How to prepare Delicious Kenya Fish Stew

How to prepare Delicious Kenya Fish Stew: They are many types of stews that we eat everyday alongside with white rice.Some of these stews are banga stew, vegetable stew goat meat stew and chicken stew.But today i be discussing in details in this article how to prepare a Kenyan fish stew.This stew is mailny common in West African countires.I will be discussing in details the necessary recipe that is needed in preparing this kenyan fish stew.This stew can be served with boiled white rice or Agidi.Let me walk you down on the various process needed in making a delicious kenyan stew rice

How to prepare Delicious Kenya Fish Stew
How to prepare Delicious Kenya Fish Stew


This is another popular type of stew that you can find in every Nigerian home it is similar to this Nigerian beef stew and they use similar ingredients too.

Every West African stew recipe starts with a common pepper mix which consists of red bell pepper, tomatoes, onions, and scotch bonnet chilli. Some even take it further and add other types of pepper to their mix. This pepper mix is typically cooked in palm, vegetable or groundnut oil until fried.

Some also prefer it more fluidly like the consistency you get with Buka stew. For my Nigerian stew, I am using red bream also known as red headless. This fish is so delicious and holds its shape when cooked and doesn’t taste too fishy.  

The other types of fish you may use or that are popularly used in African fish stew includes croaker fish, Hake fish, Mackerel know as Titus fish in Nigeria. You can also use Tilapia fish but I prefer to fry it except I am making imooyo.

I grilled the fish used for today’s recipe to keep it healthy but you may choose to fry it if you desire.

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Fish steaks: I am using red headless but you can use hake, mackerel or croaker fish.   

Pepper mix: which consists of red bell peppers known as tatashe, onion, tomato and scotch bonnet (ata rodo)

Salt to taste

Vegetable oil: swap with palm oil or groundnut oil

Chicken bouillon powder: substitute with any stock cube of choice

Fish marinade used

Garlic granules

How to prepare Delicious Kenya Fish Stew

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