  1. Sales
  2. Account Manager
  3. Search Engine Optimization
  4. Proofreader & Editor
  5. Content Strategist
  6. Data Entry & Typing
  7. Translator
  8. Transcriber
  9. Language Tutor
  10. Online Interpreter
  11. Customer Service Representative
  12. Virtual Assistant
  13. Community Moderator
  14. Live Chat Operative
  15. Course Creator


Sales are one of the best online jobs in North Carolina. They influence customers to purchase various goods and services, including consumer goods, real estate, and more.

Although certain sales professions include face-to-face encounters, many salespeople do their business over the phone and from their homes.

Salespeople frequently get a base salary and commissions depending on how often they sell. Because of this, compensation differs. The average salary for sales employees maybe $35,206 per year, while sales managers earn over $68,000 annually.

There are many different educational requirements to become a salesperson. While many occupations demand a high school diploma, others call for a college degree.

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Account Manager

The jobs of sales representative and account manager are quite similar. However, an account manager’s position tends to be more senior and is frequently seen in a business-to-business setting.

Account managers serve as the intermediary between a business and its customers. Selling, giving estimates, and fostering enduring connections are required.

Along with the typical combination of perseverance and tenacity, you’ll need solid sales expertise in a professional setting.

Industry expertise is frequently a must, particularly if you want to succeed financially in IT and healthcare.

Search Engine Optimization

To assist companies in getting found online, there is a procedure called search engine optimization (SEO) (primarily via Google searches). SEO was named the most crucial technical skill for marketers to acquire moving ahead in a recent Microsoft research, making it one of the best online jobs in North Carolina.

There is significant low-hanging fruit, having previously handled local SEO operations. That implies that you may significantly increase a business’s income by using only a few fundamental SEO best practices.

As a result, you may bill at a premium hourly or project rate since you’ll get the job done.

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Proofreader & Editor

Proofreading can be an excellent online job choice if you have a keen eye for detail and a keen sense of spelling and punctuation.

Conversely, editing could be the best option if you’re brilliant at spotting ways to improve writing and you’re both polite and stern.

Making changes and contributing comments to Microsoft Word documents might be considered editing.

You could edit blog posts before they go live or give input on research papers and essays before they are turned in.

Content Strategist

Expert content strategists often oversee the creation of all the material for a company or website. This position is one of the best online jobs in North Carolina.

Content strategists are often writers with experience writing for a living and are well-versed in managing a website, company blog, or social media.

Content strategists do the following:

  • Control the calendar of content.
  •  Create concepts for fresh features and articles.
  •  Control authors.
  •  They produce and update their articles.

You may look on freelancing and conventional employment sites for this work because you can occasionally perform it “in-house” as an employee and from home.

These positions are fantastic opportunities to combine creative work with leading a small team and becoming increasingly involved in business-related activities.

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Data Entry & Typing

The most typing job done today is transcribing.

However, if you have good typing skills, you can discover some clients requiring written information. You will make little money online with easy typing, but it may be a terrific part-time job.

Simple data entry jobs closed captioning, and other responsibilities that frequently overlap with those of a virtual assistant are all possible types of labor.

You must have a solid understanding of word processors and other relevant applications and quick, accurate typing abilities.

Students in college may do well with this kind of online employment.

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Also, another one of the best online jobs in North Carolina, if you speak many languages, you can get work as a translator. Businesses and services require superior translations to those produced by Google Translate and similar technologies.

Your verbal and written communication abilities in both or all of the languages you intend to work in must be flawless. For this work, dependability and professionalism are crucial. You can keep up with processing the job with solid computer abilities.

If job stability is a concern, large companies will occasionally hire interpreters. Otherwise, you may join an agency or locate plenty of employment on freelance job boards.

Since they may choose their pay rates, freelance translators with specialties typically earn more.

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You’ll find many transcribing jobs online if you’re seeking side cash. There is a significant need for those who can effectively convert audio to text, and many different types of jobs are available.

Transcribers are proficient, quick typists, and prior expertise is unquestionably beneficial. The task will be easier for you if you can navigate a computer more quickly.

Additionally, you will want a peaceful area for working whether you intend to work from home or elsewhere.

Usually, you’ll be typing down the material while listening to audio recordings. Additionally, you might need to record technical or medical information in many specialized fields of transcribing.

Instead of securing a full-time position, transcribers frequently operate as independent contractors, making it one of the most popular online jobs in North Carolina.

Language Tutor

Language teachers are in great demand worldwide, and numerous online employment is available.

There are many different teaching careers, ranging from casual ones like an online instructor on Fiverr to official online teaching roles with language learning companies.

The most sought-after online teaching positions include teaching English as a foreign language. Before applying for these professions, you must frequently have TESOL training or experience.

Whatever your native tongue, there will likely be children, adults, and college students who desire to study it.

Several websites and apps may connect you with prospective pupils. Well-known options include VIPKid, Preply, Italki, and QKids.

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Online Interpreter

For interpreters, video conferencing has multiplied fantastic career opportunities. You could be involved in anything from facilitating patient-doctor communication to acting as a translator during phone calls between individuals who speak various languages.

Because translating takes place in real-time, you must be quick, precise, and able to multitask. Of course, perfect language abilities are a prerequisite, and sign language is also in great demand.

Candidates for jobs in interpretation might either work for businesses directly or as independent contractors.

As long as your workstation is calm and free from distractions, you may operate from home as an online interpreter.

Customer Service Representative

So, seek customer service positions if you’re willing to work in a contact center or on the phone but would rather not sell. You will take calls, send emails, and assist with client inquiries in various businesses.

If you have the necessary qualities, some customer service positions are “entry-level,” allowing you to start with little experience. These include dependability, professionalism, and a polite telephone style.

While some businesses insist that you work from the office, many others now permit their customer service representatives to do so.

Or you might start a small business offering customer service. Providing services to several consumers might be a fantastic strategy to generate money online.

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Virtual Assistant

Anyone who wishes to work from home and has excellent clerical and administrative abilities can consider being a virtual assistant.

A virtual assistant typically charges by the hour; however, you may also provide service “packages” in your most vital areas of expertise.

A virtual assistant assists people and businesses with administrative chores, including trip arrangements, email management, and maintaining active social media profiles.

It’s important to remember that obtaining those clients and conducting your marketing are essential components of performing this work.

In virtual assistants, there is a significant amount of competition but also much labor.

Community Moderator

Working on live chat is akin to moderating a community. You can also be in charge of moderating forums and conversations on social media sites like Twitter.

Businesses frequently interact 24/7 on these platforms. One of the work-from-home occupations that might work for folks who need to work odd hours, such as nights and weekends, is this one.

Community moderators or administrators do the following:

  • Manage consumer and user interactions on social networking sites, chat rooms, and other online platforms.
  •  Make sure users follow the rules and that trolls are kept at bay!
  •  Possess strong writing abilities and the capacity to work quickly.

It will undoubtedly assist if you have prior group and forum management expertise.

Live Chat Operative

Instead of picking up the phone, many customers communicate with businesses using live online chat.

You will communicate with new or existing customers while working as a virtual live chat agent for businesses. Proficiency in written English and a good grasp of technology are requirements for this position.

The search results for these online positions might include anything from managing the chat rooms on a bingo website to providing customer care for a utility provider.

These jobs might be excellent since they keep you off the phone while fast-paced.

Course Creator

Many business owners earn significant income online by developing and selling online courses. It’s an intriguing business strategy since you can mostly rely on passive revenue after making the first investment. One of the reasons so many individuals think it’s one of the finest online professions is this.

  • Choose a specialty of yours.
  •  Determine target markets
  •  Create free material for them and engage with them via comments, polls, and other ways to get to know them.
  •  Use Camtasia, Teachable, Udemy, or another online course creation tool to create the course. Strong technical aptitude is helpful here.
  •  Use your website, social media, and paid advertising to promote your course.

If you’re good at imparting information to others, you may develop a course on practically anything, from self-defense to freelance writing to piano playing.

Websites for the Best Online Jobs in 2023 connects those looking for various types of written content—including blog posts, copywriting, sales copy, and other kinds of writing—with those who can deliver it.

In other words, a freelancing internet market links businesses like purchasers and authors for productive cooperation. It provides another legitimate platform for those interested in earning money through writing.

Bloggers, tech-enabled firms, corporations, entrepreneurs, writers, and more are among the buyers in the marketplace.


LinkedIn is the ultimate search option for locating, saving, and applying to remote employment possibilities. Opportunities may be filtered by “Remote” as well as many other crucial criteria like “Date Posted” and “Experience Level.”

The ability of the distant job seeker to connect with the job recruiter via a direct invite or an “Inmail” is the strength of LinkedIn’s search tool.

Finding remote-only businesses and recruiters on LinkedIn will require a strong LinkedIn profile and focused searches because of the volume of material, selling, and users from different sectors.

However, LinkedIn was included in our list of remote job boards due to how simple it is to connect with them.


Anyone looking to work remotely as a freelancer will find Upwork the ideal platform.

While Upwork may not be a fantastic place to find full-time work, individuals who are dedicated to utilizing the site and skilled at managing a freelancing company often have repeat clients who hire them for projects, long-term contracts, and short-term contracts, keeping them busy.

From technology to creative and administrative help, Upwork has it all. The website provides a helpful platform for organizing all gigs and customer transactions and is informative.

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We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is a well-known online employment portal for job seekers who aren’t constrained by commutes or specific geographic locations.

They provide a worldwide platform powered by employer content and remote job seekers.

According to their community standards, We Work Remotely serves as the job facilitator and is always working to regulate and update posts submitted. One of the most prominent remote-only employment groups, according to them.

They provide a variety of career categories, including management, marketing, programming, DevOps, design, and more.

FAQs – Online Jobs in North Carolina

Which online JOB IS BEST?

Account Manager
Search Engine Optimization
Proofreader & Editor
Content Strategist
Data Entry & Typing
Language Tutor
Online Interpreter
Customer Service Representative
Virtual Assistant
Community Moderator
Live Chat Operative
Course Creator

Where is the best place to look for remote jobs?
We Work Remotely

Why is it so hard to get hired for a remote job?

For remote employment, there is fierce competition. Due to competition, finding remote work is challenging. In addition to local competitors, applications will be received from all around the world.

Is it good to work in North Carolina?

On Oxfam’s 2022 list of the Best and Worst States to Work in America, North Carolina came in the lowest place, ranking No. 52 overall.

Whats the best paying job in North Carolina?

Best paying remote job in North Carolina:

SEO Consultant
Online Interpreter
Proofreader and Editor
Language Tutor

What job is most common in North Carolina?

Customer Service Representative
Virtual Assistant


Everyone wants to know the best online jobs, and we have made an exhaustive list of some of the top jobs you can do online with the websites to find online jobs. All you have to do is to read through and find the ones that best match your skills, goals, and personality.


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