15 Online Jobs In Louisiana That Pay Well In 2023

online jobs in Louisiana that pay well 2023

Louisiana, a cultural melting pot and the birthplace of American jazz, offer a diverse range of online jobs.

More employers are allowing employees to work remotely if all they need is a computer and an Internet connection.

The careers listed above are just a few fantastic examples. Remote work is possible for virtual assistants, interpreters, data entry specialists, customer service agents, and salespeople.

If you can do your job in Louisiana on a computer, feel free to work from home. Ask your boss if it’s possible.

These are the best online jobs in Louisiana that will pay well in 2023.

15 Online Jobs In Louisiana That Pay Well In 2023

These are the best online jobs in Louisiana, and they include;

  • Customer service representative
  • Transcriptionist
  • Virtual call center agent
  • Social media coordinator
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Graphic designer
  • Remote teacher
  • Online tutor
  • Medical coding
  • Remote travel agent
  • Online writer or editor
  • Bookkeeping
  • Sales Copywriting
  • Virtual Recruiter
  • Paralegal and Legal Assistant

1. A Customer Service Representative

The national hourly wage is $13.10.

Remote customer service positions do excellent online jobs in Louisiana for those with strong verbal and written communication skills.

As a customer service representative, you will be expected to make changes to orders, resolve disputes, and locate products for customers over the phone. Some employers expect you to work in four-hour blocks every day.

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2. Transcriber

The national average hourly wage for a transcriber is $13.71.

Working as a transcriptionist part-time from home is an excellent option. You will use your personal computer to transcribe audio files as a transcriptionist. Many different businesses require transcription services, but one industry that frequently employs transcriptionists is doctors’ offices.

Most employers allow you to work your hours, and many transcription jobs do not necessitate a degree or prior experience.

3. A Virtual Call Center Agent

The national average hourly wage is $14.02

A virtual call center agent typically performs all the tasks that an in-person call center employee would, but from the comfort of their own home.

Your responsibilities as a virtual call center agent may include taking and returning calls, providing customer service and support, and making sales. Many companies provide on-the-job training and do not require previous experience.

This is one of the best online jobs in Louisiana that pays well.

4. Social Media Coordinator

The national average hourly wage is $15.57.

Social media managers oversee the various aspects of a person’s or organization’s social media platforms. For example, you could write and schedule posts, respond to private messages, manage promotions, run advertisements, and create images or videos for the client’s social media accounts.

Popular platforms include Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. As a social media coordinator, your primary goal is increasing a company’s community visibility and sales. This job is one of the best online jobs in Louisiana because you can typically carry out your responsibilities at any time of day from any location.

We all spend a significant amount of time each day on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, etc. If you’re used to receiving a lot of likes or comments on your posts, or if you excel at inspiring people, consider making this your career.

Social media managers build communities on social media for businesses, interact with them (for example, by receiving a lot of comments), and persuade them to take action (like reading a blog post, signing up to an email list, or buying a product). Social media platform managers are critical in increasing a company’s brand recognition.

According to Indeed, the average annual salary in the United States is $62,000. Whether you’re a freelancer depends on your marketing and negotiating skills.

Where can I look for work? The best ways to find opportunities in this industry are to network and contact companies directly. Begin by looking for marketing agencies to see if they need help managing the clients they already have.

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5. Virtual Assistant

 The national average hourly wage for a virtual assistant is $15.79.

A personal or office assistant who works remotely to complete standard office tasks is known as a virtual assistant. You could enter data for the individual or business, schedule appointments, take phone calls, manage calendars, and so on.

Candidates who can multitask and have excellent organizational skills are the best fit for this position. Your pay for this position may vary depending on the tasks you handle.

If you are motivated and organized, look for an online assistant position. Through Boldly or Belay, you can begin doing almost anything, from scheduling meetings and conferences to working on social media and websites.

This is one of the best online jobs in Louisiana that pays really well.

6. Graphic Designer

Hourly Rate: $17.71

If you have experience editing photos and images and designing websites, you can find online jobs in Louisiana as a graphic designer.

Graphic designers are responsible for creating and editing various digital and print marketing materials, such as magazines and business websites. Usually, graphic designers have schedule flexibility.

7. Remote Teacher

National hourly wage average: $19.21

If you are knowledgeable in a specific subject or have training and experience as a teacher, working as a part-time remote teacher may be a good work-from-home job. Virtual teachers perform tasks similar to classroom teachers but communicate with students through Skype or another online communication tool.

You can prerecord lessons for greater flexibility. The subjects with the highest demand for online instructors are typically English, math, and science.

8. Online Instructor

The national average hourly wage is $21.41.

Because you can set your hours and work for short periods, online tutoring is a very flexible work-from-home option. Online tutoring sessions with a student who needs extra help in a particular subject typically last between 30 minutes and an hour.

Before being hired, you may be required to demonstrate your knowledge of the subject you intend to tutor and pass a background check.

It’s easy to assume that everyone else in college is succeeding when you’re succeeding, but the reality is that many students struggle to pass their classes. You could supplement your income by assisting them and sharing your knowledge.

However, continue with your college pals. You can also teach children; you can assist a large number of students from elementary school to high school.

Thanks to the Internet, you are no longer limited to your immediate surroundings. It is possible to educate children and people from all over the world.

The average hourly wage in the United States is between $13 and $20.

Work is available on and Wyzant.

9. Medical Coding

The national hourly wage is $21.73.

Working remotely as a medical coder may allow you to supplement your income and have a more flexible schedule.

As a medical coder, you must convert medical transcriptions and other services provided by a physician or other provider into the appropriate codes for the associated diagnoses or procedures.

You may need training or certification to be hired for this position.

This is one of the best online jobs in Louisiana that pay well.

10. Online Travel Agent

The national average salary is $45,273 per year.

Working as a virtual travel agent is an excellent option for those who enjoy traveling. This job entails planning and reserving every aspect of an individual’s or group’s itinerary.

The pay for this job varies and is frequently based on the commission you earn when someone makes a reservation through you.

A travel agent’s typical responsibilities include researching and booking flights, lodging, and excursions for clients.

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11. An Online Writer Or Editor

The national average salary is $61,503 per year.

Remote writing and editing jobs are among Louisiana’s online jobs that pay well. It has the potential to be financially rewarding.

You will conduct research, verify facts, write, edit, and update online content as a writer or editor.

Although you may be required to pass a writing or editing test, many companies that hire online editors or writers do not require a degree or extensive professional experience. The majority of writing and editing jobs are paid on a per-word basis.

Reedsy is always looking for talented writers to edit their work. Sign up if you have experience with quality analysis and checking for content errors.

12. Bookkeeping

Pay: $18-$60+ per hour

Most business owners rank bookkeeping as one of their least favorite work activities. Of course, doing so is critical to ensuring that a business runs smoothly and sustainably in the future.

You can make a lot of money in this field if you enjoy working with numbers. The more you specialize, the more opportunities you will have to charge higher hourly rates. Furthermore, unlike proofreading, bookkeeping does not require certification.

This is another high-paying online jobs in Louisiana.

13. Copywriting for Sales

Copywriting is the process of writing text that encourages readers to take action. It is a skill that can be used offline and online (via advertisements, landing pages, and emails) (in sales letters and brochures).

Today, there aren’t enough qualified copywriters, so once you’ve established yourself as someone who can deliver results, opportunities abound.

14. Online Recruiters

Pay: $18 per hour $100+/Hour

If you enjoy networking, this is a great low-cost business to start. By doing so, you are assisting employers in finding qualified candidates. Payouts can be quite substantial when some placement agencies charge up to 25% of the employee’s annual salary.

Avoid this online business idea if you aren’t naturally a people person. You must enjoy the art of communication because you’ll be making cold calls to potential employers and constantly expanding your network to serve as a liaison and help find the best candidates to hire.

Paralegals and legal assistants work alongside attorneys to conduct research, maintain case files, and draft legal documents. The BLS forecasts 10% job growth for paralegals and legal assistants through 2029, which is significantly faster than the national average.

Many employers only require an associate’s degree or a certificate in paralegal studies. However, prior experience is required for this position. Find an internship to avoid the age-old dilemma of being unable to gain experience if you are unable to get hired and being unable to get hired because you lack experience. Internships in this field are typically paid and open to individuals of all ages.

It is one of the best paid online jobs in Louisiana.

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How Much Money Can You Make In Louisiana?

The average yearly wage for an employee in Louisiana is around 101,000 USD. The average salary ranges from 25,600 USD to 452,000 USD.

This is the average annual salary before housing, transportation, and other benefits. Salaries for various occupations vary greatly.

What Jobs Are In High Demand In Louisiana?

Assistant physical therapists, software developers, and home health aids, software engineers are some of the offline jobs in demand.

Which Are The Highest Hourly Wages In Louisiana?

We will outline a good hourly wage for the different wages people can earn in Louisiana.

An annual salary of $72,538 should have an hourly way of $35. $40,559 will have $19, and $23,009 will have an $11 hourly wage.

In Conclusion

This article explains the 15 online jobs in Louisiana that pay well in 2023. Because we did not include remote job opportunities from local businesses, they may appear generic as you read through this list. This is because these positions may have been filled before you read this article.



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