15 Best Summer Internships For College Students In 2023

You’re undoubtedly daydreaming of leaving town, taking a beach vacation, or visiting abroad as summer break approaches. But as a college student amid a problem that prevents you from going on outdoor excursions, why not seize every chance to travel and make money while on vacation? You can earn money and put it aside for your future or a passion project.

Choosing from the list of the Best Summer Internships for college students, one can gain a firsthand understanding of what it’s like to work in the workforce by taking a summer job.

Generally, in Healthcare and social support, the industry employs 9.7% of people within the college student age group, and this is the largest industry in the United States, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. 

There is a projection that between 2016 and 2026, about four million new jobs are expected to be created in the associated industry, according to the employment projection.

While Professional and commercial services, lodging, and food services came in second and third, with two and one million additional employment, respectively.

The lodging and food services sector employs the most people between the ages of 16 and 24 (21.9%), despite the healthcare and social support sectors offering more employment options.

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Why do I need Summer Jobs?

The greatest summer employment can help you gain the abilities, information, and viewpoints that will be helpful in the real world. Even though applying for summer jobs might be difficult and exhausting, the benefits are worthwhile. 

College students still benefit from their summer internship experience in terms of self-discovery and new perspectives.

What are the benefits of summer internships for College Students?

Picking up summer internships for college students comes with the following benefits:

It teaches you how to manage your money. You’ll learn what it’s like to spend carelessly, especially when there are no rewards available to you.

You can expand your network with it. You have people who can guide you in a competitive job market because your summer job is your first professional network. Once you graduate, a lucrative summer job may potentially become your full-time profession.

It exposes you to new abilities. Colleges and universities, as well as employers, favor people with experience. An internship will provide you with the needed exposure and experience which will be useful in the future.  

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15 Best Summer internships for college students

Even though students have the option to work throughout the year if they so choose, summer employment is more common because they coincide with little to no academic coursework and offer the chance to supplement their education budget for the rest of the year.

Due to parents looking for extracurricular activities to keep their kids occupied and cared for, several jobs, such as nannies, camp counselors, and lifeguards, are also more in demand over the summer.

Following that, here are the 15 best summer internships for college students you should look into! While some of these occupations require qualifications that may be obtained in a few weeks, many of them call for on-the-job training.

The majority, if not all, of these positions, also have minimal educational prerequisites, which are often a high school diploma, making it simpler for college students to take.

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1. Online Tutor

Wage per hour: $18.15

First on our list of the Best Summer Internships for College Students is the online Tutor, given their intellectual standing in comparison to high school pupils, tutoring is one of the finest summer occupations for many college students.

Since practically everything is now digital, online tutors can now instruct students while they are at home, further facilitating cost savings (i.e., no transportation expenses).

Online tutoring is a great career for college students who enjoy and are good at teaching kids, whether they discover their clients in their neighborhood, at a college, or high school. Online tutors are paid an average of $18.15 per hour, according to PayScale.

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2. Swimming Instructor

Wage per hour: $12.44

Next on our list of Best Summer Internships for College Students is the Swimming Instructor.

With this work, You can work as a swimming instructor if you like working in the summer yet never miss the pool. Swimming teachers teach toddlers, teenagers, and even adults the fundamentals of swimming and the value of developing this talent at an hourly wage of $12.44 on average. 

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3. Lifeguard

Average wage per hour: $10.26

We also have lifeguards on our list of the Best Summer Internships for College Students. The summer season is the finest season for beaches and pools, there are plenty of summer jobs available for competitive swimmers. Some lifeguard positions are available at public beaches, community pools, and water parks.

It’s one of the best summer occupations for staying healthy and active, taking advantage of the great outdoors, and protecting people from shark attacks and drowning. Although a lifeguard’s typical hourly compensation is $10.26, if they have a certification, like a CPR certification, their pay may increase.

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4. Camp Counselor

Average wage per hour: $10.01

A camp counselor is next on our list of the Best Summer Job for College Students. You can take this job if you enjoy the outdoors and camping. 

Camp counselors facilitate camping and other outdoor activities and assist in planning children’s activities. 

A counselor opportunity benefits students in their future careers regardless of the sort of camp. For instance, students with a science major can work at a science camp, while those with creative skills can participate in an arts-focused summer session.

While some overnight camps may last a week, many camps last a month. Students who are interested in working as camp counselors during the summer should be aware that they will be busy the entire time. 

The hourly rate for a camp counselor is $10.01 on average, although students can make more money if they have more training and experience.

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5. Food Server 

Average wage per hour: $9.94

Next on our list of Best Summer Jobs For College Students is the Food Server job.

Students have many common summer job opportunities in the food service sector. Being a food or restaurant server helps you develop a variety of talents, including social skills and time management, even though it’s not as glamorous as other jobs.

Free meals and education about various cuisines and food preparation methods are some benefits of working as a restaurant server.

Students may have the possibility to make more money through tips from diners depending on the restaurant. It’s a great choice for aspiring cooks and restaurant entrepreneurs. 

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6. Pet Sitter

Average wage per hour:$12.99

A Pet sitter job is another job that makes it into our list of Best Summer jobs for College Students.

Being a pet caretaker would be the ideal summer job for someone who loves animals. You can take care of a friend or family member’s pet. Additionally, you can use to advertise pet-sitting services. 

A veterinary medicine degree is not required to work as a pet sitter. But to carry out the multitude of duties demanded of a reliable pet sitter, such as:

supplying food and fresh water to pets at the appropriate time, grooming, brushing, and bathing animals, Pet-walking outside, Whenever necessary, cleaning litter boxes and other pet supplies, giving drugs to animals, bringing animals to the veterinarian in case of emergency, communicating injuries and illnesses to pet owners, Following pet-related rules and regulations.

 Basic pet care skills are required and this can be learned through books, instructional videos, and observations at vets’ and groomers’ clinics. 

7. Sales Associate

Average wage per hour: $11.73

College students with the ability to persuade and who are personable thrive and pursue sales associate employment over the summer, whether they are employed in a bookshop, outdoor store, boutique, or clothes store.

Many people with a strong interest in a sales associate position are majoring in marketing and sales, finance, or business. However, for those who choose less challenging summer work, a sales associate position is a perfect option making it rank among our list of the Best Summer Internships for College Students.

Applying for this job, Students must be ready to develop their communication skills and gain confidence because many sales associate professions demand interaction with customers.

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8. Computer Technologist

Average wage per hour: $12.78

Computer Technologist is another job on our list of Best Summer Jobs for College Students, especially in the expanding sector of computer technology of today. 

You can engage with clients to ensure that they understand how to utilize the software or website they are paying for if you have good communication skills. You’ll need some computer experience, however, it doesn’t have to be in the IT industry. You can work in this industry without a college degree.

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9. Bank Teller

Average wage per hour: $10.34

Next on our list of the Best Summer Jobs for College Students is the Bank Teller and it is one of the most sought-after occupations for college students. You can work full- or part-time, and it’s simple to discover jobs at nearby credit unions and banks.

You can work around your class schedule or other responsibilities because the hours are flexible. Bank tellers often earn minimum wage or just above it, but if you put in the effort and pick up new skills rapidly, your compensation will eventually rise.

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10. Entrepreneur

Average wage: Not specific

The entrepreneur is also on our list of the Best Summer Internships for College Students. The entrepreneur is a fantastic starting point if you want to launch your own business and there are several summer jobs for college students that can assist you to start on your journey to entrepreneurship, regardless of whether you have experience or not.

This job will connect you with other experts in your field on social media sites like Twitter and LinkedIn to learn how they got their start in the business or for advice on how to land a job after graduation.

This job does not have a specific payment amount but it all depends on how convincing your business idea is.

11. Bartender

Average wage per hour: $8.45

The bartender is one of the Best Summer Internships for college students. Working as a bartender can be fantastic, especially if you have prior experience or training. 

Bars are popular places for drinking and mingling, so they’re a wonderful places to meet new people. 

There are prospects for growth and you can make good money working as a bartender. But working as a bartender isn’t simple. It involves a lot of physically taxing work and lengthy hours.

Bartenders frequently connect with happy clients since they represent the public face of a firm. They must be proficient at multitasking. Bartenders must be physically fit since they must be able to move large items like kegs. Bartenders may work in pubs, dining establishments, or clubs.

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12. Freelance Web Designer

Average wage per hour: $11.64

Web design is a hot commodity, and it is next on our list of the Best Summer Jobs for College Students. Freelance web Designer Job is a field that is not hard to get started If you’re interested in web design, start by learning the basics of HTML and CSS. 

Once you’ve learned how to design websites, it’s time to get your portfolio up and running. You can create a portfolio website using WordPress or SquareSpace (a template-based website builder). However, if you want more control over your site’s design, consider using Squarespace’s Showcase tool. This tool allows you to build a responsive website using its templates and content management system (CMS).

With the help of its templates and content management system, this application enables you to create a responsive website (CMS). And it pays well.

13. Babysitter

Average wage per hour$30

Many families rely on babysitters during their busy schedules, especially during the summer months when they’re out of school. 

Most families prefer someone with experience caring for children, but if this isn’t the case, plenty of other things can help you get hired, such as taking courses.

Babysitting jobs are a great way to get some extra cash, especially if you have transportation and can work after school. If you don’t have a car, this job might not be the best fit for you.

You’ll need to be able to drive yourself to different houses, which means having a license and being able to afford the gas money.

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14. Delivery Driver

Average wage per hour: $16

For those with a driving license, this summer job is a great chance to earn money and boost an hourly rate with tips. Delivery drivers also rank among the Best Summer Internships for College Students. If you take this job you can deliver food, goods, and newspapers — it’s up to you what options to consider.

All you will need to do this job is a vehicle, communication and time management skills, and knowledge of the area you will work in. 

Food delivery is the most popular option to try, and you can get a healthy base rate here by fulfilling multiple orders.

15. Zoo Worker

Average wage per hour: $24

We have also Zoo Worker on our list of the Best Summer Internships for College Students.

Taking up this job, you won’t spend much time with the animals as a zoo employee; instead, you’ll clean their pens, and deliver food and water on time to them, hence you can shuttle other zoo duties. 

Aside from the wages, Future veterans may find it to be a fantastic summer career prospect.


Simply put, going to college costs money. Even if your parents are covering the majority of your tuition costs, they still face a considerable financial burden. You have to earn money, though, there is no getting around it and that is a terrible fact, but it is the reality.

 Financial aid is gone if you decide to forgo schooling this summer in favor of a job or other “fun.” What will you do as a result?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the minimum hourly wage in the USA?

The current minimum hourly wage in the United States is $7.25. However, several states now have greater minimum wages.

What year do most students get internships?

To improve the likelihood that their internship would result in a job offer, most students will complete one during their junior or senior year.

When should I start looking for an internship?

Three to five months before when you want to start, you should begin your search for internships. Contrary to typical employment, many internships hire applicants a long time before the start date.

Are internships only in the summer?

The normal semester or the summer is both acceptable times for internships to take place.

Do internships help college admission?

A high school internship can boost your application and help you get accepted to the college of your choice. Community involvement, philanthropy, extracurricular activities, and internships are all great ways to do this.



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